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Get Creative With Colorful Sand Art Kits

Arts and crafts are a great way to destress and make something tangible that can decorate your home or be given as a gift. For adults, the process of making something for fun can provide a way to shut off the outside world and create a mental and emotional space that is calming and relaxing. For kids, they can learn how to express themselves in new ways and pick up valuable lessons, like practicing their fine motor skills and learning how different elements mixed together. For a craft that doesn’t require a huge amount of space or a big investment in tools and supplies, we like using sand art kits.

Sand art is typically made with brightly colored sand that is mixed together to create mesmerizing layers. The sand can fill a vase or even a piece of jewelry. Sand can also be used as a way to paint, combining glue and sand to create a textured piece of art that adds depth to paintings.

Whether you’re looking for a way to relax on your own or want a fun activity to do with kids that isn’t messy and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals, sand art kits are a great option.

1. Made By Me Ultimate Sand Art Kit

Layer bright colors of sand to make vibrant new designs using the Made By Me Ultimate Sand Art Kit. The comprehensive kit comes with 10 containers in a variety of shapes and sizes, including two that are designed to be used as necklace pendants. The kit includes 70 ounces of sand in 13 colors and a funnel for easy pouring. A mixing stick and sticker sheet are also included for users to customize their designs.

Pros: In addition to the 13 colors, the kit also comes with a package of glow in the dark sand.

Cons: The containers are very small and are not shatter-proof.

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2. Shindel Sand Art Kit

For a fun crafting activity that combines sand and painting while reducing the chance of spills and messy cleanups, we recommend the Shindel Sand Art Kit. Ten sheets featuring kid-friendly designs are included with color guides. Users simply remove the small strips of glue within the design and add the brightly colored sand from one of the 12 leakproof squeeze bottles included. Unlike most kits that are designed for older kids, the Shindel is safe for kids ages three and up.

Pros: The sand included in the kit is certified safe for use by small children.

Cons: Adult supervision may still be required to help remove the glue strips.

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3. Faber-Castell 3D Sand Painting

Mix colors and art mediums to create unique pieces with the Faber-Castell 3D Sand Painting set. The kit combines watercolor painting and sand to make artwork that has depth and texture. Five art creation boards are included in the kit to guide users on kid-friendly designs. Using the 12 watercolors included, users paint the art creation boards before adding sand from the five colors included for a mixed media project. The sand is loose, allowing users to mix colors before applying the sand to the board with the texture tool.

Pros: The art creation boards have hanging tabs that make it easy for artists to display their work.

Cons: The kit only includes one paintbrush, so users may need to supply their own if more than one person wants to use the kit.

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4. Creativity for Kids Rainbow Sandland

For an art piece that kids can proudly display, we recommend the Creativity for Kids Rainbow Sandland. The kit includes several packages of brightly colored sand that can be used to layer inside the 7.25 x 5.25-inch container. A package of glitter sand is also included for an added touch of whimsy. A stir stick for the sand comes with the set to help users create their own unique designs. A large pack of stickers and a small unicorn are also included to put the finishing touches on the craft.

Pros: A fitted foam cap and glue keeps the sand in place once the project is complete, turning it into a beautiful display piece that won’t cause a mess if it’s knocked over.

Cons: The one-use kit can be completed quickly by older kids.

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