Decorate Your Tiny Apartment With One of These Tabletop Christmas Trees

tabletop christmas trees
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It’s almost that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, the days are getting shorter and summer has truly said its goodbyes, but it’s not all bad news. Because the further you get from summer, the closer you get to Christmas.

Christmas on the horizon means it’s time to start planning your decorations for the year. This includes everything from deciding on your main centerpiece tree to the outdoor decorations, around-the-house decor and maybe even an accompanying cast of tabletop Christmas trees. What’s more, you may be surprised to find out that getting into Christmas cheer earlier actually makes you happier than those grinches who refuse to get on board until the last possible moment. 

When it comes to picking out the best Christmas tree, for many, the aim is to make the tree the biggest, most decorated and most impressive thing in the house. But not everyone has excess space to fill in their homes. If you live in a small apartment or want to decorate an office where bigger isn’t necessarily better, you may be better turning to the best tabletop Christmas trees instead of a behemoth.

What’s even better about tabletop Christmas trees is that they provide a great opportunity for you to venture out into different Christmas tree styles or fashions to see how you feel about them. Some of the currently most popular alternative tree styles include:

  • Black/White
  • Ceramic
  • Hand Crafted
  • Flocked
  • Novelty
  • Fiber Optic
  • Pre-Decorated

But fear not, if you’re simply looking for a smaller version of your traditional tree, there are still plenty of beautiful Christmas tree choices to be found as well. 

So, whether you’re short on space or fancy adding a little extra Christmas cheer to your WFH office or dorm room this festive season, tabletop Christmas trees may be the answer you’re looking for. 

Below, you’ll find 20 of the best tabletop Christmas trees. There’s truly something for everyone, as we’ve included traditional options, lit trees, tinsel trees and an option which illustrates the whole nativity in a tree. Check them out and find the right one for your space.

1. National Tree Company Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree


If all you are looking for is a pleasant tree to bring Christmas cheer to your office, classroom or small home, the National Tree Company Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree is the choice for you. This 24-inch tall tree is housed inside a red cloth bag, which is finished with a golden tie for an extra touch of class. The tree itself is decorated with 35 warm white LED lights, which can be turned on to further add to the Christmas atmosphere when the lights are low.

national tree company pre lit tree Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Holiday Time Fiber Optic Concord Christmas Tree


The Holiday Time Fiber Optic Concord Christmas Tree is a budget-friendly and colorful answer to decking out your desk or table top. The 32-inch tall tree comes undecorated but sports 76 color-changing tips for a rainbow-like, visual display you’ll love to see day after day. On arrival, simply fold out the branches into a natural tree shape and choose between using the standard plug or USB cable to power your tree. This flexibility makes the tree handy for offices, classrooms and personal spaces that need a little Christmas cheer.

tabletop christmas trees holiday time fiber optic concord tree Image courtesy of Walmart


3. SHareconn Artificial Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree


At a mere 20 inches tall, the SHareconn Artificial Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree is one of the most compact tabletop Christmas trees available. It’s ideal for anyone short on room or desk space and comes with a number of vibrant red ornaments which include gift boxes, bows, balls and berries. The tree is also adorned with 30, AAA battery-powered, clear string lights and presented in a striking red flower pot. Furthermore, it’s constructed from a tough, PVC material which ensures your tree will last you for many Christmasses to come.

shareconn mini tree Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree


Everyone knows this tree. Made famous by A Charlie Brown Christmas, this Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree is an exact replica of the tree Charlie picked out. It includes the red bulb ornament and Linus’s blue blanket. At 24 inches tall, it’s ideal for display on desks, shelves and other table-like surfaces. In addition, the tree plays the classic Peanuts theme tune for a complete Charlie Brown Christmas experience.

tabletop christmas tree charlie brown Image courtesy of Amazon


5. CASA CLAUSI Christmas Tabletop Tree


When the CASA CLAUSI Christmas Tabletop Tree has its 35 UL lights turned on, it’s genuinely hard not to feel the Christmas spirit. And while the tree may appear a little bit crammed full in terms of the additional red berries and gold branch tips, this attribute actually serves a handy purpose for displaying the tree in highly trafficked areas of an office or home. The decorations ensure every passerby drinks in the Christmas cheer. The tree comes seated in a plant pot base and is finished with a golden, tree-top star.

tabletop christmas trees casa clausi Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Best Choice Products Mini Christmas Tree


With its classic mix of green, red and gold, the Best Choice Products Mini Artificial Christmas Tree is a classy way to celebrate Christmas in any space. The 22-inch tree is mounted in a red cloth bag and sports a mix of cherries and ball ornaments. You’ll also find 15 warm LED lights to further add to the tree’s relaxed Christmas feel.

tabletop christmas tree best choice Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Vickerman Carmel Colored Pine Tree


The Vickerman Pine Tree is available in a range of different sizes from 18 to 42 inches. It sports real pine cones and is mounted in a burlap base, which perfectly suits the feel of the classically styled tree. You’ll also find the tree features an impressive 648 PVC tips, which ensures your tree looks fuller than average. Plus, it boasts over 300 five-star reviews from happy customers.

tabletop christmas tree vickerman Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Holiday Time Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree


If you love a sparkly, fiber optic effect, the Holiday Time Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree is the tree of choice for you. It’s an ideal addition to dorms, offices and small homes and features 83 optic tips, which continuously light up and change colors. It can be powered by either a USB or standard plug and measures 32 inches tall with a plastic urn-shaped base finished in gold.

tabletop christmas tree fiber optic holiday time Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Joiedomi Snow Flocked Tabletop Christmas Tree


The Joiedomi Snow Flocked Tabletop Christmas Tree proves that flocked Christmas trees just look a little bit more “Christmassy” than their un-flocked counterparts. The 22-inch tall tree’s flocked branches combine with the white lights, red berries, pine cones and burlap sack base to give you a ready-to-go tree on arrival. Simply pop the required batteries into the control box. In addition, you can also choose between eight different lighting modes once everything is set up.

joiedomi flocked prelit tree Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Joiedomi Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree


If you like a lot going on in your Christmas tree, this Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree from Joiedomi could be the right choice for you. You’ll find lights, red berries, pine cones, ball decorations and a tree top star inside to ensure almost every inch of your tree is covered in Christmas cheer. The 23-inch tree only takes a few minutes to set up and uses batteries to power the lights, offering more freedom when choosing a place to display it. Furthermore, you’ll be able to decide between eight light functions once the tree is displayed, including both white and multicolored options.

joiedomi prelit tabletop Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Best Choice Products Hand-Painted Tree


With over 300 five-star reviews, the Best Choice Products Hand-Painted Tabletop Christmas Tree is a popular option with Amazon customers. It stands 15 inches tall and comes in both white and green. The hand-painted ceramic tree is adorned with 64 festive lights and includes a seven-point star as a tree topper for added glow. In addition, the five-foot power cord ensures there’s plenty of extra length for placing this tree on table tops and desks without worry.

tabletop christmas tree best choice cearmic Image courtesy of Amazon


12. The Holiday Aisle White Artificial Christmas Tree


White and black Christmas trees are all the rage this year. If you aren’t interested in trying one out as your main Christmas tree, why not give this The Holiday Aisle White Artificial Christmas Tree a try on your desktop of shelf space? The 24-inch, snow-white tree includes a matching white stand and 50 clear lights for you to arrange as you desire. The tree’s compact size makes finding a place to display it a lot easier, in addition to the fact that it’s a lot easier to store when it’s not in use, too.

pre lit white artificial tree Image courtesy of Wayfair


13. NOMA Tabletop Christmas Tree


If you love shiny things and Christmas trees, then the NOMA Tabletop Christmas Tree was made for you. It sits three feet tall and comes in either all blue or all black. The accompanying, durable, three-legged stand matches the color of the tree, while the 40 color changing LED lights give the tree an even more Christmassy feel. Furthermore, the 90 branch tips ensure there’s plenty of space to hang ornaments, and the tree is supplied in a reusable package, giving you a place to keep the tree when it’s not in use.

noma tabletop tree Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Deluxe Pre-Lit Tabletop Green Artificial Christmas Tree


The Deluxe Pre-Lit Tabletop Green Artificial Christmas Tree is another compact option which is ideal for offices and other small spaces. When you first open the tree, you’ll need to fluff the branches into the traditional shape before arranging the included pine cones, the holly berries and the string of LED lights to your liking. The AA battery-powered lights offer eight different lighting modes, so you can set the mood of your home or office, depending on your mood.

the holiday aisle deluxe Image courtesy of Wayfair


15. The Holiday Aisle Flocked Anoka Pine Christmas Tree


If you’re one of those people who prefers their tree to arrive undecorated and ready for you to work your magic, you may enjoy The Holiday Aisle Flocked Anoka Pine Christmas Tree. Out of the box, it feels more realistic than many of the other options on our list and comes in a burlap sack to keep that theme going. You’ll also notice that your “blank canvas” is actually flocked, which works well with lights, ornaments, tinsel or whatever you choose to add to deliver the most visually appealing Christmas tree possible.

the holiday aisle flocked anoka Image courtesy of Wayfair


16. Nordic Spruce Green Artificial Christmas Tree


The Nordic Spruce Green Artificial Christmas Tree is a beautifully balanced tabletop option. From the burlap sack base to the mix of red berries, pine cones and warm white lights found throughout, it’s hard not to look at the tree and feel warm inside. At 24 inches tall, the tree is ideal for shelves, desks and any compact space in need of a dose of festive goodness.

three posts nordic spruce Image courtesy of Wayfair


17. RJ Legend Christmas Mini Ceramic Tree


The RJ Legend Christmas Mini Ceramic Tree is another ceramic option for your desk or table top. It sports a striking design, which is available in traditional green as well as champagne and silver. The tree boasts 50 multi-colored bulbs and a seven-point star on top. Furthermore, the lights can be powered by any normal plug socket, and the 15-inch height makes it a great addition to any desk, table or shelf without taking up too much room.

tabletop christmas tree rj legend ceramic Image courtesy of Amazon


18. The Holiday Aisle Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


If our budget fiber optic tree was a little too small for your taste, The Holiday Aisle Fiber Optic Christmas Tree may do the trick. While it may be a little less budget friendly than its smaller counterpart, this comes back to you not only in size but in quality, too. The tree oozes class from the golden stand to the fiber optic-filled branches, which deliver a mesmerizing, color-filled show for you to enjoy. Furthermore, the three-foot height gives you 120 branch tips, meaning there’s plenty of space for your favorite ornaments.

tabletop christmas trees fiber optic green pine Image courtesy of Wayfair


19. Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Nativity Tabletop Tree


Whether you put it in the office or in your home, there’s no way anyone is going to look past this Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Nativity Tabletop Tree. Inspired by the artwork of the legendary “Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade, this elaborate tree includes everything nativity related and then some. The multi-tiered tree features beautifully detailed models of key characters from the nativity story, such as the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and, of course, the donkey. In addition, the hand-crafted tree also features built-in lights and is capable of playing the song “Silent Night” to create a more complete Christmassy atmosphere.

tabletop christmas trees thomas kinkake illuminated nativity Image courtesy of Amazon


20. Elegant Entrance Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


From the first time you see the Elegant Entrance Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, it’s instantly apparent this tree is classier than the average. While that level of class does come with a little bit bigger price tag, the three-foot tree does pay back your investment in the form of several outstanding qualities. First, it’s constructed from a high-quality, flame-retardant PVC for peace of mind. Secondly, it comes with an array of eye-catching ornaments, including pine cones and balls, along with a string of 50 warm white lights to illuminate the tree and surroundings. Lastly, the tree is mounted in a golden cup, ensuring the tree looks amazing from top to bottom.

greyleigh elegant entrance tree Image courtesy of Wayfair


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