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Keep Kids Entertained With Fun and Affordable Bubble Wands

Parents and caregivers spend hours of their time and much of their money looking for new and creative ways to keep their little ones entertained and happy. Toys that provide stimulation and are a fun activity for children of various ages can be hard to come by. One child’s favorite toy may gather dust in the room of a different child. But there is one toy that just about every kid seems to love — bubble wands. Fun, affordable, easy to use, bubble wands are a surefire way to entertain.

Babies love seeing new shapes and colors and bubbles are a great alternative to letting tots sit in front of a TV. As children get older, they require less help from adults and can be in charge of their own bubble party. Bubble wands are a cost-effective way to keep kids entertained outdoors and can be used at home or at school, at camp or during play dates and birthday parties. A secret weapon for every diaper bag and a great item to have on hand when it’s time for kids to expend some energy outside, bubble wands are a simple yet effective toy for kids. And let’s face it, they are pretty relaxing for adults to use as well.

Check out a list of our favorite bubble wands below and prepare to be entranced, mesmerized and most importantly entertained by the soothing bubbles.

1. WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands

Get (almost) everything you need to be the talk of the neighborhood with the WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands. The set comes with an oversized two-handle bubble wand that is attached by strings to create massive and impressive bubble formations. Also included are five concentrated bubble powder pouches that make for easy storage and travel. The award-winning bubble wand and mixture are made in a Children’s Product Certificate accepted lab and the concentrate is manufactured in the US.

Pros: The kit also includes a booklet filled with tips and tricks on how to make large bubble formations, making this a great option for older kids.

Cons: Customers will have to supply their own buckets for the bubble mixture. The wand works best with WOWMAZING bubbles.

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2. Joyin Toy 12 Pack of Big Bubble Wands

Kids aren’t always great at sharing, so make sure everyone has their own toy with the Joyin Toy 12 Pack of Big Bubble Wands. The 14-inch bubble wands come in six bright colors and arrive filled with 0.4 ounces of bubbles. Great for making bubbles by blowing on the wand or waving it around, the large pack of affordable bubble wands are ideal for parties, playgroups, stocking stuffers or even giving out on Halloween. The solution used to create the Joyin bubbles has been tested and is rated as safe for use by children.

Pros: The Joyin set comes with a 12 bubble refills.

Cons: It can be difficult to get bubbles from the wand once the solution has passed the halfway mark in the container. The container is not spillproof.

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3. Neliblu Bulk Bubble Wand Set

For a fun twist on traditional bubble wands, we recommend the Neliblu Bulk Bubble Wand Set. This set includes 11 bubble wands all with unique designs, including a turtle, flower and butterfly. Great for parties and playgroups, the wands come in six bright colors and are between 7.5 and eight inches long. The set also includes a large tray for holding the bubble mixture.

Pros: The wands have an L-shaped dip on the handle that makes it easy for kids to place the wand in the bubble mixture.

Cons: Customers must supply their own bubble mixture. The wands don’t create the shapes depicted at the end of each wand.

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4. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

Kids are messy, but thankfully the Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler is not. The smart design of the Tumbler keeps the bubble solution safely inside even when the container is knocked over. The award-winning Tumbler smartly contains the bubbles while the included wand releases several bubbles with each blow. The Tumbler comes with four ounces of bubbles so that kids can start using it as soon as it arrives.

Pros: Little Kids make their No-Spill Tumbler in several bright colors and also sells a larger ‘bucket’ version.

Cons: The container of bubbles included with the Tumbler is small and users will have to add more bubbles after only a few uses. The wand can be difficult for younger kids to insert and can easily be lost.

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