Make Your Tree a Dazzling Spectacle With The Best Christmas Ornaments Available Right Now

christmas tree ornaments
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December 25th is just around the corner, and although it’s not quite time to leave Santa some milk and cookies, it is definitely time to get the tree up and cover it in the most sparkly tinsel, twinkling lights and, of course, the absolute best Christmas tree ornaments. 

Decorating the Christmas tree is a holiday ritual to be done with family and friends. Therefore, choosing to adorn the tree with fun, unique and sometimes personalized decorations will make the occasion extra special. 

You’ve probably got your ‘Christmas Box’ ready and waiting for you in the attic or garage, covered in dust and full of last year’s (and many years prior to that) ornaments. Or, perhaps this is your first year decorating. Either way, it’s time to upgrade your holiday decor and splash out on some truly unique Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas tree ornaments and decorations come in many different styles. When you’re shopping for yours, consider these:

  • Balls – This is a Christmas tree’s best friend. The reliable ornament is guaranteed to fill your home with a warm, Christmassy atmosphere and make your tree shine with a traditional glow.
  • Edible – Hands off! Until Christmas day, right? Christmas is a time to fill ourselves with all the tastiest treats, from tree to table, and that’s no different when it comes to tree ornaments. Oranges, cinnamon ornaments and chocolates are traditional.
  • Gifting – Socks, make-up, aftershaves and games. You name it, there’s a Christmas tree ornament for it these days. Why only put presents under the tree when you can put them on it as well?
  • Animals – Thanks to little wire attachments, you can have rabbits, birds and all kinds of unique creatures standing tall on your tree branches this holiday season.
  • Collectibles – Many stores (We’re looking at you, Hallmark) have a range of collectible Christmas ornaments based on your hobbies or favorite characters. Barbie ornaments, Harry Potter ornaments and Snoopy ornaments are just a few of the most popular.
  • Personalized – Christmas tree ornaments have become a way to remember and pay tribute to people, years and even pets. You’ll often find pre-made ornaments available from your favorite retailers with a wide variety of names and dates already personalized on them, but you can also find custom creations that will be made to order exactly as you wish.

There’s something uniquely magical about Christmas time. Lights strung from every home, festive music, holiday shopping trips, and time with loved ones make this time of year full of wonder and joy. And while the holiday treats and pretty gifts are just a few of the many perks of the gift-giving season, one of the best parts of Christmas time is decorating the tree.

Christmas tree lights do play an important role in setting a festive mood, but the ornaments hung from the branches are what really add the finishing touches. That’s why we’ve found the most elegant, high-quality and festive ornaments to choose from so that you can have a stunning Christmas tree this year.


1. KI Store Christmas Ball Ornaments


For a simple look, try these silver ball ornaments. This 32-piece set comes in 23 different color options, including silver, gold, red, green, bronze and blue, and the set features five different ornament styles, such as shiny, matte and glitter. Similar to other ornaments on this list, these are also made of plastic and are shatterproof. Whether you decorate your tree with just these balls or add them to other ornaments, you’ll end up with a beautifully traditional tree.

christmas tree ornaments ki Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Urban Outfitters MoMA Pompom Christmas Ornament


These MoMA Pompom Christmas Ornaments from Urban Outfitters are a real treat for any tree. Designed and made by the Museum of Modern Art for the famous fashion retailer, these ornaments are an artsy and fluffy option which are also safe for all the family. The ornaments are available in six different color variations, measure 2.5 inches around and come one per order. For the full effect, we’d suggest ordering at least a set of four.

christmas tree ornaments moma Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


3. Zabrina Christmas Tree Flower Ornament


Decorate your tree with the “Christmas Flower” this year. These finely crafted faux poinsettias come in seven different colors, including gold, silver or pink, and are coated in glitter so that they shimmer and shine among your Christmas lights. Plus, they can be placed right onto the branches of your tree, no hooks necessary. These ornaments are great as a hosting present or a last-minute add-on to help spruce up your tree.

christmas tree ornaments zabrina Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Kurt Adler Glass Icicle Ornaments


For something a little different, try these glass icicle ornaments to set your tree apart. Each set includes 24 ornaments of varying sizes, and each icicle features a beautifully detailed “dripping” design. These make a great addition to any tree and will stand out among the more “ordinary” ornaments decorating the other branches.

Kurt Adler Glass Icicle Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


5. GoodVibesMetal States Christmas Ornaments


These colorful Christmas Ornaments from GoodVibesMetal are the ideal addition to any patriotically styled Christmas tree. Each state is completed with a tiny heart hole in the middle of it to emphasize your love for the USA. The ornaments can vary in size slightly due to the different shapes of each state, but none are larger than three inches by three inches. To order yours, simply select your state, select your color and add it to your basket.

christmas tree ornaments goodvibesmetal Image courtesy of Etsy


6. Urban Outfitter Cat Christmas Ornaments


Have the purr-fect Christmas tree with these Cat Christmas Ornaments from Urban Outfitters. This lovely litter of little felines will add a touch of fluff to your festive decor with their soft fur and little red neck bows. There’s a selection of four different color options available, and your meow match will be chosen for you at random. So, when you open your parcel, it’ll be a treat to find out which one is your new favorite paw-nament (excuse the pun).

christmas tree ornaments furry cat Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. Urban Outfitters Sushi Christmas Ornament


How do you make shrimp sushi Christmassy? Well, you put a scarf on it. You might think this sounds like a bad joke, but it’s actually the reality of the Urban Outfitter Sushi Christmas Ornament. This cute little creature is made from felt and has a cheeky little grin on its face. It comes with a thin black loop for hanging from the tree and is roughly two inches square in size. This is one of the most unique Christmas ornaments we’ve seen this year.

christmas tree ornaments scarved shrimp Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. Yosichy Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments


These plush burlap ornaments are another rustic option for your tree, and they come in cute traditional Christmas patterns. Their twine ribbons, adorable buttons and Holly leaf and berry accents will make your Christmas tree a hit. Plus, unlike glass ornaments, these fabric decorations are lightweight and won’t break if dropped.

Yosichy Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Sea Team Christmas Ornaments


These beautiful snowflake ornaments from Sea Team are covered in glitter and ready to make your tree sparkle. Each set includes 36 plastic ornaments along with the string required for hanging. They’re available in 14 different rainbow color variations that will all glisten just like icy snow, making your Christmas tree truly winter wonderful. For a small tree, you may not need to add any additional ornaments to this set.

christmas tree ornaments sea team Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Urban Outfitters Yoga Mat Ornament


If you or your partner is part of the yoga revolution then you’re going to love this Urban Outfitters Yoga Mat Ornament. This funny and unique little piece is a colorful addition to any branch and is sure to put a smile on any scrooge’s face. It’s made from glass and has glitter detailing for an extra twinkly finish. Plus, at the very least, this ornament will help you to remember to work out over the Christmas holiday and keep those unwanted festive-food pounds at bay.

christmas tree ornaments yoga mat Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


11. Supla Hanging Wood Carving Ornaments


These wood carving ornaments will give your tree more of a rustic look. They’re made of natural wood and sprinkled with glitter. Each ornament features three layers of wood chips with a laser-cut and hollowed-out design. They also come with twine and bead hooks that add to their artsy, handmade appearance. This may be the perfect gift for the lumberjack or lumberjane in all of us.

Supla Hanging Wooden Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


12. N&T Nieting Wooden Snowflake Ornaments


These wooden ornaments are lightweight and intricate, giving them the delicate appearance of real snowflakes. Their natural wood color provides them with a unique, rustic appearance, which is great if you want something with a bit of flair while sticking to a classic winter shape. The set comes with nine different snowflakes, allowing for a wide array of creative arrangements. And, if you don’t like the natural look, you could always paint them.

N&T Nieting Wooden Snowflake Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Egg Ornament


These gorgeous glass egg ornaments look expensive but are surprisingly affordable. Each egg features a unique design and is decorated with glitter and gemstones. The ornaments are expertly crafted, and they come in beautiful colors, from emerald green to royal blue, gold, and silver.

Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Egg Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Sleetly White Ball Ornaments


These elegant snowball ornaments will add style and sophistication to your tree. Each ornament is covered in white glitter, creating a snowy, wintry effect. Furthermore, the ball ornaments look like real glass due to their luster, but they are actually constructed from plastic, making them durable and shatterproof. We love to see these types of balls displayed near the lights on the tree for an extra showy effect.

Sleetly Transparent Swirl Ball Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Spangler Candy Canes


Red and white candy canes are one of the most delicious sights we see every Christmas, and these Spangler Candy Canes are as traditional as they come. Their striped design wraps around the full length of each peppermint cane, and they’re individually wrapped in plastic for safekeeping. They hang easily over branches and are removed easily, too, whenever you fancy a taste.

christmas tree ornaments spangler Image courtesy of Amazon