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These Are Some of the Best Magic Kits for Your Budding Magician

If you are looking for new ways to keep your kids engaged, become more creative and hone their problem-solving skills (among a host of other benefits) than a beginner’s magic kit might be a big crowd-pleaser.

Below are some of the best magic kits available right now. They are designed to be engaging for hours on end and will provide everything your child needs to perform a number of magic tricks, at any skill level. These beginner sets feature magical, high-quality props that will allow them to perform tricks and illusions for endless amounts of playtime.

In addition to the props, these sets come with very detailed, step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand, allowing your child the ability to perform magic in no time. Along with the manual instructions, you will also receive instructional DVDs, bonus e-books and even access to a secret website with more video tutorials and hundreds of additional tricks to download.

1. Learn & Climb Mega Magic Collection

The Mega Magic Collection by Learn & Climb features 28 magical props that can be used for over 100 tricks, illusions, and entertaining performances. To help your kids (and you) perform these tricks, Learn & Climb included an easy to follow instruction manual and an instructional DVD of a real magician performing and explaining the tricks. This kit also comes with different levels of tricks so no one will get bored, making this an all-around great magic starter kit that will provide endless hours of imaginative play.

Pros: In order to keep everything organized, a two-level magic platform box is included that stores props.

Cons: This is a true magic starter set and if your child is more advanced, another option might be better.

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2. Ideal My First Magic Show

The My First Magic Show by Ideal Magic comes filled with over 25 easy-to-learn tricks and 31 high-quality props that are built with the beginner magician in mind. Tricks range from making candy and coins disappear to making crayons travel and much more. Recommended for children four years of age and older, this kit also includes step-by-step instructions and a DVD that shows how to easily perform each trick.

Pros: The instruction booklet includes codes to unlock online videos for even more instructions.

Cons: The instructions and DVD take some time and patience to learn.

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3. MasterMagic Magic Kit

This kit allows you to learn a variety of tricks, and it’s a great option for kids who are interested in magic. The kit includes a wide array of pieces that are great for a variety of simple magic tricks, and buying the kit gets you access to the website, where you can learn even more tricks.

Pros: Includes access to the online site for learning more tricks. Variety of pieces included for different tricks.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.