The Best Tabletop Christmas Trees for Bringing Holiday Cheer To Small Spaces

Montsprit Small Christmas Tree
Courtesy of Amazon

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It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, the days are getting shorter, and summer is saying well over. But it’s not all bad news, because the further you get from summer, the closer you get to Christmas. And, at this point, Christmas is right around the corner — so you need one of the best tabletop Christmas trees to get celebrating ASAP.

Christmas on the horizon means it’s time to start planning your decorations for the year. Christmas decorating includes everything from deciding on your main centerpiece tree to the outdoor decorations, around-the-house decor, and maybe even an accompanying cast of tabletop Christmas trees. What’s more, you may be surprised to find out that getting into Christmas cheer earlier actually makes you happier than those grinches who refuse to get on board until the last possible moment.

How to Choose the Best Tabletop Christmas Tree

When it comes to picking out the best Christmas tree, for many, the aim is to make the tree the biggest, most decorated, and most impressive thing in the house. But not everyone has excess space to fill in their homes. If you live in a small apartment or want to decorate an office where bigger isn’t necessarily better, you may be better turning to the best tabletop Christmas trees instead of a behemoth.

What’s even better about tabletop Christmas trees is that they provide an excellent opportunity for you to venture out into different Christmas tree styles or fashions to see how you feel about them. Some of the currently most popular alternative tree styles include:

  • Black/White
  • Ceramic
  • Hand Crafted
  • Flocked
  • Novelty
  • Fiber Optic
  • Pre-Decorated
  • Animated

But fear not, if a miniature version of your traditional tree is all you’re after, there are still plenty of beautiful Christmas tree choices to be found as well. Whether you’re short on space or fancy adding a little extra Christmas cheer to your WFH office or dorm room this festive season, tabletop Christmas trees may be just what you need.

Below, you’ll find 27 of the best tabletop Christmas trees. There’s truly something for everyone, as we’ve included traditional options, lit trees, tinsel trees, and one which illustrates the whole Nativity in a tree. Check them out and find the right one for your space. The best Christmas gifts need a place to sit under, don’t they?


1. National Tree Company Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree


If all you are looking for is a pleasant tree to bring Christmas cheer to your office, classroom, or small home, the National Tree Company Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree is the choice for you. This 24-inch tall tree comes inside a red cloth bag, finished with a golden tie for an extra touch of class. The tree itself is decorated with 35 warm white LED lights to add to the Christmas atmosphere when the lights are low.

national tree company pre lit small Christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


2. Home Depot Frosted Fir Tabletop Artificial Christmas Tree


Nothing gets better than a budget pick — especially when it’s as striking as this frosted fir from Home Depot. For just under $15, you’ll get this frosted tree with 454 tips total to maximize the Christmas experience in your home. Who said you need a white Christmas outside when you can just have one in?

Home Depot Frosted Fir Tabletop Artificial Christmas Tree Courtesy of Home Depot


3. Joiedomi Snow Flocked Tabletop Christmas Tree


The Joiedomi Snow Flocked Tabletop Christmas Tree proves that flocked Christmas trees look a little bit more “Christmassy” than their un-flocked counterparts. The 22-inch tall tree’s flocked branches combine with the white lights, red holly berries, tiny pinecones, and a burlap-sack base to give you a ready-to-go tree on arrival. Pop the required batteries into the control box, and you’re good to go. In addition, you can choose between eight different lighting modes once everything is assembled.

joiedomi flocked prelit tree Courtesy of Amazon


4. Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree


Everyone knows this tree. Made famous by “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” this Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree is a replica of the tree Charlie picked out (and a good one at that). It includes the red bulb ornament and Linus’s blue blanket. At 24 inches tall, it’s ideal for display on desks, shelves and other table-like surfaces. In addition, the tree plays the classic Peanuts theme tune for a complete Charlie Brown Christmas experience.

Product Works Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


5. Montsprit Small Christmas Tree


Buying extra ornaments for your tabletop Christmas tree can become a bit pricy. But thankfully, the Montsprit tabletop Christmas tree is here to put an end to extra spending this year. Each fake snow-dusted tree comes with a number of matte, glittery and shiny ornaments and includes a star to place directly on top. There are even lights on it already for added easiness.

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Montsprit Small Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


6. Joiedomi Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree


If you like a lot going on in your Christmas tree, this Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree from Joiedomi could be the right choice for you. You’ll find lights, red berries, miniature pinecones, jewel-toned ball decorations, and a treetop star to ensure almost every inch of your tree is covered in Christmas cheer. Measuring just shy of two feet and taking only a few minutes to set up, this Christmas tree uses batteries to power the lights, offering more freedom when choosing a place to display it. Furthermore, you’ll be able to decide between eight light functions once the tree is displayed, including both white and multicolored options.

joiedomi prelit tabletop Courtesy of Amazon


7. Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Black Christmas Tree


It’s beginning to look a lot like Gothmas with this all-black tabletop Christmas tree from Hallmark. Because we know some of you love the darker things in life. If you’re ditching the classic green for a color as dark as your sole, this is the tree to snag this season. Plus, it will even be great to have during Halloween next year. Did someone say multiseasonal?

Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Black Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


8. Diamond Star Mercury Glass Christmas Tree


With its red color, retro vibe and non-traditional embossed texture, the Diamond Star Mercury Glass Christmas Tree is going to grab people’s attention. It’s an ideal choice for desks or countertops in offices or at home. The tree is made from 100% hand-blown, sturdy high-end glass and is also available in gold or white versions. Additionally, you can choose from several sizes, ranging from 8.5 to 21.5 inches tall, ensuring your tree is well suited to the space.

tabletop Christmas trees diamond star mercury glass Courtesy of Amazon


9. Musical Nativity Scene Christmas Tree Tabletop Figurine


If you want a tabletop tree that taps into the story of Christmas, this musical Nativity tree figurine is a great option. It features a Nativity scene with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus surrounded by the Three Wise Men, the Angel Gabriel, and a shepherd. The star atop the tree illuminates and plays “Silent Night” to lull the whole family into the holiday spirit.

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nativity tree Courtesy of Walmart


10. The Holiday Aisle Glass Elf LED Tree


Who says your tabletop Christmas tree has to be a tree? We certainly don’t! It certainly counts as long as it’s wider at the bottom than at the top and has a Christmas theme. That’s why we love The Holiday Aisle Glass Elf LED Tree. Leaning on Scandinavian tradition, this “tree” comes in the shape of the Christmas elf with his Santa hat, beard, and button nose. This is one Christmas “tree” no one else you know is likely to have.

tabletop Christmas trees the holiday aisle Courtesy of Wayfair


11. GEX Mini Small Tabletop Christmas Tree


It’s genuinely hard not to feel the Christmas spirit when the GEX Christmas Tree has its 60 lights turned on. And while the tree may appear a little bit cramped thanks to its prolific branches and star topper, this attribute is handy for displaying the tree in highly trafficked areas of an office or home. The decorations ensure every passerby soaks in the Christmas cheer. The tree comes seated in a base, so you may need a small piece of fabric to cover the bottom.

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GEX Mini Small Tabletop Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


12. The Holiday Aisle Stoneware Trees Set


If one tabletop Christmas tree just isn’t enough for you, look no further than The Holiday Aisle Stoneware Trees Set. The six small white trees included in this set can easily mingle with other Christmas figurines (think Rudolph, snowmen, Santa, the usual suspects) or independently own. Their stoneware construction makes them both trendy and durable, meaning they’ll likely be a Christmas classic decoration around your home every December for years to come.

tabletop Christmas trees the holiday aisle Courtesy of Wayfair


13. Milltown Merchants Christmas Palm Tree


In warmer climates, the tradition of decorating palm trees is every bit as important as decorating a pine tree. For that reason, we had to include the Milltown Merchants Christmas Palm Tree on our list. Whether your holiday season is tropical in nature or you simply want it to be a little warmer, this ceramic tree, which includes multi-colored lightbulbs as decorations on the leaves, will remind you of sandy beaches and ocean breezes.

milltown merchants christmas palm tree Courtesy of Amazon


14. Best Choice Products Hand-Painted Tree


With over 300 five-star reviews, the Best Choice Products Hand-Painted Tabletop Christmas Tree is a popular option with Amazon customers. It stands 15 inches tall and comes in both white and green. The hand-painted ceramic tree is adorned with 64 festive lights and includes a seven-point star as a tree topper for added glow. In addition, the five-foot power cord ensures there’s plenty of extra length for placing this tree on tabletops and desks without worry.

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tabletop christmas tree best choice cearmic Courtesy of Amazon


15. NOMA Tabletop Christmas Tree


If you love shiny things and Christmas trees, then this bold NOMA Tabletop Christmas Tree was made for you. It stands three feet tall and comes in either all blue or all black. The durable, three-legged stand matches the color of the tree, while the 40 color-changing LED lights give the tree an even more festive feel. Furthermore, the 90 branch tips ensure there’s plenty of space to hang ornaments, and the tree is supplied in a reusable package, giving you a place to keep the tree when it’s not in use.

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NOMA Tabletop Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


16. Snowy Concolor Fir Tree


This classic, snowy white fir tree is an attractive and sophisticated option if you’re in the market for a classy tabletop tree. The snow sprinkled branch tips and pinecones create that cozy, wintery feel along with the warm white LED lights. The burlap base gives it even more of that rustic holiday charm.

national tree company tabletop christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


17. The Holiday Aisle White Artificial Christmas Tree


White and black Christmas trees are all the rage this year. If you aren’t interested in trying one out as your main Christmas tree, why not give The Holiday Aisle White Artificial Christmas Tree a try on your desktop or shelf space? The 24-inch, snow-white tree includes a matching white stand and 50 clear lights for you to arrange as you desire. The tree’s compact size makes finding a place to display it a lot easier, in addition to the fact that it’s also a lot easier to store.

pre lit white artificial tree Courtesy of Wayfair


18. Juegoal 2 Pack Artificial Christmas Tree


Why have one when you can have two? Well, now you can with this two-pack from Juegoal. This two-pack makes for a great, mirror-like addition to any holiday-decorated mantle in the house. Each tree is lightly dusted with snow and is simply begging for total ornament and light coverage.

Juegoal 2 Pack Artificial Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


19. Modern Holiday Bottlebrush Trees


Create your very own winter wonderland with this forest of mini multicolor pines. You can choose a color scheme that fits in with the rest of your decor but still brings the Christmas spirit. They’re minimalist and chic but still manage to make a statement and come with the complete set of six.

Modern Holiday Bottlebrush Trees Courtesy of Food52


20. RJ Legend Christmas Mini Ceramic Tree


The RJ Legend Christmas Mini Ceramic Tree is another ceramic option to accompany any desk or tabletop needing a little cheer. It sports a striking design available in traditional green, champagne and silver and boasts 50 multi-colored bulbs and a seven-point star on top. Furthermore, all this 15-inch tree needs to light up is a  standard outlet, making it a great addition without taking up too much room.

tabletop christmas tree rj legend ceramic Courtesy of Amazon


21. Fiber Optic Fireworks Slim Tree


This fiber optic tree will give your home or office a genuinely regal and festive feel thanks to the colorful ornaments, gold base, and gold star. It also features a super-bright array of ever-changing lights for a fun and sparkling addition to your holiday decor.

fiber optic fireworks tree Courtesy of Target


22. Faux Pre-lit LED Alpine Tabletop Tree


This tiny, minimalist tabletop Christmas tree is perfect for keeping in the office. It’s artificial, so it doesn’t require any regular maintenance, and it’s slim so as not to take up too much space on a desk. The subtle white lights with six twinkle functions add a classy touch, and the transparent cord won’t take any attention away from the decor.

faux pre-lit alpine tabletop tree Courtesy of Anthropologie


23. Ribbed Glass Tree Cloche


This ribbed glass tree may not be your typical Christmas tree, but it’s designed in the shape and spirit, so it still creates that festive vibe. The chic and modern ribbed glass design is perfect for filling with string or tea lights for a bit of a glow. If you don’t like your decorations to be too on the nose, this is the perfect tabletop tree for you.

class tabletop tree Courtesy of Pottery Barn


24. Elegant Entrance Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


From the first time you see the Elegant Entrance Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, it’s instantly apparent this tree is classier than average. While that elevated sophistication does come with a heftier price tag, this three-foot tree does pay back your investment. It’s constructed from a high-quality, flame-retardant PVC for peace of mind. Secondly, it comes with an array of eye-catching ornaments, including pinecones and balls, along with a string of 50 warm white lights to illuminate the tree and surroundings. Lastly, the tree is mounted in a golden cup, ensuring the tree looks fantastic from top to bottom.

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greyleigh elegant entrance tree Courtesy of Wayfair


25. Christmas Tree Musical Snow Globe


The Christmas Tree Musical Snow Globe isn’t just a display piece. It’s an interactive toy, too. Tip it upside down and watch your globe turn into a snowy scene. This globe is a fabulous tabletop Christmas tree for children and anyone who sometimes needs a distraction on their desk. This snow globe can also play “Deck the Halls” if you wind the switch on the base.

spode christmas tree with musical snow globe Image courtesy of Wayfair


26. The Holiday Aisle Antique Silver Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


It’s not easy being green, which is why this tabletop Christmas tree ditches the traditional color for silver instead. Solo, this tree will light up a room by sheen alone, but decorated in some string lights and a few silver ornaments will bring the look up a notch or two.

The Holiday Aisle Antique Silver Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Courtesy of Wayfair


27. National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree


The National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree is a splurge-worthy and colorful answer to decking out your desk or tabletop. The 4-foot-tall tree comes decorated with tiny balls as well as dozens of multicolor lights for a rainbow-like visual display you’ll love to see day after day. On arrival, simply fold out the branches into a natural tree shape and pop the two pieces together for a complete tree. Remember that this tree is slightly larger than most tabletop Christmas trees, but it is still suitable for offices, classrooms, and smaller spaces that need a little Christmas cheer.

national tree company pre lit artificial christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


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