The Best Lawn Games to Play When You Can Finally Go Outside

best lawn games
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Being stuck inside is no fun. We’ve been finding that out the hard way. Luckily, one of the benefits of spending so long indoors is that when we step outside again, we’re sure we’re going to make the most of it. Whether that’s enjoying the nice weather, cooking out more than we cook in or just breathing in all that fresh air. Another way to stay entertained outside is to play games in your backyard. But what are the best lawn games to maximize your fun?

When it comes to choosing the best lawn game for you and your family or group of friends, there are a number of questions it’s worth asking yourself before you make your decision. These questions include:

How many people will be playing? Make sure you choose a game that can accommodate your expected number of people. If you’re a large family, consider a game for more people or, if it’s just you and a friend, pick out a game designed for two. Remember that teams are a great way to use some two-player games for bigger groups, meaning very few options are ever off the table.

How old are the players? Unsurprisingly, some games aren’t good for children. Whether it’s because they have complicated rules, like chess, or potentially harmful game pieces, like metal horseshoes, you should always consider whether the game is suitable for everyone during your backyard fun.

How big is your lawn? Some lawn games require more space than others, and the last thing you want to do is find out that your backyard is too small to accommodate your game of frisbee or that your croquet pitch is too busy.

How well kept is your lawn? It may sound funny, but if your lawn isn’t well kept and rolled flat, it’s easily possible that some ground-based games, like croquet, may become too much of a battle to be fun. If your lawn isn’t up to scratch, consider choosing off-the-ground options for a better chance of success.

Once you’ve answered these questions and think you’ve got an idea in your head about what’s going to work best, scroll through our collection of the 12 best lawn games to get the fun flowing this summer.


1. GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Set


You can’t beat the classics. And when it comes to backyard lawn games, there are few more loved games than cornhole. In this GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Set, you’ll receive everything you need to get a game of everyone’s favorite cookout competition started. The two boards are handcrafted from 100% solid wood with oak surfaces and come in a range of flag-inspired styles, from the classic American flag to state-specific options, including Texas and Alabama. Both boards are of regulation size and come with eight all-weather bean bags, four red and four blue. There are also accompanying written rules, meaning you’re ready to go as soon as it arrives.

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GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Set



2. GIGGLE N GO Outdoor Games KnockOff Disc Toss


No matter whether it’s your brother, your mother, your father or your best friend, once the GIGGLE N GO Outdoor Games KnockOff Disc Toss is set up, all bets are off. There’s nowhere to hide, and it’s winner takes it all. This is a great choice for people who love the dual-style setup in a backyard competition, although it’s easy to play this as a team game, too. The kit includes a frisbee, two upright stands which house the chosen item to be knocked down and a handy carry bag for easy transportation. Furthermore, as this game is independent of the quality of the ground it’s played on, it can also be used on sand, gravel or any other place the legs can sit.

best lawn games frisbee golf Image courtesy of Amazon

GIGGLE N GO Outdoor Games KnockOff Disc Toss


3. GoSports Portable Cornhole Toss Game Set


The GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set is the ideal option to leave in your car for unexpected game opportunities. Whether it’s an unplanned meeting with friends or better weather than the forecast predicted, with this little kit by your side, you’ll never be left pondering how great a game of cornhole would have been. The kit comes in a handy carrying bag and includes two boards that use a PVC frame, meaning they are lightweight and break down after use for easy and compact storage. The material cover comes in a range of designs, including a football field style or an American flag.

best lawn games portable cornhole Image courtesy of Amazon

GoSports Portable Cornhole Toss Game Set



4. Elite Outdoor Games Ring Toss Yard Game


Want to find out who’s got the best eye when it comes to precision throwing? Then add this Elite Outdoor Games Ring Toss Yard Game to your backyard setup. The X-shaped target sports nine different prongs which are all worth different values. Players use the included rope and plastic rings to score points. This lawn game is easily assembled in a matter of minutes and includes a handy travel bag if you want to take your game with you to your friend’s house. Additionally, it’s great for playing with kids as you can adjust the difficulty by moving the target closer or further away depending on their capability.

best lawn games ring toss Image courtesy of Amazon

Elite Outdoor Games Ring Toss Yard Game



5. Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set


Bocce ball is another crowd pleaser which is sure to excite this summer. This Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set comes highly recommended by over 95% of Amazon users who award the set a positive review. The kit comes in three different varieties depending on where and how many people you want to play with. The balls are both water resistant and durable. You’ll also find a carrying bag and measuring device to ensure you can always work out the winner with maximum precision.

best lawn games bocce ball Image courtesy of Amazon

Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set



6. St. Pierre American Horseshoes Complete Set


Another fun and easy way to find out who has laser-point precision and who couldn’t hit a barn door is with this St. Pierre American Horseshoes Complete Set. It comes with four forged steel, NHPA-approved, American horseshoes in blue and white along with two solid steep, 24-inch stakes, capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. You’ll also find an official rules rulebook and a black plastic tote included for easy storage and transport. Furthermore, the horseshoes’ design includes a finger aid which makes the throwing process less intimidating for newcomers.

best lawn games horseshoes Image courtesy of Amazon

St. Pierre American Horseshoes Complete Set



7. Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set


The Six-Player Deluxe Croquet Set is a fun option for groups who want to enjoy the weather. The multi-piece set includes everything you and five other competitors need to make the most of your beautifully cared for and groomed lawn. Each player gets a mallet and a ball and has to navigate their way through the inverted U-shaped wickets. First one to do so is crowned the winner. This fun family game is a great accompaniment to barbecues, family reunions, picnics and other get-togethers. It comes with an over-the-shoulder carrying bag, so it’s always easy to take with you.

best lawn games croquet Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game


For some, the Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game is likely a new concept. Luckily, it’s one which is easily learned, and it could become your favorite game in a matter of minutes. The kit is made up of two durable wooden ladder-style frames and six golf ball bolas (three red and three blue). The game works by throwing the bolas at the ladder rungs in the hope that yours wraps around and stays, awarding you the corresponding number of points. For ease of scorekeeping, there is a built-in scoreboard, and the set comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.

best lawn games ladder toss Image courtesy of Amazon

Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game



9. Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy


Remember when you played indoor Jenga, and it collapsed causing the room to focus on the end result for a few seconds? Now imagine the same thing but in your garden and three or four times the size. Welcome to the world of giant Jenga! The Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy is made up of 60 individual wooden game blocks, which, once put together, create a tower which sits at two feet tall to start. Fast forward and the greatest Jenga players will be able to create towers in excess of five feet before the inevitable collapse. For added fun, the set also comes with a Tumbling Tower scorecard which allows you to keep score or add your own rules if you want to make things more interesting.

best lawn games giant jenga Image courtesy of Amazon

Giantville Giant Tumbling Timber Toy



10. Splinter Woodworking Co Yardzee


No matter whether you’re looking for a classy outdoor gift for friends or a way to involve the whole family with a range of fun lawn-based games, the Splinter Woodworking Co Yardzee Set fits the bill. The “Yardzee” set includes six 3.5-inch dice which are made from sustainably-sourced New Zealand pine and boast a 100% weather-resistant construction. You’ll also find a stylish wooden bucket and five reusable scorecards, giving you everything you need to play over 20 different dice games, including a giant version of Yahtzee. For added durability, the dice feature carved dots which won’t fade over time, meaning you can use the set at the pool, beach, lake or while camping without any fear.

best lawn games giant yahtzee Image courtesy of Amazon

Splinter Woodworking Co Yardzee



11. Rally and Roar Giant 4 in A Row


Aside from the fact that four in a row is a fun game wherever it’s played, there’s something about playing a super-sized version of the game that’s even more appealing, whether you’re an adult or a kid. In this Rally and Roar Giant 4 in A Row, you’ll get to do just that. This lawn-worthy set comes in a range of different sizes and colors from two to four feet tall and in either white or wood grain finishes. Each of the solid-wood games come with long-lasting plastic discs and include a one-handed release lever at the bottom. This set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and it includes a travel bag for added portability.

best lawn games four in a row Image courtesy of Amazon

Rally and Roar Giant 4 in A Row



12. 4Fun Jumbo Chess and Checkers Set


If you’re looking to spend time in your garden and want to give your brain a workout at the same time, this 4Fun Jumbo Chess and Checkers Set could be the answer you’re looking for. The kit includes chess pieces which range in size from six to 10 inches, giving you plenty of purchase as you play out your moves. In addition, you’ll find a 70 by 62-inch mat which includes a waterproof backing and ground stakes to keep your board in place. This game also comes with a set of checkers pieces to provide a less-intensive alternative for when your brain is fried from overthinking.

best lawn games chess Image courtesy of Amazon

4Fun Jumbo Chess and Checkers Set



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