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Mini Painting Canvases: Great Art Comes in All Sizes

Blank painting canvases are not only a great way to display your art and hard work but they also make for the ultimate party favor or home decor project and work great as holiday or birthday gifts.

Whether you are a budding artist or professional painter, we have sourced a few great, high-quality canvases that are primed and ready to hold your next masterpiece with one small caveat — these are mini canvases. Ideal for painting with all types of media including oil and acrylic paints, these canvases are also perfectly sized for you to get a feel of any new brushes you have acquired or any new techniques you may want to perfect.

Not only are these canvases ready to use the second you open the box but a couple of the options come with their very own easels. These canvases are also affordably priced and come in generous value packs so you can enjoy them any way you like.

1. ARTEZA Mini Blank Canvas with Easel

The ARTEZA Mini Canvases are a set of 14 blank painting canvases with an attached easel. These convenient and ready-to-use easels come primed with acid-free primer and made from 100 percent cotton. Each canvas is securely glued to pinewood stretchers in the back and they are ideal for use with acrylics, oils and most other painting mediums.

Pros: For its price point, these make cute little mini gifts for students, coworkers, and friends.

Cons: The canvas is secured to the wood using a water-based glue which might make it come apart easily.

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2. Academy Art Supply 3″x 3″ Painting Canvas

Academy Art Supply creates high-quality canvases for every type of artist whether you are a novice or a professional. These pre-primed canvases are ready to paint out of the box, suitable for oil and acrylic paints and secured with kiln-dried, precisely glued stretcher bars for a clean look that is easy to hang. These painting canvases are perfect for kids, crafts, parties and events, make great gifts and are perfect for anyone who does art as a hobby.

Pros: These mini canvases are a great way to try out something different such as new brushes or a new technique.

Cons: While these canvases make a great novelty item, they might not be ideal for professional painters.
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3. Tosnail 3″ x 3″ Mini Canvas Panels

Tosnail Mini Canvas Panels Set comes with a pack of 24 mini canvases that are great for parties, kids’ crafts and any decorative painting projects. These work with all types of mediums including acrylics and oils and the canvas is securely glued to stretcher bars that are made of solid pine.

Pros: These are also great for teachers to use in school for class projects due to their affordable price point.

Cons: If you prefer frames with your painting canvas, then another option is better.

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