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The Best New Video Games Coming in February to Play Until It Gets Warmer Outside

The best games releasing in February 2023 have very little to do with love. Sorry about that; we don’t make the games; we just make sure you know which ones you should keep an eye out for. The good news though, is that there are plenty of excellent-looking games on the horizon, and they’re spread across pretty much every platform as well, so everyone’s a winner. 

In fact, we’ve got a spread of games to cover a lot of different tastes as well. Things always start to kick off a bit more in February when it comes to big game releases, and 2023 looks to be very much on the same trend. So, let’s dive into the exciting games you can expect to be buying in the month ahead.

The Best New Video Games Releasing In February 2023

Deliver Us Mars – PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Deliver Us Mars places you on a mission to try and recover ARK colony ships that have been stolen from humanity by a mysterious lot known as the Outward. This game has a heavy focus on narrative, so if you’re a big fan of sci-fi storylines and want to make your way through a mix of puzzles and alien landscapes, then this is the game for you. Plus, if you really like it, you can play Deliver Us The Moon, which is from the same developers. 

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 – PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Not a game as such, but a new season of Warzone is nothing to sniff at. The new season was actually delayed a little bit, which surprised a fair few people, but it should be worth the wait. Season 2 will bring a Resurgence map, new weapons, new operators, and a few new other things to play around with too. It helps that it’s free too, which is our favorite price. 

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – PlayStation, Switch

Theatrhythym Final Bar Line is a new rhythm game that takes players across the universe of Final Fantasy games with 385 songs to experience and music from over forty different games. You get to put together a party from over 100 different characters from the games, and meet cute versions of all the characters too. It’s just a fun break from the more serious tone of some of the games, and well worth your time. 

Like A Dragon: Ishin – PlayStation, Xbox

If you’ve never played one of the excellent Yakuza games then please, sort that out. There are loads on sale all the time, and they’re absolute diamonds for action fans. Like A Dragon: Ishin is a spinoff from the main series set in the late Edo Period, around the mid-1850s, and casts you as Sakamoto Ryoma, and will allow you to brawl your way around the streets of this time period in a manner of different ways, and probably have a bunch of very distracting and very fun mini-games too. 

Atomic Heart – PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Atomic Heart remains something of a mystery, despite coming out so soon, but it still looks absolutely phenomenal, and that’s a good starting point. The game is a first-person shooter where you use cobbled-together melee weapons and guns, along with a strange hole in your hand that gives you special powers, to fight your way through an alternate-history take on the Soviet Union. It’s hard not to be intrigued by this one. 

PlayStation VR2 – PlayStation 5

Look, this isn’t a game at all, but how can we not include the next iteration of PlayStations virtual reality headset? PSVR 2, as it’s so inventively called, is the newest way to experience VR gameplay on a games console, and given how powerful the PlayStation 5 is, could be a must-have for Sony gamers of all kinds. It’s coming with a slew of upgraded games, but with features like eye-tracking and foveated rendering leading the charge, this could be a new high for VR Gaming. 

Octopath Traveler 2 – PC, PlayStation, Switch

Octopath Traveler 2 puts eight different adventurers together from different walks of life and allows you to start as any one of them. It’s a sequel to the first Octopath Traveler which was released in 2018, and for RPG fans, this could be an essential purchase. You’ll get a chance to roam around with your merry group of travelers and explore not just the land, but the sea as well. We love the graphical style here as well, which helps. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall – PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Destiny is a titan of the FPS genre that is, admittedly, a little hard for new players to get into. For veterans, they’ll already have the week of this new expansion booked off. But it’s likely going to be a good jumping-in point for new players too, thanks to cool new abilities and the general hype that always comes with a big new Destiny 2 drop. Also, this update introduces a grappling hook of sorts, and that’s only ever a good addition to a game. 

Dungeons of Aether – PC

You might not have heard of it, but there’s a game called Rivals of Aether that’s basically a very good indie take on the Super Smash Bros. formula. Well, Dungeons of Aether is a brand-new game set in the same universe that puts you in control of four different heroes as you crawl through dungeons trying to find loot and glory. The old-school art style is charming, but the music is one of the biggest wins for us. 

Scars Above – PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Scars Above sounds like a racing game to us for some reason, but it’s not. Instead, this game has you shooting your way through a mysterious alien planet trying to unravel the mysteries at its core. Fair warning here, the developers describe the game as being challenging, which is often shorthand for “you’re going to die a lot,” so be prepared for that going in. The game looks incredible though, so we reckon it’ll be worth bashing your head against. 

The Best New Video Games Releasing In December 2022

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Meta Quest

December 1

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the first one that is, is one of the most incredible, immersive, and semi-revolting games available in VR. You have to put a bit of oomph into every attack, which makes driving a screwdriver in the head of the zombie a lot more tactile than you might like.

We’ve got no reason to doubt that Chapter 2 is going to be anything other than more of the same, but probably with better tools to use and mechanics to mess around with. If you’re fixing for some brainless violence and a few good scares, then this will have you covered.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

December 2

On paper, Marvel’s Midnight Suns just sounds like an oddity. Here we have a tactics game with a card system and lots of Marvel characters. However, as this game comes from Firaxis the titans behind the X-Com series and Civilization series, you’d do well to assume this is going to be special.

This game puts you in the darker side of the Marvel Universe and has you playing as a legendary demon hunter who has to team up with Marvel heroes to stop a lot of demons from taking over the world. It’s a cliche-sounding story, but we’re confident it’ll be a blast to play through.

Need for Speed Unbound – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

December 2

While the Need for Speed series has sort of fallen off in recent years, something about Need for Speed Unbound has us incredibly excited. The series has always been about, well, a need for speed, but this entry has a unique cel-shaded look that just makes it feel fresh.

Your aim will be to race your way to the top of the street circuit while avoiding the cops trying to shut the races down. You’ll also need to make enough money to actually enter the races in the first place, and spend whatever you win on custom-tuning your cars.

Impaler – PC

December 6

Impaler is a Doom-like game that has you running around summoning spikes to take out monsters. It’s intensely brutal, fast-paced, and sure to scratch that old-school shooter itch if you’ve got fond memories of the original FPS games from the 90s.

You can also use those spikes to build barriers to use as cover or climb on them to get up to hard-to-reach places or stomp on an enemy’s head. It’s an incredibly entertaining idea, and the mix of pixel graphics and roguelike elements should keep you playing for dozens of hours.

Dragon Quest Treasures – Switch

December 9

The Dragon Quest series is one of the longest-running and most successful JRPG series in existence, but it’s also got a plethora of odd spinoffs. One of them even had you controlling a slime in a tank, while others were basically Pokemon with more breeding and classic Dragon Quest baddies.

Dragon Quest Treasures will players taking control of a pair of siblings who need to befriend monsters as they roam around looking for booty. You’ll need to take part in battles of course, but the whole thing just looks very charming and could end up as one of the best games on Switch, and possibly one of the best games like Pokemon too.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Everything

December 13

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion tells the tale of Zack Fair, Cloud Strife’s inspiration and senior, and how things started before all of the chaos of Final Fantasy VII itself. This remaster brings the PSP game into the modern-day with new graphics, and likely slightly different gameplay too.

The original game is a fascinating RPG with an incredible story, and as long as this translates that all to current consoles, you can be sure this’ll be a lot of fun to play. It’s also nice to spend more time with the cast of characters from FFVII, as well as getting to see how Sephiroth started on the dark path he walks in the main game.

Infinite Guitars – Switch, Xbox, PC

December 13

Infinite Guitars is a rhythm RPG, which isn’t a genre mashup that happens very often. You take control of a group of people in a world devastated by a way against massive mechs, and you need to try and survive. Unfortunately, those very same mechs have begun to wake up, and the only way you can fight back is with face-melting guitar solos.

The artwork here is beautiful, the concept is definitely unique, and if the game can live up to its premise, it’s sure to be one of the most fascinating indie games of the year. This is definitely one to watch for music fans and RPG fans alike.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

December 14

Okay, so technically speaking, this isn’t a new game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is actually seven years old now, but it’s still regarded as one of the best action RPGs around. While we’re not getting a new game here, the title is getting its next-gen update.

This update will help boost performance and visuals across the board for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC players. Better yet, the update is actually free too, so if you own the game any way you’ve got a good excuse to jump in, and if you’ve never played it before, then today is a great day to buy a copy.

Blacktail – PC

December 15

Blacktail is one of those games that just sounds fascinating. You take control of a girl who’s been accessed of witchcraft and banished as a result. You then have to find a way to survive out in the wilds using a mix of archery and magic, but you’ll also need to decide what to do with those who have cast you out.

There’s a deep morality system to play with here, you’ll need to overcome terrifying bosses as you progress, and you’ll even need to master potion brewing too. It’s just a very entertaining concept, and we’ve got high hopes for Blacktail’s take on Baba Yaga because of that.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – PlayStation

December 22

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remake of a game from several years ago, but all for modern consoles. That means better visuals and likely also means sharper-feeling gameplay.

You’ll take control of a glorious valkyrie as she seeks to change fate by using the souls of great warriors to aid her. Combat looks fast and furious, there will be a lot of different characters to meet and learn about, and if it’s any bit as good as the original game it’ll be a blast to play.

The Best New Video Games Releasing In November 2022

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Meta Quest


We’re kicking things off with everyone’s favorite narcissist, Iron Man. Alright, maybe he’s not your favorite, but there’s no denying that flying around in an Iron Man suit would be fun, and it’s a pleasure that’s been confined to PSVR for far too long.

This VR aerial combat game is a blast to play, but the reason we’re really excited about it finally coming to Meta Quest headsets is that you’ll be able to play it untethered. The freedom offered by the Meta Quest is going to be a huge boon for this one, and we’re also excited to see what modders can do with this framework.

Sonic Frontiers – PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, PC


Sonic Frontiers is probably the most exciting Sonic game we’ve had since Sonic Mania, and that was five years ago. While the initial trailer was met with some trepidation, articles and previews since have us lacing up our running shoes for this one.

Frontiers puts the blue blur into an open-world setting with better graphics than we’ve had before, more abilities, and some truly titanic boss fights. It looks legitimately incredible and could be the first genuinely great new take on Sonic we’ve had in a long while.

God of War: Ragnarok – PlayStation

November 9

The reimagining of God of War came as a huge suprirse to some people. Given that the original games had a sex mini game at one point, to see Kratos putting on a beard (we’re pretty sure he grew it but you know what we mean), and then being part of an actual mature story was a shock.

Ragnarok follows on from the first game and will continue the story of the God of War himself and his son as they venture further into Norse mythology. Expect more violence, cooler abilities, and more cameos from this pantheon of myths.

Among Us VR – PC, Meta Quest

November 10

While not everyone is still playing it, there can be no doubts about the overwhelming popularity of Among Us in recent years. Everyone and their mom, dad, kids, cats, and even a few dogs where playing it, and the social deception game is a blast to play with groups of friends or family.

Well, Among Us VR simply brings that all into the eeriest of dimensions. You can expect the same easy-to-understand gameplay here, but with a first-person viewpoint, which could make getting murdered fairly horrific. Which is nice?

Goat Simulator 3 – PlayStation, Xbox, PC

November 17

The Goat Simulator games are kind of weird. Well, more than kind of weird, they’re almost the pinnacle of unusual gameplay, and it’s one of the few games you can ride around on a skateboard while playing as a goat with an impossibly long stick tongue.

Goat Simulator 3 is the sequel to Goat Simulator 1, and if that doesn’t set the tone here, then we’re not sure what will. You’ll be able to run around, headbutt things, triple jump, and find plenty of hidden secrets and challenges too. Just keep in mind that you’re here for an absurd time above all else.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Switch

November 18

Pokemon is a titan of a series, but a lot of fans have become a little bummed out by some of the more recent releases. Earlier this year, as long ago as that feels, we got Pokemon Arceus, and it felt like a proper step towards more complex and interesting Pokemon games.

Well, while Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been in development for far longer than just this year, it looks as though some of the new ideas are still there. That could mean that these are the most ambitious titles in the series yet, and also there’s a really cute ghost dog called Greavard who we can’t wait to meet.

Evil West – PlayStation, Xbox, PC

November 22

Evil West is kind of everything you could want for an action game. It’s got some weird ancient evil corrupting life in the wild west and turning them into monsters, there are cool skills and special abilities to learn, some very powerful-looking guns, and not a hint of caring about how silly it all is.

Better yet, you can actually enjoy this over-the-top action game with a friend in co-op. For us, co-op is a huge selling point, and if Evil West plays as good as it looks, then we’re all in for a treat.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – PC

November 30

Finally, we have Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. This co-op shooter will feel very familiar to those who’ve played the Vermintide games, but while those were focused on might and magic, these are all about space chaos and laserbeams.

You get to choose one of four classes and play through with up to three other players as you fight off wave after wave of monsters. It’s very much a brain-off kind of game, but if you need something to relax with at the end of the day, then Darktide is here for you.