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The 10 Best Games Like Elden Ring To Scratch That Game Of the Year Itch in 2023

Ah Elden Ring, what a game. A lot of people enjoyed Elden Ring this year, and you know that’s a fact but what are the best games like Elden Ring? It’s a titan of a game that takes the famously moreish Dark Souls formula into a completely wonderful open-world setting, and then constantly rewards you with cool items for going off the beaten path, and it’s game of the year for an awful lot of people.

The only issue is, once you’ve completed it, which means different things for different people, but we mean when you no longer want to play it, what do you play afterwards? Is there a list of the best games like Elden Ring, or is it some standalone marvel that nothing else compares to? Well, we’ve gone ahead and made a list of the best games like Elden Ring, because vibes are always replicable.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Best Overall

In our humble opinion, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the game most like Elden Ring. This high-fantasy RPG features an intensely weird story that has your character getting their heart ripped out by a dragon in the opening cutscene. You then have to journey around the world with an ever-changing bunch of player-made characters to try and save the world and reclaim your heart.

The combat is incredible and allows you to mix and match classes along with literally climbing on larger enemies to strike their weak points, and it can technically never end thanks to the Dark Arisen additions. It’s a phenomenal game, and one day we’ll get a sequel.

Shadow of the Colossus

Best Runner-Up

Shadow of the Colossus is about desperation and desolation. You journey around a massive world meticulously taking down these enormous mountain-sized bosses, and each time you do you’re left wondering if you’re doing the right thing or not.

That sense of scale, and the glory of the gray morality, are what make Shadow of the Colossus so similar to Elden Ring. While it doesn’t have builds to play with, the vibes are perfectly matched, and you’ll constantly be second-guessing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Dark Souls 3

Most Similar

It’s not a huge surprise that Dark Souls 3, the last Dark Souls game there will ever be, is a lot like Elden Ring. A lot of the combat in Elden Ring is pulled from this game, along with many other FromSoftware titles, but Dark Souls 3 also shares the high-fantasy swords and sorcery setting.

You can jump into this without playing the first two games, but you will miss a bit of lore. However, there are loads of excellent weapons to try out, fun builds to muck around with, and plenty of bosses to hunt down too. It’s a bit more linear than Elden Ring, but the combat is just as satisfying.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Best Exploration

For some people, the biggest draw of Elden Ring is the sheer freedom of exploration. You can pick a direction and just follow it until you hit the ocean, and while lots of other games have open worlds, none have that same feeling of wonder as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild plonks you in a tutorial area, but once you’re out of that you can go anywhere you want, and you’ll very regularly be making a mistake by doing so. There’s death everywhere, but beauty is also everywhere, and there’s loot, so the exploration never gets old.

Nioh 2

Best Co-op

Nioh 2 is a brutally fast action game that has you playing as a half-yokai half-human character who needs to beat up lots of yokai. It’s fun, intensely frenetic, and there’s enough loot and skills to manage that even the most hardcore RPG player will be satisfied.

It’s not on this list because of that though; it has a similar difficulty level to Elden Ring, but it has a far more robust co-op system. You literally set up a room, invite some friends in, and then you can all go out on missions together and play through the entire story. it’s a delight, and if you’ve not tried it out yet, you definitely should.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Classic Option

Skyrim is something of a meme for a lot of gamers because it’s been released more times than many of us can actually think of. It is, however, undoubtedly one of the most immersive and expansive RPGs out there, and if you wanted to 100% the game you’d probably still be playing the first release.

There’s a wonderful fantasy world to explore here, lots of excellent abilities to unlock, and if you’re on PC, plenty of mods to help make the game feel fresh every time you boot it up. It’s one of the all-time greats, even if it is a little silly how many times it’s been re-released at this point.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Dark Fantasy

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn’t just one of the best new games this month; it’s also a dark-fantasy world where no matter how much good you try and do bad things happen. Like it or not, that’s basically how all FromSoftware games work, and so it finds itself here on our list of the best video games like Elden Ring.

This time around you take control of not just gravel-voiced Geralt, but also Ciri, who is basically his daughter, as they try and outsmart and outfight something that’s basically a force of nature. It’s filled with incredible characters, heart-wrenching stories, and more monsters than you could throw a stick at, so you should probably use your swords.

Monster Hunter Rise

Best Combat

Monster Hunter: Rise is the latest game in the long-running series that is about, unsurprisingly, monster hunting. Rather than small battles, each hunt has you facing off against a boss monster that can usually end you in a couple of hits. It’s a terrifying prospect, but before long you’ll literally be wearing them as armor.

While it has none of the open-world exploration or the same weighty story, Monster Hunter: Rise constantly supplies the feeling of “wow, I can’t believe I beat that,” and basically turns it into a game. There are loads of weapons to try in it, and each one changes how the game feels completely. Plus, it’s co-op, and it’s still getting regular free updates too.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Best for LOTR Fans

The world of The Lord of the Rings is rich, filled with amazing monsters to battle, and some of the most memorable characters ever written. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War offers a similar feeling of freedom to Elden Ring, and places you within that world and then sets you free to roam around as you please.

This is the second game in the series, and it refines the action gameplay to make it even more enjoyable. You’ll get to warp around as a ghostly archer, massacre units up close, and even dominate the minds of the poor things you’re fighting to get them on your side and have them fight for you.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Best for Star Wars Fans

Our final pick for the best games like Elden Ring is another modern classic — Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This game is basically a Soulslike set within the Star Wars universe, and has you playing as a Jedi called Cal who has spent years in hiding, but has to make himself known to try and help fight the empire.

Combat is slick, the force powers feel excellent, and there are loads of difficulty settings to allow you to either steamroll the game as a Jedi should, or struggle like you’ve only just learned to walk. There’s also a sequel coming in 2023 too, so it’s a good time to jump into this game to get caught up on the story and Cal’s journey.