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The Best LEGO Sets for Adults, Because Grown-Ups Need Toys, Too

No matter how old you think you are, there are some things in life you never grow out of. Perfect examples of this include eating ice cream at the beach, going to Disney World and building LEGO sets.

When it comes to the best LEGO, there may be a general belief among adults that these intricate blocks are made for kids. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is indulging in building the best adult LEGO an ideal way to stimulate your brain and build inspiring models from the most creative parts of your mind, but it can actually be a great way to destress, too.

Granted, many adults only play with LEGO in order to spend time with their kids and share the experience of building a LEGO masterpiece together. But it’s also important to remember that children are not required. (The instructions say “Ages 5 and up,” right?) Plus, if the LEGO Movie taught us anything, it’s that letting children loose on a LEGO city usually ends in destruction, as you can imagine every adult LEGO hobbyist already knows.

While we’re confident any of these adult LEGO are sure to satisfy your creative side, we suggest asking yourself the following questions to ensure you get the best LEGO set for you.

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How Many Pieces Are Too Many?

Not only will the number of pieces in the kit generally translate into the amount of time it will take to put it together, but it also gives a good indication of how difficult this LEGO set for adults will be, too. If this is your first time building, you may want to try a lower number to see if it’s something that appeals to you. Conversely, if this isn’t your first time with the colored bricks, we suggest heading to the end of the list for a challenge.

Who Is This LEGO Set For?

If the kit is a gift, it’s important to think about what the person you’re buying it for is into. The best LEGO sets for adults come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that there’s likely a kit for almost any interest, no matter whether it’s an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars or a love of architecture.

Do You Want to Display Your LEGO Afterward?

If you’re a “make it and break it” kind of person, it doesn’t really matter whether your kit looks good when finished. However, if you’re after a kit worthy of displaying when it’s finished, there are definitely some kits better suited to this than others. The architecture and botanical sets look great for display.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the 31 best LEGO sets for adults (and older kids if you want to let them play, too). It includes something for everyone, with cityscapes and iconic buildings for the architecture lovers, comic book-themed kits, and much more. Plus, many of these sets would make great Christmas gifts.

Star Wars LEGO

6,187 pieces

Decades into Star Wars’ reign over pop culture, it’s impressive to see new characters grab the kind of attention that the heroes of The Mandalorian have gotten. Sure, the title character looks a lot like a certain helmeted bounty hunter, and his adorable green companion looks a lot like a certain other green backward-talking Dagobah native. If you’re a Mando superfan, pick up this Razor Crest, which comprises a whopping 6,187 pieces. 

Courtesy of LEGO
7,541 pieces

This massive set is full of fun features like removable hull panels, a moving boarding ramp and a detachable roof on the cockpit. Though it’s since been surpassed, this was one of the biggest LEGO builds ever created.

Courtesy of Target
1,073 pieces

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His name may be Grogu, and he may be called The Child, but to most, he’s still called Baby Yoda. This in-depth kit includes 1,073 pieces and even won a Toy of the Year Award. It has a moveable mouth, ears and head.

432 pieces

Some of the most complex LEGO builds are Star Wars-themed, including the Razor Crest, Millennium Falcon and AT-AT. If you’re a Star Wars and LEGO fan but want something more manageable, consider the TIE Fighter.

Seasonal LEGO

343 pieces

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s bringing (what else?) LEGO. He’s traveling light this season, flying with just four reindeer, even though he’s got quite a haul in his sleigh. There are skis, a guitar, a teddy bear and a range of other toys. This set is suited for those 9 and up, and there 343 pieces in total. 

Courtesy of LEGO
784 pieces

Allergic to pine? Get this Christmas tree instead. It’s a 2-in-1 build, meaning you can either build one larger tree or two smaller trees. The tree is adorned with ornaments and candles. Exposed flame and a tree are generally a bad combination in real life, but fortunately, these are all plastic.

Courtesy of LEGO
1,445 pieces

Excited for Christmas? Us, too. This scene features a house where Santa is visiting to drop off presents for the family. With 1,445 pieces, it’ll be an exciting present to open on Christmas Day for any LEGO enthusiasts.

510 pieces

Another 2-in-1 seasonal LEGO is this wreath, which can be built with a big red bow or with four candles. The wreath measures 9” in diameter.

Marvel and DC LEGO

1,360 pieces

You can debate who had the best car, but arguably, every Batman gets the Batmobile he deserves. Michael Keaton’s elongated car fit in with the hyper-stylized world of Tim Burton’s Gotham, while Christian Bale’s tumbler Batmobile worked in Nolan’s gritty, militaristic world. Likewise, Pattinson’s (or Battinson’s) makeshift sports car fits his Year One-inspired story. This LEGO set has 1,360 pieces and has features like steering, moving pistons, light-up bricks and a spinning flame.

590 pieces

The Infinity Gauntlet might be the most famous MacGuffin after the Maltese Falcon, but you don’t have to traverse the galaxy and all the known realms to get your hands on the Infinity Stones. It has a display stand, making it a great piece for a bookshelf. And most importantly, you can snap its fingers.

Courtesy of Target
410 pieces

This cowl has 410 pieces, so it’ll be a more manageable build than some of the 1,000+ piece sets. It’s not as dynamic, but it’s a great display piece for any Batman collector. You may not be able to turn its head, but then again, neither could Michael Keaton.

Courtesy of Target
3,772 Pieces

Between The Daily Bugle and The Daily Planet, there are a lot of superheroes who work in the media, and we’re all for it. As anyone who’s set foot in a newsroom can tell you, there’s always a lot happening. With 3772 pieces and multiple different action sets inside the different rooms, you and Spider-Man have your work cut out for you.

355 pieces

Black Panther was one of Marvel’s most impressive films, and the new film, Wakanda Forever honors Chadwick Boseman’s incredible legacy while driving the series forward. This set includes Shuri’s battle-ready ship, which has folding wings and functioning cannons.

Architecture LEGO

Image courtesy of Lego
9,036 pieces

Looking for a challenge? When it was released on November 27 for Black Friday 2020, the LEGO Roman Colosseum officially became the biggest LEGO set of all time. This massive model is built from 9,036 pieces and is a true work of art.

Image courtesy of Amazon
1,685 pieces

Whether it’s on your office desk or a shelf in your home, the statue’s 17-inch height makes this a set that travel, architecture and history enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. It comes with a stylish display base.

10,001 pieces

This build isn’t for the faint of heart, or for those afraid of heights. The tower is a whopping 10,001 pieces and stands at an impressive 59″ tall. Wherever you put it, it’ll be a centerpiece of any room. Whether you’re an architecture fan, a Francophile or you’re just looking for a challenge, consider this impressive LEGO set.

Courtesy of Amazon
2,022 pieces

The Taj Mahal is one of the most impressive buildings in the world, and this set is one of the most impressive for architecture enthusiasts. And if the outside isn’t impressive enough, this Taj Mahal lego set has interior components that you can look inside of by removing the dome.

Courtesy of Target
468 pieces

This Architecture set captures the London Skyline in 468 Pieces. That’s still quite a few pieces, of course, but it’ll be an easier build for beginner LEGO enthusiasts. It captures some of London’s most iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye.


Image courtesy of Amazon
1,332 pieces

Whether you owned one or have always wanted to, this LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Construction Set is akin to having your very own VW camper van. The set is based on the iconic 1962 model and features a number of authentic features. Look closely and you’ll spot the V-shaped color split, the “splittie” safari windshield and the pop-up roof. When complete, the van sits at over five inches high and 11 inches long and is made from 1,332 pieces.

Image courtesy of Amazon
1,471 pieces

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This kit is modeled on one of the most popular car models of all time. The car sports an attractive dark blue body along with white racing stripes and classy five-spoke rims for a piece worth displaying when you’re finished.

Image courtesy of Amazon
1,458 pieces

If you’ve always wanted to say you own a Porsche but your bank account says otherwise, get by with a little white lie thanks to your new LEGO set. Technically, you do now own a Porsche 911, or at least you will once you put the 1,458 pieces together.

1,434 pieces

There are fast cars, and then there are fast cars. The McLaren F1 race car reaches speeds most of us can only dream of, and this model features intricate and authentic engine details.

Movie and TV Inspired LEGO

1,164 Pieces

This LEGO set is like every chaotic episode of The Office rolled into one. There’s the stapler in the jello, Kevin’s famous chili, and Michael’s awkward meetings. The set consists of 1,164 pieces and includes 15 mini-figures, including 12 with changeable expressions. It’s a great gift for any Office fan. 

1,212 pieces

There have been many movies in the Jurassic Park franchise, but none capture the prehistoric thrills of the original. This set features the landmark moments from the terrifying T. Rex breakout scene, including the overturned Jeep, broken cables, and a mini Jeff Goldblum showing a lot of chest.  

Courtesy of Amazon
1,212 pieces

It’s been a while, but James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar is returning with The Way of Water and several new films in the works. The impressive Tree of Souls visual is accompanied by Na’vi minifigures.

6,020 pieces

Good news! Your letter arrived, and now you can finally go to Hogwarts. This LEGO set for adults includes everything from the tower-clambering dragon and the tree-smashing weeping willow to dementors and everyone’s favorite giant spider, Aragog.

Courtesy of LEGO
2,352 pieces

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Create your very own ECTO-1 and vac up some ghosts in the process. This set is inspired by the classic Cadillac from the movie and has a ton of cool original details like the Ghostbusters logo, gunner seat and even a proton pack.

Botanical LEGO

Courtesy of Target
1,173 pieces

Anyone who lives in Southern California will immediately recognize the Bird of Paradise, which are ubiquitous on sidewalk planters and are the official flower of Los Angeles. And even if you’re not a Californian, the Bird of Paradise is one of the most beautiful and unique flowers.

Courtesy of LEGO
608 pieces

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Orchids are unfairly maligned as hard plants to take care of but are actually low maintenance as long as you water them sparingly but consistently and give them plenty of light. But if you’re not convinced, you won’t have to worry about this orchid, which will be much easier to take care of.

Courtesy of Amazon
756 pieces

Floral bouquets are beautiful, but they always wilt too quickly. This bouquet is a great gift for anyone with a knack for floral arranging because the flowers are separate from one another, allowing you to arrange them in the best way you see fit.

Courtesy of Amazon
878 pieces

Tending to a bonsai tree is a meditative experience, and building LEGO can be, too, so a bonsai tree is a perfect thing to build out of LEGO. You can attach green leaves or pink flowers depending on the season, or your mood.