We Double Dog Dare You: Conjure Up Spirits From the Beyond With a Ouija Board

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You read that right. As we head full-throttle into the spookiest time of year, we’re looking for a way to prepare ourselves for what could be the scariest Halloween of all time, and if that requires seeking messages from the great beyond, then we’re breaking out the ouija boards. That might seem melodramatic, but it’s 2020, and given the weight on the world’s shoulders, we think it’s best to be prepared for anything. Though we’re not exactly sure what Halloween’s going to look like this year, we’re still trying to get our spooky on with some of the best ouija boards we’re using to chit-chat with the dead. You know, normal stuff.

Ouija boards (also known as talking boards or spirit boards) have been used for years upon years as a quick and easy way to contact folks who’ve passed on. The typical format of an ouija board depicts the entire alphabet to communicate spelling of words when questions are asked, numbers 0 through 9 when asking age or year-based questions, a “yes” and “no” option for quick responses and a “hello” and “goodbye” to help spirits communicate when they are and are not around. When contacting, each player has to touch the planchette, which essentially acts as the ouija guide, and allow it to move as it pleases. Each movement answers individual questions players might have.

You have to be careful, though. Not every single spirit communicating from the other side is the friendliest being. Also, some aren’t always who they say they are. Beings can act as spirits communicating from the other side when in reality, they’re demons with malicious intent.

Whether you believe in the power of ouija or not, ouija boards are a fun way to have some fun and spook you and your friends out a bit. While some true believers will caution that nonbelievers, skeptics and amateurs shouldn’t bother using the ancient art of the planchette because it can be dangerous, we suggest you use your own judgment and decide as you please. That being said, if you have any interest in getting into the spooky season this year, here are some excellent ouija board options to consider.


1. Hasbro Ouija Board Game

You might be surprised to learn that the word “ouija” is a term trademarked by Hasbro, so it’s only suitable the OG Hasbro ouija board game gets our top spot. The rules are simple, ask questions and get answers from someone that has passed on. It’s a fun way to get together with friends and have a spooky night with Halloween-themed cocktails and snacks. The board is brand new but aesthetically looks relatively older in style to fit the vibe. At just $20, this is a reasonably priced option that you simply can’t go wrong with. Unless, after using, a demon takes over your house. Then, you probably went wrong.

Hasbro Ouija Board Game Courtesy of Amazon


2. Hasbro Deluxe Ouija Board

Step up your ouija board game just a smidge with this deluxe version also from Hasbro. Stylistically speaking, this version of the classic is a bit more haunting than the prior and provides an eerier planchette than the white plastic one above. The graphics are totally eyecatching and will give shivers down you and your friends’ spines as you’re trying to conjure up some spirits.

Hasbro Deluxe Ouija Board Courtesy of Spencer's


3. Ebros Glow in The Dark Ouija Board

Want to ditch the classic, rectangular ouija board for something a little bit more unconventional? Look no further than the Ebros, an octagonal pentagram ouija board that glows in the dark. It might give spirits you’re trying to communicate with a more difficult time when navigating the board, but hey, it’s for aesthetical purposes. They’ll live. Or, stay dead, we mean.

Ebros Glow in The Dark Ouija Board Courtesy of Amazon


4. Ouija Classic Board Game

Leave it to Urban Outfitters for never forgetting when to get in on a current trend. We’re not surprised in the slightest that these hip, trendsetters have their own ouija board option for sale on their site and we’re also not surprised that it’s in fact, incredibly cute. It’s quite classic in its design, featuring the sun and moon depictions most ouija boards have and a tan and black coloration that doesn’t stray too far from the way most boards are colored. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome way to get your spirit calling on.

Ouija Classic Board Game Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


5. Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ Ouija Board Serving Tray

Take your ouija board up a notch with this festive serving tray that’s perfect for any low-key Halloween party this season. Serve chips, cheeses, veggies or drinks right on top of it, then when all the treats are cleared, surprise your guests with a good ‘ole spirit calling sesh. Sadly, this tray doesn’t come along with a planchette, so you’ll have to buy one separately. Nonetheless, this is an awesome decoration to have if you’re looking to spookify your home interior this year.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ Ouija Board Serving Tray Courtesy of Target


6. Wooden Spirit Board & Planchette Set

Add a pop of color to your ouija board set with this gorgeous turquoise additive that’ll look good in anybody’s home this season. This board is engraved directly into plywood and features an intricate moth design front and center. It pairs with a matching planchette, so you can conjure spirits in style. It’s a handmade set and even has rubber feet to ensure kindness and stability on whichever surface you choose to place it on.

Wooden Spirit Board & Planchette Set Courtesy of Etsy


7. Ouija Spirit Board Cherry Wood Phone Case

Bring the ouija board style right to the product you use the most this season: your smartphone. Though we don’t consider conjuring any spirits on this exceptionally small phone case, it really brings a certain haunting aesthetic to any otherwise mundane or goofy Halloween case alternative on the market. This phone case is crafted from cherry wood and can fit just about any iPhone.

Ouija Spirit Board Cherry Wood Phone Case Courtesy of Etsy


8. Spirit Board Door Mat

Welcome in ghouls, goblins and ghosts alike with this ouija board doormat that takes welcoming spirits to a whole new level. This little invitation greets any conjured spirit with a warm welcome, so they’ll feel more than comfortable heading into your place and staying a few. While we don’t really suggest using this for your actual ouija practices, it does add a little bit of flair to your home exterior.

Spirit Board Door Mat Courtesy of Grandin Road


9. Red Wood Classic Ouija Board

Last but certainly not least, this striking vintage-inspired ouija board is a handsome alternative you can keep on display in your home no matter the time of year. Yes, it’s extra fitting for the entire month of October, but something this beautifully crafted needs to see the light for more than just a month. That being said, feel free to break this baby out even in like, May, and see what your local spirits are up to.

Red Wood Classic Ouija Board Courtesy of Etsy