The Best Beer Pong Tables for Reclaiming Your College Championship Title

best beer pong tables
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If you were to guess where beer pong originated, your first instinct is probably the right one. It was, of course, invented on a college campus. There is some dispute as to which college campus was the site of that inaugural throw. Some accounts say it was Dartmouth in the 1950s, and at that time it was played with actual paddles. Other accounts claim that Bucknell University came up with the game as its known today in the 1970s. Either way, it’s been a staple drinking game across college campuses for many years, and the gameplay is relatively consistent across place and time. Like anything that’s been around for long enough, beer pong has gone from a casual activity to a legitimate competition with official rules and full-blown international competitions (held annually in Las Vegas, no less).

There are websites that have codified some common variants of the game, seeking to settle disputes related to things like swatting and bounce shots. But at the end of the day, house rules take precedence. If it’s your table, your ping pong balls, and your backyard, then it’s only fair that you get to settle any rule questions. A makeshift game of beer pong can be played just about anywhere, and the major appeal is how little equipment is needed. But if you’re serious about beer pong, then it’s worth getting a designated beer pong table. After all, how often do you want to clean up spilled beer from your coffee or kitchen table? Plus, most tables aren’t long enough for a truly competitive game.

Many full-size beer pong tables are designed to be folded up to a compact size. That way, if you’re party-hopping, you can easily take it down and move the party to the next place. There are also miniature versions that are perfect for setting up on your coffee table. Whatever kind of beer pong experience you prefer, these tables will allow you to hone your skills enough to go toe-to-toe with the worst of the frat bros.


1. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/ Cup Holes

This table has a folding frame, allowing it to collapse down to a compact size. There are handles on the sides as well, making it easier to carry. The table is a full eight feet long, and six pong balls are included. Best of all, there are cup-sized holes on the top of the table in the proper formation, making it easier to set up the game. The holes also eliminate the risk of cups getting knocked over during play.

Pros: Full-size table that folds down to compact briefcase size for easy carrying. There are also holes in the table in the proper beer pong formation, making it easier to set up the game.

Cons: Expensive.

partypong beer pong table Amazon


2. GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong

This option from GoPong is eight feet in length. Like the PartyPong option, it has three fold-out legs, and it collapses down into the size of a briefcase. Carrying handles make it easy to carry to tailgate parties and the like. The table has a triangular field on either end that makes it easy to organize the cups in an even way so that they’re in the same place every time you play. Included are six pong balls.

Pros: Regulation size table that folds down to a compact, briefcase-sized shape. Triangular graphics on the board make it easy to properly organize the cups in the same orientation each time.

Cons: Not the most sturdy.

gopong beer pong table Amazon


3. SHARPER IMAGE Mini Beer Pong Tabletop Set

A compact tabletop variant is this set from Sharper Image. The table has slots for the miniature cups, which are included. Since the table is so small, a catapult system replaces traditional throwing to make the game more challenging. It has a simple wooden design that wouldn’t look out of place in a grown-up’s home. The table also folds in half, and there are built-in handles for easy carrying.

Pros: A fun variant on the traditional beer pong game. It’s a miniature table, meaning it’s perfect for small spaces where a full table isn’t an option. Instead of throwing, the game uses a catapult system. The balls are also attached by a string, which reduces the likelihood of losing them.

Cons: The wire that connects the balls occasionally comes undone.

sharper image beer pong table Amazon


4. GoPong Pool Pong Table

Who said beer pong can only be played on dry land? If you want to combine the relaxed fun of a pool party with the competitiveness of a game of beer pong, then consider investing in this set from GoPong. It’s basically an inflatable floatie with cup holders on either end for securely holding the beer cups. The floatie is six feet long, and it has 10 cup holders on either end, which is the standard amount for a game of beer pong. Included are three pong balls. And, when not in use, you can relax on it.

Pros: Good way to combine a pool party with beer pong. Easy to inflate, and has deep cup holders for holding 10 cups per side.

Cons: Cup holders can be a bit tight for Solo cups, and they may need to be pushed somewhat forcefully into place.

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5. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

There are discreet beer pong tables out there, but if you want a table that directly advertises what it’s used for, then this is the one to get. It has a graphic illustration of red cups on the top of the table with the words “Beer Pong” emblazoned in giant letters across the front. The table is eight feet long and has three fold-out legs, which adds stability. Six pong balls are included, and there’s a foam tube under the table that holds the balls in place when in storage. The entire table folds up, and has handles for convenient carrying.

Pros: Full-size table that folds down to a compact size for easy carrying. Available in a variety of designs, such as football fields and American flag designs. Includes six balls. Waxed surface prevents damage from liquids.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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6. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

This table from Red Cup Pong has the same basic structure as some of the other options. It’s a full eight feet by two feet, and it also folds down into a compact briefcase shape. Likewise, there are handles for convenient carrying. Included are six pong balls. Best of all, there’s a bottle opener that’s attached to the table, which is a quick fix to showing up to the party with a table, balls, but no way to open the beer.

Pros: Folds down to a compact carrying size, includes six pong balls. Also, a bottle opener is attached to the side of the table as an added bonus.

Cons: The table needs to be wiped down after playing, or the moisture can potentially damage it.

red cup beer pong table Amazon


7. GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

Another clever way to play beer pong in a pool is with this set from GoPong. Unlike the other floatie, the two ends of the “table” are not attached. Rather, this set includes two individual triangular floaties with 10 cup holders each. That way, you can play from whatever distance you feel like. That also makes this game set more compact and easier to take on the go.

Pros: Affordable way to play beer pong in the pool. Cleverly designed floaties keep the cups securely in place, and the high sidewalls reduce the risk of spillage into the pool.

Cons: The compact size means they move around very easily in the water. If there was a loop on the side to tie a rope through, that could solve the problem.

gopong beer pong table Amazon