These 28 Funny Dog Halloween Costumes Are Just Too Much Fun, And There’s Still Time To Order Before October 31!

Halloween Costumes for dogs
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While humans tend to love scary costumes, the best dog Halloween costumes often lean toward the cuter side of Halloween fancy dress. Already, our social media feeds are full of funny dog costumes, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up your pup in a hilarious outfit.

Dressing up at Halloween is one of the most enjoyable ways to get involved in the spooky seasonal fun. Together with other Halloween traditions, such as decorating the house, telling ghost stories and trick-or-treating, fancy dress is a Halloween must-do. But why should it be only humans who get to enjoy the costume creativity that comes with Halloween? What about our four-legged friends? Fear not (even on Halloween), as these days, amongst the unbelievable amount of dog accessories available online, you’ll also find a number of the best dog Halloween costumes.

There are plenty of adorable and funny dog costume ideas for Halloween, and we’re here to help you find the perfect outfit for your doggo.


What Types of Dog Costumes Can You Buy for Halloween?

It’s worth keeping in mind that some dogs don’t like to wear costumes. If this is the case with your dog, maybe spend the extra time making your costume look better. However, given the extensive range of dog Halloween costumes available, and the different ways they stay secured to your dog, there is likely some form of costume that will work with even the most reluctant of dogs. Here are the main styles of dog costume to look out for:

  • Frontal Costume – Costumes that create an optical illusion when seen from the front
  • Full Bodysuit – Costumes that cover the entire torso and all four legs
  • Half Bodysuit – A costume that covers just the front legs and breast
  • Harness – Simple strapping around the whole body, often combined with a funny prop
  • Headwear – A hat, usually with a chin strap for better security

Nothing is more adorable than a dog in one of the best Halloween costumes. But, before you invest in a Halloween costume for your canine, it’s essential to consider the size and style in mind to suit your puppy properly.

Below we have rounded up the best dog Halloween costumes available to order online. Just remember, no one knows your pup better than you, so make sure to select the right fit, or your little monster might rip it off in a matter of seconds and turn the costume of your choice into a rather expensive chew toy. Now, keep reading for our favorite funny dog costumes for Halloween 2021.


1. Nacoco Pet Guitar Costume


“Is that Jason Mraz?” Oh, wait. Nope, it’s your dog! This costume instantly turns your dog into the coolest, most suave pup on the entire block. Several sizes fit dogs from 11 to 22 pounds, and each costume comes with a harness-like outfit that includes stuffed arms and a guitar on the front.

You may have seen this exact outfit on Tik Tok, where videos of small pups wearing this Halloween costume for dogs have gone super viral. Frontal dog costumes like these create an adorable optical illusion that will delight absolutely everyone. Just look at this little guy!

dog costume with guitar, Halloween costume for dogs Image courtesy of Amazon


2. NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume


This cowboy rider dog costume is genuinely one of our favorites. It’s adorable, funny and it’s sure to get you some laughs. It also happens to be one of the easier costumes to secure onto your dog. It likely won’t bother them as much as something that has to wrap around their head or go over their arms, so it’s an excellent option for squirmy pups who don’t love to dress up.

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume, best Halloween costumes for dogs Courtesy of Amazon


3. Dino Rider Halloween Costume for Dogs


This adorable dog costume makes it look like there’s a tiny dinosaur riding and controlling your dog. It’s the kind of simple yet genius idea that pet owners won’t be able to resist, and it will make for great social media posts. Best of all, because it’s little more than a strap, your dog won’t be absolutely miserable in their Halloween costume. This dinosaur riding dog Halloween costume costs just $10, can be delivered in time for Halloween and comes in sizes for all types of doggos.

dinosaur riding dog halloween costume Courtesy of Target


4. KZHAREEN Halloween Dog Bandana


Covering the majority of your dog in a Halloween costume is a bit OTT for some people, which is why the KZHAREEN Halloween Dog Bandanas are the choice for owners looking for a subtler touch. The pack contains four pumpkin-printed neck scarves, each of which features an individual pattern. This multi-pack allows your pup to wear a different bandana on different occasions, or if you’re lucky enough to have an entire pack of dogs, each dog gets to have their own.

dog Halloween costumes kzhareen bandana Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Lion Mane Dog Costume


There are few dog costumes for Halloween more popular than this: a lion’s mane. It’s a simple costume idea that won’t leave your dog feeling too constricted, and it’s absolutely adorable. You can find lion mane dog costumes from all your favorite costume shops, and online we’ve found great options from both Amazon and Target.

dog lion mane costume, best Halloween costumes for dogs Courtesy of Target


6. Dog Octopus Costume for Halloween


This funny Halloween costume for dogs is too adorable for its own good. We can’t promise that your dog will like this costume. In fact, they’re almost guaranteed to hate it. However, it’s just too cute to leave off this list, and we think you’ll agree.

octopus dog costume for halloween Courtesy of Amazon


7. Rubie’s Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit


If you’re conscious of scaring the kids but still want to give your dog a weirder-than-usual outfit, consider this Rubie’s Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit. While children might find this costume cuddly and cute, most adults will find it a little strange and creepy, especially at Halloween. Your dog’s two front paws fit inside the teddy bear’s legs, giving the impression it is walking as your dog moves. Meanwhile, the attached fake arms bob along during any movement, adding to the teddy’s real-life walking appearance.

walking teddy bear pet suit Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume


The pumpkin is a classic Halloween costume. It’s probably the first thing your parents dressed you up as, and it’ll be just as cute on your dog as it was on baby you. This one comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any dog, and pup owners who purchase it give it primarily 5-star reviews, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

pumpkin dog Halloween costume Image courtesy of Chewy


9. Rypet Dog Bat Costume


The Rypet Dog Bat Costume is a simple yet eye-catching choice of fancy dress costume for your dog this Halloween. It’s also a smart choice for pet owners who want an outfit that minimizes the amount of interference and potential discomfort your dog will feel when wearing the costume. It boasts a high-quality construction and comes backed by almost 1,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers. Plus, its budget-friendly price tag of under $10 makes it a modest investment, which, even if your dog does reject, won’t hurt your wallet too badly.

dog Halloween costumes rypet bat Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Movie Costume


Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! The retro throwback to a comedy classic makes your little pup seem like the coolest guy or gal in town. This work shirt features an officially licensed Ghostbusters logo patch attached to the sleeve, but it’s the inflatable ghost-hunting backpack that seals the whole deal. Now, if you’ve got more than one pup, it’s even better because you could dress the entire gang as the entire Ghostbusters team. Group costume, anyone?


Dog Ghostbusters Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Dog Shark Fin Costume


The sight of a shark fin poking out above the water is sure to inspire fear in anyone who sees it. But when people see a shark fin poking above the kitche counter or snack table, they’re going to have the opposite reaction — pure delight. For dogs that are always on the hunt for floor snacks, this is our favorite funny dog costume for Halloween.

funny dog costumes for halloween Courtesy of Target


12. Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume


There is no more iconic Halloween costume for dogs than the classic, all-American hot dog suit. It works particularly well if you happen to have a dachshund, but it also comes in larger sizes to make any dog into a tasty Halloween treat. Customers love it, and you can make it a family affair with some good old ketchup and mustard costumes for the human members.

hot dog dog and cat costume, Halloween costume for dogs Image courtesy of Chewy


13. QBLEEV Formal Tuxedo Suit


Every haunted house needs a creepy butler to do the job of answering the door on Halloween, so why not let it be your dog wearing this QBLEEV Formal Tuxedo Suit. A triangle of crisp white shirt pops through the all-black surrounding as a little black bow tie completes the outfit. Furthermore, this dog costume is a fun idea for Halloween, but you can easily use it on other dress-up-worthy occasions, such as weddings, birthdays or even the local dog pageant.

dog Halloween costumes dog formal tuxedo suit Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Robot Halloween Dog and Cat Costume


Turn heads with this shiny silver robot Halloween costume for dogs or cats. It comfortably fits onto the head and front paws of your pup, and it’ll undoubtedly garner some positive attention along your trick-or-treating route, thanks to the fun metallic design.

robot dog costume Image courtesy of Target


15. Mummy Dog and Cat Costumes


We had to throw in a more traditional Halloween costume for dogs with this classic mummy outfit. It’s a more spooky, Halloween-y look than some of the other options on this list, and the hook-and-loop closures make it easy to strap onto any pup.

mummy dog costume, Halloween costume for dogs Image courtesy of Target


16. Monster Halloween Dog and Cat Costume


If you want your pup to look like the little (cute, not scary) monster that he is, this is the perfect getup. It’s more of a “Monsters, Inc.” vibe than a spooky monster vibe, but who doesn’t love the gang from “Monsters, Inc.”? This doggy costume comes in multiple sizes to fit most pets, is easy to take on and off, and may even keep them nice and warm if it’s particularly cold on Halloween.

monster dog costume Image courtesy of Target


17. California Costume Collections Black and Orange Spider Pup Costume


Turning your pup into a creepy crawler can actually look terrifying. If you saw this thing charging at you from across the room, it could induce some bizarre nightmares. This fuzzy polyester bodysuit (in the orange and black colors of Halloween, no less) is available in sizes XS to large, meaning you can have anything from a miniature spider up to a Golden Tarantula, er, Retriever chasing you around the yard.

spider dog costume, Halloween costume for dogs Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Zack & Zoey Sequin Devil Dog Costume


This Halloween, turn your dog into a cute little devil with the Zack & Zoey Sequin Devil Dog Costume. This isn’t just any devil costume, though; it’s covered from top to bottom in eye-catching sequins, ensuring no one will miss your dog walking into a room. The cape features two velcro fastenings, one which connects under the neck and one which ties under the body to provide a comfortable and secure hold around your dog. In addition, the outfit comes with a two-horned headband which is held in place by an elastic loop.

zack zoey sequin devil dog costume Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Impoosy Pet Dog Wizard Costume


You’re a wizard (insert dog name here)! With the Impoosy Pet Dog Wizard Costume, you can make your dog’s Harry Potter dreams come true. Complete with circular glasses and a Gryffindor-inspired tie, this Halloween dog costume has magical attention to detail and a charming amount of creativity about it. In addition, the cape-style jacket is more comfortable for your dog to wear than most other styles of dog costume, even when they’re on a long walk or riding on the back of a broomstick.

dog Halloween costumes impoosy wizard Image courtesy of Amazon


20. Retro Camper Dog and Cat Costume


Renovating a retro camper to travel the world became even more of a fad during the pandemic, but it’s always been a pretty cool thing to do. This year, it’ll be particularly relevant to dress your pet up in this little retro Halloween costume for dogs. It’s also another one that’s pretty unique, so chances are you won’t see any other pups out there in the same outfit.

retro camper dog costume Image courtesy of Target


21. Impoosy Halloween Dog Costume


They say all dogs go to heaven, but when your dog’s wearing this Impoosy Halloween Dog costume, it might be hard to believe that. The juxtaposing ‘Good Dogs’ dungarees and blood-smeared knife make this American-Psycho-meets-Chuckie Halloween costume for dogs a real treat for any horror film enthusiast. Plus, it’s available in sizes from small to extra-large, making it suitable for a range of different breeds and sizes of dog.

dog Halloween costumes impoosy halloween Image courtesy of Amazon


22. Zoo Snoods Baby Alien Dog Costume


Decide you must buy this Zoo Snoods Baby Alien Dog Costume. One significant benefit of this dog Halloween costume is that it only makes contact with your dog’s head rather than the entire body; this makes it better suited to dogs who like to keep their legs and tail free. And although this costume isn’t official Star Wars merchandise, surely you can help but see the resemblance to a particular baby or Jedi master? Mando and Baby (dog) Yoda anyone?

zoo snoods baby alien dog costume Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe


The internet has been obsessed with Baby Yoda (see above). And for a good reason. Baby Yoda is absolutely adorable. While most Baby Yoda costumes are selling out outrageously fast, this Star Wars Classic Jedi robe is a solid substitution. It’s a pretty simple bodysuit that isn’t too tight-fitting, so your dog will still be plenty comfortable. Plus, it’s got an attached hood just like the one donned by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars Dog Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


24. Rubie’s Squirrel Pet Costume


A man’s best friend loves chasing squirrels down the street, so why not let them dress up as their favorite thing in the entire world? (Besides you, of course.) This downright adorable costume comes with a squirrel bodysuit complete with a bushy tail and faux arms holding a nut. It also comes with a matching headpiece that hooks under the chin, so it won’t constantly fall off.

squirrel dog costume Image courtesy of Amazon


25. California Costume Collections Brown UPS Dog Costume


We’ve got news for you. Your best buddy has a buddy … and it’s the delivery man. And why not dress your pup up as their favorite pal? The hilarious UPS-branded half-bodysuit only covers the front legs and breast area, so it’s more likely to stay on longer than a full bodysuit, depending on your pup’s tolerance, of course. It’s available in three sizes and comes with a UPS hat (with perfectly placed ear cutouts). It’s all about the details, so a set of faux arms holding a delivery package attached to the suit.

Dog UPS Halloween Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


26. Avocado Toast Dog and Cat Costume


Want a trendy costume? What’s more on-trend than avocado toast? This adorable costume will surely impress the millennials, but it will also probably make anyone laugh. It’s unique, fun, and effortlessly pops around your pup’s neck.

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avocado toast dog costume Image courtesy of Target


27. Rubie’s DC Comics Pet Costumes


What’s one of the best dog Halloween costumes, you ask? Well, our pets do more for us than we know, so perhaps you should dress them as the heroes that they are. As everyone knows, heroes come in different shapes and sizes, which is why these superhero Halloween costumes for dogs come in all different sizes – from small to 3XL. In addition to the adorable Wonder Woman costume shown here, Rubie’s also offers a deep DC heroes lineup featuring Superman, Flash, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and others.

dog Wonder Woman costume Image courtesy of Amazon


28. Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane and Tail


If you don’t have much luck getting your canine to fit into a full-body costume, then this lion’s mane might do the trick. The furry wig fits neatly around your dog’s face and neck, instantly transforming him (or her) into the king of the jungle. The wig works with medium or large dogs, and it comes in brown (as pictured) or brown/black mix – giving you the option to best match the natural colors of your little lion.

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dog lion costume, Halloween costume for dogs Image courtesy of Amazon


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