Take Your Work Desk Anywhere With These All-Purpose Lap Desks

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Lap desks are portable work surfaces designed to be used on a lap. They make working from home or on-the-go easy, and are ideal for students, travelers and even persons with limited mobility. By creating a handy table-top on your lap, you’re able to have a smooth surface to place your computer, notebook, pens and even a mini desk lamp on. Their portability factor means you can also take these with you from room to room, or “pop up” a work space almost anywhere (say, in a hotel room without a desk, or at the park when you need to send out a few emails).

Their usefulness goes beyond portability; the best lap desks also help to improve laptop performance by allowing heat to escape from your computer, and placing a barrier between your device and you for protection.

Below are some of the best lap desks we have found that encompass all of the above features and more. Not only do you have numerous color options, but, depending on the size of your laptop, they can come equipped with built-in compartments for ease of organization, detachable USB lights, and a slot for your tablets, to make multitasking a breeze.

Made with luxe memory foam cushion or dual-bolster cushions that conform to your lap, these lap desks are lightweight for ease of portability and will keep you cool, comfortable and ergonomically supported while you work.


1. LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk

The MyDesk Lap Desk by LapGear is an all-purpose lap desk with a built-in handle, curved edge and soft fleece cushion with a workspace large enough to accommodate up to 15.6-inch laptops. A smooth, flat surface area provides proper ventilation and dual-bolster cushions feature an innovative airflow channel so you and your laptop stay cool and comfortable.

PROS: Two built-in storage compartments make organizing accessories easy.

CONS: If you need to use a mouse or side trackball a bigger option might be better.

Lap Desk LapGear Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sofia and Sam’s Oversized Lap Desk has an oversized design that not only works great for large laptops but is great for crafts, reading and larger projects (I.e. working on a puzzle). This lap desk can accommodate a mouse. The lap desk comes with a wrist rest, detachable USB light and tablet slot to create the ultimate portable workspace. This lap desk can support up to 20-inch laptops and can be comfortably used from a chair, sofa or bed.

PROS: The lap desk has a luxe built-in memory foam cushion for total comfort and support.

CONS: If you prefer multiple color choices, another option might be better.

Lap Desk Courtesy of Amazon


3. Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk

The Honey-Can-Do Laptop Desk is made from solid MDF construction to keep the surface cool and avoid overheating. It has a completely ergonomic, lightweight design that makes it the ideal workspace table for your couch, trip or anywhere else you need to turn into a portable workplace. It also comes with a built-in handle for easy mobility and storage to protect your cords and prevent tangles.

PROS: This cushioned lap desk includes a removable foam pad that adds extra comfort when you’re working, but can be stored away when you want to keep your lap desk slim and portable.

CONS: The ultra-smooth surface may be a little slippery.

Laptop Desk Honey-Can-Do Courtesy of Amazon