Cover Your Home With an Army of Posable Skeletons – Our Favorite New Viral Halloween Decorating Trend

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Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton took the world by storm by serving up spooky-scaries around the globe last year. This year, he’s back as one of the best Halloween decorations for scaring the neighborhood kids — if you can find him in stock.

Now, a new skeleton-centric trend has gone viral, and it’s giving our 12-foot buddy a run for his money. What’s that looming in the darkness and spreading horror across the land? A whole army of skeletons. Covering. Your. House.

Better run!

This spooky new Halloween decoration idea uses the best posable skeletons to clad your home’s exterior in a hoard of skeletons looking to barge their way through your windows and doors. We’re obsessed with this Halloween decor trend, and we sincerely hope it becomes a lasting phenomenon.

Assembling your own skeleton army might be an easier task than you realize. All you have to do is order a bunch of posable skeletons and place them just right around your home. Come October 31st, your haunted house will either scare or delight the pants off of everyone on your street.

Looking to do it yourself? Well, you better stock up on the best Halloween candy because you’re going to be the most hit-up house this year. The Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton is shaking in his little boots right now at the thought of being replaced by all of these menacing monsters. Poor guy.

You can purchase a number of posable skeletons online right now and decorate your house ASAP. See below where to get these before they sell out for good.

1. Hyde & EEK! Boutique 60″ Posable Lifesize Skeleton

This 5-foot tall skeleton is probably taller than a number of the kids in your neighborhood, so we’re 100% sure they’re going to lose their minds when they see your entire home covered an army of these. This is one of the most affordable posable skeleton options we’ve found if you’re looking to get something on the lifesize scale — which you absolutely should. Each will cost you $40 total, which isn’t too bad if you consider the fact you’ll have them for every Halloween from here on out. A spooky investment, if you will.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique 60" Posable Lifesize Skeleton XL Halloween Decorative Mannequin Courtesy of Target

Hyde & EEK! Boutique 60



2. Home Accents Holiday 5-foot Hanging Plastic Posable Skeleton Decoration

From the same place that brought us the 12-foot skeleton, you can also purchase an affordable posable skeleton (or 10) to coat your lawn in. This Home Depot 5-foot skeleton is only $30, making it the cheapest 5-footer on our list with all of the posability the others have. It’s also got a ton of raving reviews!

Home Accents Holiday 5 ft. Hanging Plastic Posable Skeleton Decoration Courtesy of Home Depot

Home Accents Holiday 5 ft. Hanging Plastic Posable Skeleton Decoration



3. CHICHIC 5.4-foot Halloween Skeleton

While these skeletons will cost you around $60 more, they’re still some solid scary boys to hang around the outside of your home. Like the pick prior, these are some of the best posable skeletons with joints that move and stick in ways that will hold tight to where you place them. They’re created with all-weather plastic, so you don’t have to worry about these getting destroyed outside.

CHICHIC 5.4ft Halloween Skeleton Courtesy of Amazon

CHICHIC 5.4ft Halloween Skeleton



4. Forum Novelties 60″ Posable Skeleton Halloween Decoration

This skeleton also comes in at 5-feet to scare friends, family and neighbors this Halloween. Place him inside, outside or snag a few and create the army in the pictures above. The fun never stops!

Forum Novelties 60" Posable Skeleton Halloween Decoration Courtesy of Walmart

Forum Novelties 60-inch Posable Skeleton Halloween Decoration



5. Crazy Bonez 36″ Posable Skeleton Decoration

If you want something smaller, this 3-foot skeleton is the way to go. But, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. This is the same price as the 5-foot skeleton from Home Depot, so don’t get it confused. Regardless, this non-lifesize skeleton will make a fun addition to your yard.

Crazy Bonez 36" Posable Skeleton Decoration Courtesy of Amazon

Crazy Bonez 36-inch Posable Skeleton Decoration



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