Stop Seeing Spots Thanks to These Handy Glasses Cleaners

best glasses cleaners
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If you wear glasses, you know how amazing they are. Whether you’re far-sighted, near-sighted or just spend a lot of time in sunny surroundings, your glasses (or sunglasses) are an accessory worth more than their physical value. As with most valuable items, keeping them clean is important and having the correct care kit to do so really helps. To keep your glasses in tiptop condition, you need the best glasses cleaner. 

To kick start your glasses cleaning, we suggest you invest in these highly effective items:

Solutions – As one of the most effective products, solutions are extremely popular when it comes to cleaning glasses. They often come in spray bottles for an even application, and some brands offer refills, too. Using refillable cleaning products is one of the best ways to take a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Specialist alternatives to traditional glasses solutions include plant-based cleaners made of natural ingredients, hose scented for a fragrant finish and gel-based solutions for a more in-depth clean.  

Cloths – Without a good cloth, even the best glasses cleaner solution is flawed. Microfiber material is ideal for cleaning glasses due to its high density and soft surface. It’s important to keep your cloth in a safe storage place, which is why you’ll find most glasses cleaning cloths are sized for keeping in your glasses case.

Wipes – Ideal for travel or having on standby in your bag, glasses wipes are usually individually packed. They’re pre-moistened, so they do not require solution as a microfiber cloth does. 

See things clearer by checking out the 11 best glasses cleaner products we’ve pulled together below. There are a range of top-quality solutions, cloths and wipes as well as a few alternative items which help to prevent your glasses from getting dirty in the first place.


1. Koala Kleaner


There’s a reason these Koala Kleaner have so many rave reviews: with more than 375 sprays per bottle, and two bottles a pack, a single $8 purchase can last more than a year. This cleaner also comes with a microfiber cloth and promises a 100% streak-free cleaning formula. What’s more, they also work on other types of lenses — cameras, TVs and phones to name just a few.

Koala Kleaners Image courtesy of Amazon

Koala Kleaner

$8.99 $12.99 31% OFF


2. Microfiber Spectacles Cleaning Brush


These handy microfiber cleaners are great for use at work, school or simply on the go. Sold in packs of 12, each brush features a smooth microfiber cloth and is designed to remove dirt, smudges and more. With travel clips attached to each brush, you can pack them in your purse, backpack, suitcase and more. Definitely a nice accessory to have when you’re on the road and notice a blurry spot in the middle of your right lens.

Microfiber Spectacles Cleaners Image courtesy of Amazon

Microfiber Spectacles Cleaning Brush



3. EVEO Glasses Cleaner Spray


The premium appearance of EVEO Glasses Cleaner Spray makes it hard to believe such a well-presented product could be our best-priced pick. With all-black branding and a thought-through design, this cleaner kit is a set of equipment to help you see better. Two four-ounce bottles of spray and two individually packaged microfiber cloths are included in the set, all of which can be used on glasses as well as laptops, phones and other electronic devices, too.

glasses cleaner eveo eyeglass spray Image courtesy of Amazon

EVEO Glasses Cleaner Spray

$6.99 $9.97 30% OFF


4. MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths


MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are designed to completely remove fingerprints and dirt. Their material is 200 times thinner than human hair. This helps it to clean thoroughly without leaving any scratches or streaks. Each of the six included cloths measures six by seven inches and are individually wrapped in polybags. What’s really great about these cloths is that you can wash and reuse them up to 500 times. But, it is advised to hand wash and air dry.

glasses cleaner magicfiber microfiber cloths Image courtesy of Amazon

MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths



5. Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Kit


Say goodbye to dust, grime and smudges with the Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Kit. Everything you need to have crystal clear lenses is included as well as a tiny screwdriver for tightening the arms of your glasses. The one-ounce spray and microfiber cloth are best suited for home use, whereas the 30 pre-moistened wipes are ideal for travel. Free of abrasive chemicals, the effective solution in this kit is safe to use and will leave a smooth finish.

glasses cleaner optix 55 kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Kit



6. Care Touch Glasses Cleaner Kit


The Care Touch Glasses Cleaner Kit includes a product for every situation you might find yourself in. With two eight-ounce spray bottles, one two-ounce bottle, two microfiber cloths and six wipes, you’re sure to keep your glasses clean wherever you are. Individually wrapped and pre-moistened, the wipes are great for travel. Additionally, the smaller bottle is ideal for vacations, and the two larger bottles should be your everyday go-to for cleaning your lenses.

glasses cleaner care touch alcohol free cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon

Care Touch Glasses Cleaner Kit



7. Calyptus Glasses Cleaner Spray


Made in the USA from natural products, Calyptus Glasses Cleaner Spray is a plant-based power cleaner for your lenses. Inspired by Japanese design, the accompanying six-by-seven-inch microfiber cloths are woven in a honeycomb pattern. This ensures they deliver a completely smudge-free polish. Plus, three two-ounce bottles of lens spray are included in each order, all of which are natural, non-toxic and fragrance-free.

calyptus eyeglass lens cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon

Calyptus Glasses Cleaner Spray

$8.99 $12.99 31% OFF


8. Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Wipes


When it comes to cleaning your glasses, having a good set of wipes is paramount. Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Wipes come in packs of up to 200 individually wrapped and sealed sachets, ideal for a busy lifestyle. To prevent scratches, these wipes feature a non-abrasive design and an ammonia-free formula. They’re suitable for use on all types of glasses. Plus, they’re also available in different wipe and pack sizes to suit all situations. But, the pack of 200 works out to be the most cost-effective.

optix 55 wipes Image courtesy of Amazon

Optix 55 Glasses Cleaner Wipes

$10.95 $12.55 13% OFF


9. Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Spray


If you’re simply in the market for a top-quality cleaning solution, then Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Spray may be right for you. This set comes with two eight-ounce bottles, a two-ounce travel-size option and three branded microfiber cloths. The alcohol-free solution is as easy on the nose as it is on the eyes, and the specialized formula is designed to help remove dirt and oils with ease. Unlike some other cleaners, a small amount of this solution goes a long way.

optix 55 cleaner spray Image courtesy of Amazon

Optix 55 Lens Cleaner Spray

$9.95 $12.95 23% OFF


10. Ultra Clarity Glasses Cleaning Spray


Ultra Clarity Glasses Cleaning Spray includes one one-ounce spray bottle and one larger, six-ounce bottle in this refill set. The smaller of the two is designed for everyday use, and once empty, the larger bottle can refill it. Ultra Clarity is committed to safely cleaning your lenses by producing a fluorine and silicone-free solution which has a neutral pH. As an added bonus, it’s made in the USA.

ultra clarity eyeglass cleaning spray Image courtesy of Amazon

Ultra Clarity Glasses Cleaning Spray



11. Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses


Tired your glasses slipping off your nose every time you look down, only to smush fingerprints on your lenses as you push them back up? Us too, which is why we keep Nerdwax handy. Nerdwax helps keep your glasses on your nose (and not the floor) but helping prevent any surface oils from piling on your frames. Made from all-natural ingredients, you simply rub a tiny bit of this wax onto your glasses frames to help keep them in position.

Nerdwax Courtesy of Amazon

Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses