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Give Thank-You Notes and General Correspondence a Touch of Class With These Personalized Stationary Sets

With the advent of technology, it may seem like the art of the handwritten note, list-making and correspondence in general are slowly dying. However, there is really nothing like a handwritten thank-you note to brighten anyone’s day and show your appreciation.

With that in mind, we have found some great personalized stationery options featured below that will make writing your next note or list much more enjoyable. Personalized stationery is a step up from your regular cards, notepads or drugstore-bought greeting cards, as the recipient knows right away who they came from and they also make for great desk decor as they are all aesthetically pleasing.

When buying personalized stationery, once you settle on a font or monogram style that you like, the fun part comes in the customization. Our font options include a simplistic writing set which makes for a great professional option to more clean, modern and elegant options that would work great for a variety of work and personal situations.

You can also choose to get a full wardrobe of stationery that includes everything from sheets and notes to enclosure cards and matching envelopes, or you can try for a simple notecard and envelope set. Whichever you choose, you will still be able to customize your perfect card which includes choosing the ink color or envelope and envelope liner colors, a return address to the envelopes and you can even specify the preferred orientation of the notecard.

1. Curio Press Simplicity Personalized Stationary

The Simplicity Stationery Set by Curio Press is a full set of flat cards and envelopes that are completely customizable. The flat cards measure 5.5 x 4.25 inches and make for the perfect correspondence or thank you stationery set. You can choose the color of the envelopes and the ink from their generous color options and get personal with the addition of your name and return address. These cards are digitally printed on heavy, 100-pound smooth white card stock and come with three different envelope color options.

Pros: In addition to flat cards, you can get a matching notepad and/or a set of folded cards and envelopes.

Cons: Due to the personalized nature of the item, shipping may take longer.

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2. Curio Press Thin Line Monogram Personalized Stationary

The Thin Line Monogram set of flat cards and premium envelopes from Curio Press has a more modern feel and stylized look versus the Simplicity Set above. As mentioned, you can personalize the flat cards with the name and initials of your choosing, choose the color of the ink from a wide array of colors and even add a return address on the back of the envelopes. These cards are packed in clear plastic boxes and make the ideal gift for anyone starting a new job, getting a promotion or simply writing stellar thank-you notes in your own home.

Pros: These cards are handcrafted from start to finish.

Cons: The company logo by default is printed in a small font on the back of the card.

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3. Curio Press Elegant Monogram Personalized Stationary Set

For those who prefer a more elegant style and feel to their stationery, then the Elegant Monogram Set by Curio Press is the ideal option. The set of flat cards comes embossed with a personalized single monogram and the option to add your name or any text of your choice. This text is printed in black ink, however, the monogram can be any available ink color of your choosing to make for the perfect notecard. The premium envelopes, with their pointed flap, can also be customized to any available color.

Pros: For the price point, this stationary makes for the perfect desk accessory.

Cons: If you prefer a double monogram up top, another option might be better.

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4. American Stationary Embossed Monogram Stationery Set

If you need a whole new stationary “wardrobe,” then the Monogrammed Stationary Set by American Stationery might be the best option for you. This deluxe set comes complete with 50 of each of the following: sheets and matching envelopes, notes and matching envelopes ,and enclosure cards with matching envelopes. In addition, the monogram is fully customizable and is placed at the top of the stationary, centered on the outside of the folding notecards and can also be placed on the matching envelopes.

Pros: An optional lined envelopes in a variety of colors is also available.

Cons: There are only two paper color options.

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5. American Stationary Raised Ink Stationery Wardrobe

Another stationary wardrobe option is the Luxurious Raised Ink set from American Stationery. This set comes with 300 pieces, in varying sizes, including sheets, notes, enclosure cards, and plain matching envelopes. With a choice of ecru or white paper color and seven different ink colors, this popular set also allows you to choose the typestyle of your choice from a wide variety of options. The classic raised-ink typeset exudes an air of professionalism and will make using your new set a welcoming task.

Pros: The envelope liner options include a colored toile-type design in addition to plain color options.

Cons: If you don’t require a lot of stationery then another option might be better.

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6. Curio Press Elegant Monogram Notepad

The Elegant Monogrammed Notepad by Curio Press is the perfect accompaniment to your Elegant Monogrammed personalized stationery set (#3 above). Choose from two different, desk-friendly options for the 50-sheet printed pad along with the personalization of your choice. The notepads can be customized with the name and monogram letter of your choosing and are printed in black font. The only other decisions you will have to make is what color ink to use for the monogram and whether you want lined or unlined sheets in your notepad.

Pros: You can also get a matching magnet add-on for the smaller sized notepad set.

Cons: No metallic ink colors are available.

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