The Best Beer Pong Tables for Endless Fun with Friends

young people playing beer pong
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Drinking games are always an entertaining way to imbibe (especially post-pandemic when we’re not quite ready to get back into the bar scene) but nothing beats a good old-fashioned game of beer pong. Thought it might be a piece of college nostalgia from our years past, beer pong is one of the best and most versatile ways to wind down and relax with friends. And if you’re going to play a rousing game of beer pong, you need one of the best beer pong tables.

It can be played with any amount of people, and nowadays, a range of beer pong tables exist, all with different kinds of bells and whistles. Some are more simple ping pong tables, while others are built specifically for the purpose with built-in holes for cups.

Rather than putting your own tables at risk, we suggest investing in these tables which can be used for multiple purposes, and stand up to some wear and tear. Upgrade your next BBQ or event at home with these must-have beer pong tables. From the most lightweight, convenient options to ones with dramatic lighting effects and other high-tech features, here are our favorite beer pong tables of 2021 — for every kind of get-together.

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1. Party Pong Tables 8 Foot Pong Table


With a dry-erase surface, LED lights, and graphics that you choose, this customizable table can be made completely to your liking, making for a personalized pick. It folds up easily and includes handles so you can carry it to the next big bash without a problem. It has a wax finish that deflects liquids as it protects the table, and it has holes built into the table for holding the cups so they don’t get knocked over during play. The table is eight feet long, which is standard length for the game, and includes six ping pong balls so you can start playing right away.

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2. GoPong Beer Pong Table


GoPong makes a great sturdy table that clocks in at 8 feet, making it larger than the standard 6 foot size and perfect for beer pong tournaments. The surface of the table is made of durable melamine that’s beer-proof and designed to resist wear and tear even up against the wildest of party animals. It’s the perfect width for a standard pyramid of cups and comes in a few color options including black (which won’t show stains), a football field print, an American Flag and a custom dry erase option.

GoPong beer pong table Courtesy of Amazon


3. GoPong Pool Pong Table


Who said beer pong can only be played on dry land? If you want to combine the relaxed fun of a pool party with the competitiveness of a game of beer pong, then consider investing in this set from GoPong. It’s basically an inflatable floatie with cup holders on either end for securely holding the beer cups. The floatie is six feet long, and it has 10 cup holders on either end, which is the standard amount for a game of beer pong. Included are three pong balls. And, when not in use, you can relax on it.

gopong beer pong table pool Amazon


4. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Table


This table from Red Cup Pong has the same basic structure as some of the other options. It’s a full eight feet by two feet, and it also folds down into a compact briefcase shape. Likewise, there are handles for convenient carrying. Included are six pong balls. Best of all, there’s a bottle opener that’s attached to the table, which is a quick fix to showing up to the party with a table, balls, but no way to open the beer.

red cup beer pong table Amazon


5. Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table Game With Backpack Carry Case


If you don’t have the space to set up a rectangular table or want to take your beer pong session to the beach or elsewhere, consider Versapong’s portable beer pong table, which can be stacked into a transportable travel backpack. Thanks to these portable racks, any tight space, dorm, or tailgating event can be transformed into a party palace. Say goodbye to hauling around folded tables, which are half as durable as these independent stands.

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table Game with Backpack Carry Case Courtesy of Amazon

6. GoPong Pool Lounge Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table


Whether you like to play a game of beer pong in the pool (there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day) or want a pool float that you can get more frequent use out of, GOPong’s floating pool lounge and beer pong table elevates this game with a new element. After you’re done playing pong, you can blissfully float away from that hangover the next day. One buyer says that it takes up approximately the same space as a small inflatable air bed.

GoPong Pool Lounge Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table Courtesy of Amazon

7. JOOLA Professional Indoor Table Tennis Table


Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a beer pong table. Just people getting creative with their ping pong tables. Plus, during the downtime that you’re not playing, you can get your sweat on with a competitive ping pong session. If you or anyone else in the family is a table tennis aficionado, you’ll get plenty of use out of this 9×5 foot competition-grade, regulation-size ping pong table. It has a thick MDF surface that’s thick so you get a reliable ball bounce, and the two halves fold up into a 4-wheel trolley so storage is easy.

JOOLA ping pong table, best beer pong table Courtesy of Amazon

8. Binrrio Aluminum 6-Foot Folding Table


For under $50, you can’t beat this simple folding table, which is versatile for all kinds of outdoor usage. It might not last you through the years, but if you’re on a shoestring budget or are only going to use this table a few times, it’s a suitable choice. At six feet long, this table can be collapsed or used for outdoor picnics and get-togethers. The surface is waterproof and made of durable aluminum alloy.

6. Binrrio Aluminum 6-Foot Folding Table Courtesy of Amazon

9. Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong Drinking Game


Grown Man Games has conjured up a genius tabletop version of beer pong that completely takes the concern of storage out of your playing experience. Mini Pong is played on a premium wooden board, with 10 recessed holes on each side and a water-resistant coating. Amazon buyers assure us that both the launchers and board are high quality and that games of pong are faster, which some prefer if a larger crowd is playing.

 Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong Drinking Game Courtesy of Amazon

10. Flip Pong Drinking Games Table Cover


Forget portable sets and lightweight tables — this drinking game table cover comes with a game booklet with rules for four drinking games, letting you explore beyond beer pong if you so desire. The cover is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding all over the place when you’re playing. Protect your precious tables from spills and other accidents at home. Side note: it only fits tables that are 6 feet, so keep that in mind when ordering.

9. Flip Pong Drinking Games Table Cover Courtesy of Amazon