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The Best Hanukkah Decorations To Celebrate the Festival Of Lights In 2021

The Festival of Lights is coming soon — we’ll start celebrating it just a few days after Thanksgiving this year. That means it’s an appropriate time to get started decorating with traditional Hanukkah decorations.

Whether building a collection of Hanukkah decorations or doing something of a refresh, there are lots of directions to go with holiday decor. While menorahs and dreidels are pretty standard and need to be part of any celebration, there’s a lot of fun we can have. This may include tinsel, balloons, streamers, and even cookies and decorative pillows.

Take these decorations as simple or as far as you wish, and don’t forget to have fun with them. This is a festive occasion, enjoy it!

We’ll be updating this post as we get closer to Hanukkah, but start your decorating with some of the seasonal decor below.

Apeloig Collection Menorah / Flower Vase

This incredibly stylish acrylic menorah is available in six translucent shades: navy blue, blue, white, smoke, burgundy and multicolor, and when it’s not being used as a menorah, it can transform into a flower vase, simply remove the metal cups and store them in the beautiful storage box. It’s simple, too. Just fill each hole ¾ full of water and arrange with flowers of your choice. It’ll be a beautiful centerpiece!

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Hanukkah Throw Pillow

Throw pillows can be an easy and fun way to quickly add a decorative touch to a space. Just literally throw the pillow where you want a bit of flair, be it a chair, a couch, or even a bed. These Hanukkah throw pillows are super fun, comfortable, and can just be tossed in a closet between seasons.

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The Dreidel Company Wood Dreidels Hanukkah Dreidel with English Transliteration & Instruction Cards

Playing dreidel is a huge part of Hanukkah, and so dreidels need to be a part of the decor. This set of 30 wooden dreidels come with instruction cards and also translations for all the Hebrew symbols, so whether someone is a first-time player or has been playing their whole lives, they will be prepared to get spinning!

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Color My Cookie Happy Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit

Are cookies decorative? Arguable, but they absolutely do make any space feel and look more festive! Color My Cookie’s Happy Hanukkah collection allows you to design fun holiday-themed cookies. The kit includes a Star of David, a classic dreidel, a menorah cookie, with which you can add sugary flames. In all, there are 6 cookies to decorate, one edible paint palette cookie and edible watercolors, as well as paintbrushes, icing, sprinkles, and edible decor.

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Embroidered Emblems Hanukkah Dish Towels, Set of 3

These dish towels are so fun to keep around the kitchen to set the mood during the Hanukkah season. While one towel is patterned with a menorah, another has a star pattern with an embroidered dove patch that reads “Happy Hanukkah” and the third is emblazoned with an embroidered Star of David patch. All have colors of blue, white, tan, gold, and red and are accented with tasseled ends.

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Star of David Hanukkah Table Runner

A table runner instantly upgrades the feel and mood of a table, and if it’s Hanukkah, you need a themed table runner! Just put your latkes and menorah right on top, and enjoy the colors of white and blue with a Star of David design and embroidered accents running throughout.

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Creative Memories Jewish Holidays Bundle (Stickers & Paper Pack)

Whether you love scrapbooking, or just want to put stickers on gifts and keepsakes, this bundle of Jewish holidays stickers will be so fun for the kids and also the entire family.

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Hanukkah Tinsel Garland

What’s a party with some tinsel? Not any garland will do though, and this tinsel is made for Hanukkah, with a shimmery blue silver foil Star of David and dreidel cutouts. It’s fifteen feet long, so it can be strewn across any room safely.

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Buythem Here Blue Hanukkah Banner

Balloons always make any space more fun, and this Hanukkah banner is a perfect finishing touch, filled with metallic silver and blue shimmery balloons. It’s easy to assemble, too!

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Ten Thousand Villages Flowering Mezuzah

The mezuzah is a traditional part of any Jewish home, and is most often placed at the doorpost to protect those inside. This mezuzah was hand-painted by artisans in the West Bank and contains the traditional Hanukkah colors and themes, making it perfect for the occasion.

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