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Get the Most Out of Your Game With the Best Fairway Woods

You may be asking yourself if you really need to upgrade your current golf equipment, especially if it was something you bought recently. Well, that all depends. The more relevant question seems to be whether or not the equipment you currently have is serving you. Are you playing at the level you want? And while it is true that your skills are essential to getting that tiny ball down the fairway, having the right tension in your shaft plus its weight are also crucial components. So it is good to have the right equipment for where you are in your golf journey.

When you can’t get a good straight launch out of your driver, a fairway wood is an excellent option. It may not have your ball travel as far as your driver, but their larger heads make them easier to hit without having to strain and swing. Just make sure when you are purchasing one you know whether or not adjustability is crucial to you or if you are still early in your experience with golf and want to use one that is non-adjustable.

You may also come across clubs that are categorized as “tour,” fairways, and those are only for those who are more experienced and can shape their shots. If you aren’t there yet, you’ll want to look for shafts with flex and large sweet spots. They usually offer more forgiveness and less frustration.

Check out the best fairway woods below as one may just end up being your next favorite club.


1. Cobra F-Max Fairway


If you are relatively new to golf, Cobra’s F-Max fairway wood’s sweet spot can help you swing more consistently. It’s lightweight and allows you to swing faster and with little effort. The offset helps to draw the ball and prevents you from slicing and tweak right-leaning tendencies. Its high launch gets the ball in the air and it’s the perfect fairway wood for slower clubhead speed.

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Image Courtesy of Cobra

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2. Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood


The weight at the front — 7 grams — may not give you the highest launch, but this fairway wood from Callaway should help you achieve some distance thanks to its shallow face. But since you can tune your launch and spin with the two and 14-gram weight, it allows for forgiveness in your swing. Plus, the lower launch, though off-putting to some, may actually give you more yards than you would expect, eliminating having to pull your driver out of your bag. The Epic Speed is available in 3+, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 7-wood lofts.

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Images Courtesy of Callaway

3. Cobra King RadSpeed Fairway


The face of this fairway wood from Cobra is very responsive and almost feels as if the ball launches itself. It jumps off the face. The club features easy to connect Cobra Connect, which offers instant feedback on shaping your shots and your distance. It is like having a golf coach without the price tag. The Fujikura Motore X F3 shaft is available in stiff, regular, and lite. 

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Image Courtesy of Cobra

4. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220


While Tour Edge is not as known as Callaway or Titleist, it doesn’t mean that their clubs can’t compete. The EXS 220 fairway wood offers faster clubhead speed, reduced spin and its cup-face design is forgiving of off-center hits. The 50g, 60g and 70g range of weight shafts help you to adjust based on desired speed and control. And while it may seem a small detail, the Lamkin Crossline Grip provides cushy comfort. 

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Image Courtesy of Exotics

5. Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Wood


The average golfer will have luck with the Callaway Mavrik Max, as it is pretty easy to hit. The face is often described as being hot, meaning the ball jumps off the face. The adjustable weighted system accommodates various styles of swings for different spin-rates and launch angles. This club won’t turn you into Ben Hogan, but it can help you perfect your swing, gain distance and launch high.

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Image Courtesy of Callaway

6. Titleist TS3 Tensei 65 Fairway Wood


While the head’s look is typical — 175cc shape — its sleek design can reduce drag and give maximum shot control. The 3-wood has a lower launch and great trajectory. It also offers adjustable swing weight and a good sweet spot delivering distance and accuracy. Lofts are available in 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18-degree options. 

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Image Courtesy of Titleist

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