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These 9 Book Subscription Boxes Will Get Readers Through Quarantine

Bored in the house? Then it sounds like a great time to tackle your reading list. But with book stores and libraries closed, it can be tricky to find your new favorite novel. Fortunately, book subscription services can do that for you.

Whether you’re a voracious reader or tackle a few books per year, you can find a subscription box that fits your preferences. You can snag fresh novels before their publishing date, re-read tried and true classics or stock up on pre-loved memoirs. It’s all about customization.

So, why choose the best book subscription box over typical retail books or a Kindle read?

These services are generally less expensive than filling your online cart with books. They often include fun goodies as well. The titles are curated, so you can collect books within your favorite genres. And in some cases, you can join online book clubs and communities to discuss the month’s selections.

Keep in mind that pricing ranges based on the contents of the box. Some of the best book subscription services stick to books only, while others stuff the box with novelties like coffee, notebooks and stickers. Consider what you’re looking for in a box before you choose. But remember, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself right now.

To help you stock your shelves, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite book subscription boxes.


1. Book of The Month


When it comes to staying on top of releases and trends, Book of The Month reigns supreme. This service gives subscribers a roundup of five monthly titles. The books cover a range of genres, but they’re generally by popular and up-and-coming authors. You’ll select one book per month with the option to add on two others for just $10 more. The company keeps a stock of past selections, so you can fill your library over time with these add-ons.

BOTM subscribers can often get their hands on new titles before the general public. Another plus? You can join their BFF program after a year, which comes with perks like a free birthday book and branded tote. And if bookish communities are your thing, you can snag monthly picks for your whole book club.

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Book Of The Month

2. Used Books Monthly


If you’re eager to give pre-loved books a new home, this is the subscription box to you. This service curates a selection of books based on your taste and ships it for affordable prices. All you have to do is select a genre and the number of books you want. The rest is a surprise.

Subscribers have the option to pay per month or for the whole year. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. In general, this box is great for readers who want to save on books and are okay with not knowing what their monthly delivery holds.

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Used Books Monthly

3. Culture Carton


Culture Carton is more than a book subscription box. This service offers a curated selection of lifestyle items to match the latest reads. Subscribers have a few different box options. The Standard subscription comes with lifestyle items, like accessories and grooming staples, as well as a book. You can also opt into the Book Club box, which includes one curated book per month. There is an Essential box as well, which only includes men’s lifestyle items. We’ve written about the best books for men before, but Culture Carton makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest releases.

Subscribers can purchase past boxes until the company runs out, so this subscription is a great way to stock up on the latest books, tech, and personal care products.

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Cultured Carton

4. My Thrill Club


Mystery and horror fanatics will be thrilled by this monthly book subscription. My Thrill Club pulls together the latest and greatest in horror, mystery and thrillers. Not a romance or fantasy in sight.

Once you join, you’ll receive two hardcover books and an eBook every month. Author selections vary, so you might receive a classic title and a trendier read. Subscribers choose from thriller, mystery and horror genres, but there is also a surprise box that includes a mix of genres. There are several payment plans available, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

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My Thrill Club

5. Boxwalla


Boxwalla’s subscription boxes come in picture-perfect packaging with products that match your interests. They have a a beauty box and film box as well, but we’re zeroing in on their book subscription here. Subscribers receive two books, one by a potential Nobel Laureate and one from a classic author of the past. The box arrives on your doorstep every two months.

The curated aesthetic of Boxwalla’s products is one of the main draws of the service. You’ll often receive additional items like stickers and notebooks that fit the theme of the box. Boxwalla reveals the contents of the monthly boxes on their website.

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6. Chocolate and Book


Readers with a sweet tooth understand the joy of savoring their favorite book with a tasty treat. This subscription will satisfy all your cravings. Each month, subscribers can expect a book, chocolate and a warm beverage mix — typically hot chocolate, tea or coffee. You choose your favorite genre, and the curators select the rest.

Keep in mind that you need to join by the 14th of the month to receive a box. So, you might need to come back if the current selection is sold out. Coffee and Chocolate is based in the UK, but they ship internationally.

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Chocolate and Book

7. Coffee and a Classic


Transport yourself to a moody cafe with this subscription box. Coffee and a Classic delivers just that: a classic book, a warm beverage and some other added goodies. There are several subscription levels available, so you can upgrade your box to receive a snack, mug and fancy packaging as well.

Subscribers can select from classic literature, children’s classics and classic non-fiction for their monthly subscriptions. However, you can also send a single box as a gift. This subscription box ships for free within the United States.

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Coffee and a Classic on Facebook

8. Page 1 Books


Some of the best book subscription boxes keep things simple, and Page 1 Books does exactly that. You fill out your reading preferences, and they send you a book every month. Page 1 will ask about the books and authors you love, as well as the ones you don’t. You can even link your Goodreads page to give them an inside look into your reading wish list. The result is a monthly book that you’ve probably wanted to read for a while.

Subscribers can purchase three, six and 12-month subscriptions. You can also give the service as a gift, in which your friend can fill out their own bookish preferences.

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Page 1 Books

9. Powell’s Indiespensable Book Club


Miss your favorite book store? Powell’s brings the indie shop right to your doorstep with their book subscription box. Each box includes a signed edition of a new literary fiction book, a pamphlet with an interview with the author and a surprise gift. As the name suggests, the subscription box focuses on indie authors. Powell’s is an independent bookstore themselves, so you’re supporting a small business as well.

Powell’s has a similar subscription box for kids called BOOX, which includes a hardcover picture book, staff-selected book and fun gift. Shipping is free within the United States.

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