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Create the Best Game Room on the Block With One of These Ping Pong Tables

If you’ve ever picked up a paddle and enjoyed a game of ping pong, you’ll know there are few more enjoyable ways to compete, relax or hone your hand-eye coordination. Table tennis can be as competitive or as recreational as you like and involves as few or as many players as you have available, too. If you want to play, the only things you need are a ball, at least one paddle and a ping pong table.

What is the best ping pong table to choose for your home? That depends on where you want to play and how much space you have. There are, of course, required dimensions for professional-standard tables. So, if you want to enjoy a game just like the professional players, find a table that measures 2.74 m (9.0 ft) by 1.525 m (5.0 ft). A second consideration is whether you’ll be playing inside or outside as some tables are made to endure all-weather conditions. Finally, if you’re inside and limited for space, you might want to choose a compact-style table.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the best ping pong tables available. The list includes choices for budding professionals, recreational players and users who want a choice of games to fill their time.


1. STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table


STIGA is one of the top names in the table tennis world, and you’ll find STIGA tables at professional competitions the world over. With over 85% of Amazon users awarding the

a five-star review, you can be confident it has everything you need in a professional-standard, indoor table. It’s ideal for home or office use and comes 95% pre-assembled, meaning you’ll be ready for a game 10 minutes after delivery. The included clamp-style net can be removed for storage when the table is not in use. In addition, the table features adjustable feet for a solid, level surface and built-in wheels for comfortable transport.

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2. GoSports Mid-size Table Tennis Game Set


If you want to play ping pong but are a little tight for space, consider this

. At 72 x 36 inches, the table has plenty of space for you to play without taking up the same space as larger options. The durable top surface makes this a versatile option that can also be used as a normal table (or beer pong table) when required. Plus, you’ll find the table includes highly foldable legs, which make it simple to store it when it’s not being used. Ironically, because of the compact design, this ping-pong table is ideal for both families with kids and twenty-somethings looking for the best beer pong tables.

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4. Harvil I Indoor Table Tennis Table



is an ideal choice for those who want to play full games and want the option of practicing alone, too. For individual use, you can fold up half of the table and focus on your returning skills. The sturdy, eight-wheeled table boasts a smooth wooden playing surface for a true and reliable bounce, a powder-coated steel frame for durability and locking wheels for a solid base during use and storage. It does include a net but doesn’t come with paddles or balls. For more serious ping pong players looking to hone their skills at home, this is one of the best ping pong tables you’ll find.

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5. Hathaway Spartan Pool & Table Tennis Table


If you want to make the most of your indoor space, the

lets you choose between two fun-filled options. At 72 x 38 inches, this static table is small enough to fit in most household rooms. To switch between pool and ping pong, simply lift the lightweight top over the pool surface. This is a great choice for family game rooms and an easy way to introduce kids to a variety of activities. Furthermore, the table’s black melamine finish and red playing surface look stylish and add a touch of class to any interior.

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6. JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table


The JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table can be used inside or out, as it is constructed from a durable aluminum and plastic composite that’s resistant to warping and chipping. You’ll also find an included net set which is capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. The table comes 95% pre-assembled and offers a self-play mode along with upright folding sides and anti-tilting locks for safe and easy storage. In addition, the table’s blue, black and green design will surely add a touch of color to your home.

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7. Hall of Games Official Table Tennis Table


If style is as important as function to you, it’s definitely worth considering this

. The table’s playing surface has been laminated on both sides to give it water-resistant properties and is the official, professional size. It’s also 3/4 inches thick for a reliable bounce and stability during heated encounters. Beneath the surface, the attractive table sports a solid birch wood construction with reinforced paneling. This table also includes a competition-grade net and post set.

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8. Penn Shadow Table Tennis Table


You’ll find it hard to tell that this Penn Shadow Table Tennis Table’s official tournament size surface is actually made up of two parts because of the seamless meeting of the two table halves. The top is 18mm deep and delivers a true and stable bounce throughout gameplay. The versatile table also includes a playback position for a one-person game as well as upright sitting sides for easy storage. The built-in wheels run smoothly and can lock for added security during play and storage. You’ll also find the corners of the table include ball holders, so you’re never left searching after an unexpectedly wayward shot.

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