The Best Funko POP! Figures to Flex Your Inner Fanboy

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When it comes to pop culture collectibles, Funko POP! stands out from the pack.

Collecting merch from your favorite movies, TV series and music is a widely beloved pastime. It’s fun to acquire a collection, and quality merchandise provides a great way to decorate your home with stuff that you actually love. Finding good, affordable collectibles can be tough, but Funko POP! figurines are an exciting place to start. 

The best Funko POP! figures are equally at home as a desk model for a serious businessperson, guarding a child’s nightstand or sitting unopened in a hardcore collector’s secret stash.

Funko POP! started as a small, nostalgia toymaker back in the ’90s, but after being sold in 2005, Funko has blown up with a massive, ever-expanding line of figurines. Funko’s vinyl toys encompass just about every pop culture property around, ranging from Baby Yoda to Biggie Smalls and Michael Scott. In other words, there’s something for everyone. 

The wide-ranging inventory of Funko POP! is attractive to collectors, casual fans and gift-givers alike due to their iconic aesthetics and affordable price tags. Here are a few of the most popular Funko series to give you an idea of what to look out for:

If you’re looking to start a Funko POP! collection or find your next purchase, read on. Since there are thousands of Funko figures for sale, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most popular Funko models currently available on Amazon, representing the absolute best in pop culture. From Game of Thrones and Star Wars to ’90s hip-hop, these are the Funko figures to know.


1. Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda fever may have waned slightly, but The Mandalorian is now a powerhouse in the Star Wars saga thanks to this little green guy. As hardcore Star Wars fans are a little too quick to point out, Baby Yoda is not literally the Yoda we know and love. And, technically, he’s known as “The Child” or Grogu, not Baby Yoda, which is the nerdiest distinction since the days of “Frankenstein is the doctor, not the monster.” But whatever he’s called, he’s still the cutest creature in any universe. Funko dolls are notable for their oversized heads, but since Baby Yoda’s head is so enormous compared with his body, this figure almost looks like it was made to scale. Here, he’s holding a hot cup of bone broth and swaddled in comfortable blankets.

Funko pop baby yoda Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Arya


The final season of Game of Thrones may have left many fans disappointed, but Arya’s role cemented her as the MVP of GOT. Arya gets brought to life in her most important moment, wielding a two-headed spear during the Battle of Winterfell. If you’re still sad about Game of Thrones coming to an end (like we are), this is a great way to celebrate one of the best TV shows ever created.

game of thrones figure arya Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Wall-E


This little Disney: Pride – Wall-E is an all-loving Funko Pop! created as part of The Pride Pop! Collection. The robot is decorated with the colors of pride to showcase his support of the LGBTQ+ community. To top it off, a donation is made to the Gets Better Project with every purchase. This organization aims to empower and care for LGTBQ+ youth.

best funko pop disney wall e pride Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Spider-Man (Far from Home)


There are tons of great Spider-Man toys out there, but this Funko figurine is one of our favorites. It’s modeled after Spider-Man’s latest cinematic form, as played by Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far from Home. Spidey is seen perched atop (probably) a New York skyscraper while snapping a selfie.

spiderman action figure funko pop Image courtesy of Amazon


 5. Notorious B.I.G.


The King of Rap is still a highly disputed title, but New York’s B.I.G. has a compelling claim to the throne. When Biggie died at just 24, the rap world lost a certified GOAT, but now you can remember the legend in your home with this figurine. The doll captures Biggie wearing his Timberland boots, jersey and gold chain while preparing for battle, mic in hand.

notorious BIG figure funko pop Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Sour Patch Kids


If you’re wondering how to keep your kid happy without them constantly snacking on unhealthy sweets, the Funko POP! Candy: Sour Patch Kids might be what you need. This undeniably cute, bug-eyed, blue Sour Patch Kids character has a friendly smile and a welcoming wave, too. He’s one of the lead characters from the Sour Patch Kids series and is a great item to start a collection.

best funko pop candy sour patch kids Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Pennywise


Thought toys couldn’t be scary? So did we … until we saw this Pennywise Funko doll. The figurine shows the world’s scariest clown as he’s depicted in the blockbuster movie It, holding two spider legs. It’s perfect for any horror lover and collector but maybe put it away if any kids come to your house.

pennywise it figure doll - best funko pop figures Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Pikachu


Pickaaa-pickaaa-pick! This Pokemon – Pikachu is your Funko Pop! of choice if you’re looking for a brightly colored cutie to add to your collection. As the most famous Pokemon of all, Pikachu sits proudly with feet pointed up and paws placed in front. Its all-yellow body and head are highlighted with bright red cheek circles as well as the iconic black ear tips and circular eyes.

best funko pop games pokemon pikachu Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Charmander (Silver Metallic)


A metallic finish can add a sense of luxury to anything, and it’s no different when it comes to Funko Pop! This Pokemon – Charmander (Silver Metallic) has a silver coating and a ready for poke-battle stance. He’s part of the stylized Pop! Collection which all stand just under four inches tall and make a fantastic gift for any Pokemon fan. Plus, all of the original characters, such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur, are available within the collection.

best funko pop pokemon charmander Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Freddie Mercury Wembley 1986


With the incredible success of Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s leading-man Freddie Mercury is now an icon of multiple generations. This Funko doll depicts Freddie in the getup he wore while performing at Wembley Stadium in 1986. He sports a golden coat over a white belted jumpsuit and leans over an attached microphone.

queen freddie mercury figure Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Mr. Rogers


Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood may have ended two decades ago, but the 2018 documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor and the 2019’s narrative film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood reminded us of the important lessons of love and acceptance during a divisive time. This Funko doll has Fred Rogers in his most recognizable outfit (colorful cardigan, canvas sneakers and slacks) and holding a model of the Neighborhood Trolley. If you’re feeling down, this Funko will remind you that you are liked, just the way you are.

mr rodgers figure funko Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Mortal Kombat Scorpion


This Funko Pop! Movies: Mortal Kombat Scorpion Vinyl figurine showcases one of the six chosen warriors as seen in the 2021 blockbuster. All six of the warriors who find their way into the movie’s legendary tournament are part of this series. However, which one you’ll receive is down to luck as they’re selected at random when ordered.

best funko pop mortal kombat scorpion vinyl figure Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Friends – Music Video Phoebe


The Funko POP TV: Friends – Music Video Phoebe takes inspiration from Phoebe’s highlights reel where her popular song, ‘Smelly Cat’, becomes a music video. Although this isn’t Phoebe’s everyday look, it is one of her most famous, and one that any Friends fan will be glad to have in their Funko Pop! Collection. Other Friends‘ characters in their own famous moment outfits are available, too, such as Rachel Green in a pink dress and Ross Gellar as Sputnik.

best funko pop friends music video phoebe multicolor Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Michael Jordan


Just binged the ESPN docuseries The Last Dance and want more Michael Jordan? Then pick up this Funko that features His Airness in the 23 jersey holding a basketball. Most Funko dolls are grounded on two feet (or in a vehicle), but Funko had to do MJ justice by putting him in his natural habitat: the air. MJ is seen flying through towards the hoop in his Bulls outfit, ready to slam one home for Chicago.

michael jordan toy bulls Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Parks and Recreation – Ron Swanson

Fans of Parks and Rec know that beneath Ron Swanson’s gruff exterior is one of the most compassionate characters on TV, which is why Nick Offerman’s mustachioed character has become an enduring fan favorite. Here, he’s holding a mug and wearing his uniform of sensible slacks and a long-sleeve polo. Of course, this figure captures the features that make Ron Swanson Ron Swanson: the bushy stache and disapproving grimace.

funko pop ron swanson Amazon


16. Rick & Morty – Pickle Rick


Celebrate one of most memorable characters from Rick and Morty with this Funko Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty – Pickle Rick figure. If you love the series, you’ll appreciate that Pickle Rick is carrying his improvised laser gun, including the batteries to power it. And, if you can’t get enough of the show, other available Funko Pop! figures available include Scary Terry, Young Rick, Lawyer Morty and Mr. Meeseeks.

funko pop rick and morty pickle rick Image courtesy of Amazon


17. Batman 80th – Batman (1989)


For an octogenarian, the Dark Knight is in remarkably good shape. Funko released a commemorative collection marking Batman’s 80th anniversary, which was in 2019. The collection celebrates some of the iconic eras of the Caped Crusader, including everything from his first comic book appearance to George Clooney’s controversial take. This particular figurine is modeled after Michael Keaton’s first turn as the World’s Greatest Detective in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). There have been many actors to don the cowl since, including Robert Pattinson in the as-yet-unreleased The Batman, but Keaton’s incarnation remains a fan favorite. That’s why any Batman fan is sure to enjoy this figurine.

funko pop batman Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Joker (1989)


The slightly evil smile and raised eyebrows of Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 1989 Joker makes this infamous character instantly recognizable. He’s dressed in his iconic purple, turquoise and orange suit, as worn in the 1989 Batman film, and is posing with a gold banded stick, too. Topped with his purple hat to cover the majority of his green hair, this Joker Funko Pop! is a must-have for any Batman collector or Joker enthusiast.

funko pop heroes batman 1989 Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Pusheen


Pusheen shot to fame when her cute sticker sets became available on Facebook, and now she has her own Funko Pop! Animation: Pusheen figurine. This cute Pusheen model is a ‘Super Pusheenicorn’ and features a small horn as well as two small wings on its back. It has the classic Pusheen whiskers, eyes and small mouth as well as two small paws. This Funko Pop! figurine makes a great alternative gift for anyone with a unicorn obsession.

funko pop animation pusheen super pusheenicorn Image courtesy of Amazon


20. Avatar – Aang with Momo


Avatar: The Last Airbender is enjoying a major resurgence thanks to its arrival on Netflix as well as the general appetite for nostalgic media. For a kid’s show, Avatar is one that touches on tough (and relevant) themes, ranging from genocide to totalitarianism to the cost of war. But the lovable characters are the heart of Avatar, which is why the show never loses its sense of joy. That’s evidenced by this cute combination of Aang and Momo, the beloved flying lemur. Momo can be removed from Aang’s head, so the Avatar can stand on his own, allowing details like the swirling air current and staff to be fully appreciated.

funko pop avatar Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Deadpool & Scooter


Marvel’s dirtiest, funniest, most outcast superhero gets the Funko treatment with this doll. The figurine has Deadpool on a red scooter as he’s seen in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2, and includes hilarious details like an ‘I love chimichangas’ sticker on the scooter.

deadpool toy - best funko pop figures Image courtesy of Amazon


22. Michael Scott (Date Night)


Bring everyone’s favorite terrible boss, Michael Scott, into your home with this Funko figurine. While you can get Michael in his typical outfit with his mug, we prefer this special edition Funko doll depicting Michael as his date-night self. He’s sporting a backward hat, an unbuttoned shirt and a pool cue (that he probably doesn’t know how to use). It’s an Office outfit that any fan will recognize, and undoubtedly make them want to rewatch the classic episode.

michael scott doll funny Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Boba Fett


Boba Fett — the original Mandalorian from The Empire Strikes Back — gets a green chrome treatment in this limited edition Funko figurine. The figurine was created for the summer 2019 Funko convention and makes a standout addition to any collection. Despite his brief appearance (and unfortunate death) in the original trilogy, Boba Fett remains a fan favorite, and the warrior society of Mandalorians has garnered renewed interest thanks to the Disney+ series.

boba fett action figure chrome Image courtesy of Amazon


24. The Shining-Jack Torrance 


Funko is best known for its association with comic book and sci-fi fandom, but there truly are Funko’s for everyone, including fans of classic films. This Funko represents The Shining‘s Jack Torrance, as immortalized by Jack Nicholson. Here, he’s already gone insane and is wielding a bloodied ax and has dark, sleep-deprived eyes. Details like his distinctive corduroy jacket and disheveled hairdo make this a great collector’s item. This Funko also comes in the “Chase” variant, which features Jack after he’s been frozen, and the one you receive can vary between the two. Keep this Shining Funko at your office desk as a reminder that all work and no play will make you a dull boy.

funko pop the shining Image courtesy of Amazon


25. Jurassic World 2 – Indoraptor


As the result of mixing a velociraptor, the Indominus Rex and several other creatures, it makes sense that the Funko Pop Movies: Jurassic World 2 – Indoraptor ended up looking like such a monster. It featured in one of the scariest scenes in the whole Jurassic World franchise before eventually succumbing to the pointy end of a ceratopsian skull. This Funko is a great gift idea for kids and adults who love the films or dinosaurs.

jurassic world funko pop indoraptor Image courtesy of Amazon


26. Marvel Captain America


The Funko Marvel Captain America is a must-have character for any comic book fan or superhero lover. Complete with detailing, such as red gloves and boots, a central white star on his bodysuit and his iconic red, white and blue circular shield, it’s easy to recognize who this little guy is, even if you’re not overly familiar with the movies. Captain America also comes presented in a window box featuring further superhero branding, which makes it ideal for showcasing on a shelf while keeping it protected, too.

funko pop captain american Image courtesy of Amazon


27. Bob Ross


Bob Ross has reached a new level of fame with his very own Funko Pop! Television: Bob Ross figurine. The softly spoken artist is captured in his traditional shirt and jeans combo with a full head of hair and beard. He’s also holding a palette full of paint, of course. Additionally, a pop-up box protector is included with this Funko Pop! character, so you can keep the original box in its best condition. 

funko pop bob ross television Image courtesy of Amazon


28. Disney Castle with Mickey


Every Disney lover needs the Disney 65th – Disney Castle with Mickey. The castle stands six inches tall, while Mickey Mouse, in his charming red celebration outfit, is about half the height. This Funko Pop! was created especially for Disney’s 65th anniversary to commemorate a lifetime of magic. This highly collectable Funko Pop! comes presented complete with a Disneyland map printed on the back, showing the castle and Mickey at the heart of the park.

funko pop town disney castle mickey Image courtesy of Amazon


29. Harry Potter Collectors Set


All three main Harry Potter characters are included in the Funko Harry Potter POP! Movie Vinyl Collectors Set. Each figurine stands 3.75 inches tall and is suitable for wizarding fans aged three and up. Harry, Ron and Hermione are dressed wearing their classic Hogwarts uniforms and can be differentiated by their different hairstyles and colors. Of course, you’ll recognize Harry’s glasses and scar, too. 

funko pop harry potter pop movie vinyl collection set Image courtesy of Amazon


30. Elton John Collectible Figure


Jaunty cane, safari hat, immaculately tailored white suit, and oversized pink sunglasses. Who else could we be talking about besides Rocketman himself, Elton John? Here, he’s wearing the outfit that was featured on the cover of his Greatest Hits album, and his pose embodies the pomp and attitude that defined Elton John’s career. The attention to detail is impressive, down to the patterned bowtie and figurine lapel pin. Whether you came to his music through 2019’s Rocketman or you were actually there at that Troubador show, you’ll be sure to enjoy this Elton Funko Pop.

funko pop elton john Image courtesy of Amazon


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