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Here Are the Top Inflatable Pools for Adults That’ll Leave All the Neighborhood Kids Jealous

We mean it when we say it: it’s getting hot outside. As temperatures rise, we find ourselves desperate to cool down in any way possible. Because some of us aren’t as lucky to have a swimming pool in our backyard, get ready to rock the next best thing all summer long. Yup, we’re talking about inflatable pools, baby.

Inflatable pools are funny because they’re full-throttle made for children. But, we’re also hot and deserve to splash around just as much as they do, don’t we? That’s why kiddie pools for adults are a thing. They might not technically all be geared toward adults, but hey, if it works, it works.

Inflatable pools are great for cooling down whenever, wherever. They’re just as excellent for hanging around in the front of the house as judging cars pass by as they are at college day parties when you need a place to store a shit-ton of booze. Some non-kidlike inflatable pools even offer a fun photo-op for your Instagram as well.

All you need for inflatable pools? Some strong mouths and some water. Blow that baby up, grab your hose or a few other large buckets of water and you’ve got yourself an impromptu pool ready for splashing or sitting. Because they’re so tiny, you won’t be able to bring in the best pool floats or anything, but hey, you can’t win them all. Still, there are some tips that might help you out with pool prep.


Pro Tips for Inflatable Pool Owners

  • Invest in a filter and electric pump
    Your local store probably has filters, or you can order them on Instagram. Filters help remove debris from the pool, while electric pumps fill them up faster. Some pools do come with this, but it’s important to check first.
  •  Use chlorine and a tablet holder
    This is the best way to keep your inflatable device clean and sanitized just like a regular pool. A tablet holder is essential to avoid unwanted chlorine saturation.
  •  Consider a solar cover
    Many affordable pools come with covers, but they’re not the best in quality. Instead, consider a solar cover, which keeps the pool warm while keeping debris out.
  • Choose the right area
    Although blow-up pools are versatile, putting them in a flat, even area without branches or rocks is essential, or rips and spillage can occur. A desk or grassy area free of debris is ideal, and avoid placing under trees due to falling leaves.

Whether you’re having a pool party or hanging “poolside” solo, check out the best inflatable pools ready to make your summer at least a little more exciting this year.

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1. Minnidip Pool: That’s Banana Leaves


This funky inflatable pool will turn your backyard BBQ into the ultimate pool party nobody was anticipating. Because this inflatable pool was designed for adults, it’s only suitable for people ages 6 and up due to just how high you can fill this baby up with water. It brings a tropical look to any yard, deck or patio and fills up in just a few minutes with any average air pump.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Target


2. Intex 66-Inch Round Inflatable Pool


Watermelon is an essential summer fruit, so why not throw an ode to black seeds and drippy, red mouths with this inflatable pool decorated to look like it? This 66-inch inflatable pool for adults is a durable option that’s got summer written all over it. While it’s made for toddlers, we suggest you reimagine this bad boy as an all-day adult activity. Crack open a couple of Claws or blend a few frozen margs, it’s time to get this pool party started.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. FUNBOY Ibiza Boheme Kiddie Pool


We’ve recently become obsessed with anything and everything from FUNBOY. This summer-centric brand makes a line of iconic pool floats, kiddie pools and other water-ready accessories to turn your summer into one that only dreams are made of. Just get a load of the Ibiza Boheme inflatable pool to understand what we’re talking about. This inflatable pool for adults is decorated to incorporate all the mystical qualities and party-esque values of Ibiza. It can fit two adults comfortably and will blow up in just a few minutes.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of FUNBOY


4. Mylle Modern Inflatable Swimming Pool


Sometimes, foregoing kooky patterns and crazy colors is a smart move if you’re the type that prefers things more toned down. If this sounds like you, check out this modern kiddie pool for adults brought to you by Mylle at Food52. This speckled green pool is incredibly pleasing to look at and feels very geared toward minimalists. It’s super eye-catching and will add some charm to your patio, backyard or terrace. It’s 65-inches long so you can fill this baby with a ton of water for an all-day pool day done right.

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Courtesy of Food52


5. Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool


Let’s get things a little bigger with this inflatable swimming pool from Homech. It’s so large that it can fit numerous adults for all-day splashing and water antics you so desperately deserve this season. It’s structured to be very stable and easily holds up to 162 gallons of water without a problem. It takes only around 3 or 4 minutes to blow up and a couple of additional minutes to fill with water. Time to get floating!

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Sun Squad 3-Ring Pool Sun


For just $15, this 3-ring inflatable pool can be the kiddie pool of your dreams. It’s not the best-constructed inflatable pool on the planet, but hell, that price is well worth it. Soak in some water all day, grab a couple of water guns and tiny floaties to play with to let out your inner child and have a blast.

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Courtesy of Target


7. FUNBOY Clear Pink Heart Inflatable Pool


A heart-shaped inflatable pool for adults? Talk about the most Instagrammable photo you’ll take all summer. This inflatable pool is tough to beat. It comfortably fits up to two adults, fills in minutes and drains with a plug when the party’s over. You will want to take photo after photo as you spend the day soaking inside. This, a bottle of rosé and some of your favorite tunes? That’s a day we won’t want to miss out on.

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Courtesy of FUNBOY


8. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool


For an option that keeps you cool and offers some seating, check out the Intex Swim Center, which is just over 2.5 feet deep. It’s a perfect family lounger for both kids and adults, and while it doesn’t offer individual seating, it lets parents relax on the bench while little ones splash around in the waves. A repair patch and drain plug are included. For the $50.00 price tag, it’s a spacious investment for any backyard.

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Courtesy of Amazon

9. Summer Waves 4-Person Inflatable Pool with Backrests


If you prefer a little back support and individual seating, this four-seater inflatable pool is complete with backrests and cupholders, so you can sip on a cool one while leaning back and soaking in the sun. Customers find it durable and attest that it doesn’t “budge, rip, tear, or fold.” We can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend downtime on a warm day. Just remember to inflate the seats by mouth before filling up the pool.

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Minnidip Bora Bora Luxe Inflatable Pool


Why sacrifice style for function? If you don’t love the child-friendly look and instead want something to match a more elevated patio set-up, consider Minnidip’s line of inflatable designer pools. With clear walls and sandy, neutral details, this inflatable Bora Bora luxe inflatable pool is inspired by Polynesian artistry. Though their vinyl is heavyweight, be sure not to over-inflate, as it can compromise seams when water is added.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Minnidip

11. INTEX Easy Set Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump


If you’re looking for a pool that comes with its own cartridge filter pump, look no further than this choice, which sets up in about 10 minutes. One reviewer comments, “We are SO happy we purchased this pool. My son and I spent almost every day in it during his summer break (sometimes for hours, sometimes for a quick dip). It is big enough for 3 people to float around and just deep enough to submerge yourself.”

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Courtesy of Amazon

12. OEVES Inflatable Pool with Canopy


Craving a little shade with that pool hang? This rectangular offering by OEVES works for kiddies and adults and features three individual air chambers. The material is puncture-resistant, and the SPF-enhanced canopy provides enough sun protection for a couple of people on one end. When it’s not being used as a swimming pool, it can also be used as a sandpit or ball pool for kids.

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Courtesy of Amazon

13. Intex Shootin’ Hoops Swim Center Family Pool


If you and your friends or family love a little friendly competition, consider this basketball hoop inflatable pool which lets keeps you entertained for hours. Suitable for all ages, this inflatable pool can accommodate several adults at the same time. It doesn’t come with an electric air pump, so you may want to buy one for an easier setup. Some buyers do note that while it doesn’t deflate during usage, it does lose air and you may have to re-inflate before each use.

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Courtesy of Amazon


14. Sloosh Inflatable Kiddie Pool Set


Two for the price of one? More friends in the water? More beer in the pool? Hell yes to all of the above. This two-pack from Sloosh is exactly what you need to celebrate this summer the right way. Set both of them up and go pool hopping right in your own backyard. These are great for parties when more than one pal wants to cool off. Because they’re just around $20, you can even purchase this set twice, giving yourself more pools for more fun. The options with this bargain are genuinely endless.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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