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Keep Your Mind Sharp With These Sudoku Books

Slow-paced days may leave you scrolling through your phone. However, this habit isn’t the best for your eyes or brain. Puzzle books are a great way to stay occupied while challenging your brain. And few puzzles are quite as entrancing as sudoku.

Sudoku is a numerical puzzle that you play on a grid. While the specific origin is contested, the game rapidly gained popularity in Japan during the 80’s. Today, you can find these brain benders in newspapers, magazines, and of course, puzzle books.

Each sudoku puzzle is ranked by difficulty, and most sudoku books include a variety of levels. So, you can start off easy as a beginner before working your way up. While the game is certainly challenging, you will likely find it relaxing as well. Keeping a puzzle book on hand is a great way to unwind without staring at a screen.

If you’re ready to take on a sudoku challenge, here are some popular puzzle books to buy.


1. Funster 1,000+ Sudoku Puzzles

If you’re looking to improve your sudoku skills, this book is a great buy. Funster’s sudoku book features six puzzles per page. You’ll find 330 easy, 342 medium and 330 hard puzzles within the book. This progression allows you to gradually solve more difficult puzzles. The pages feature larger print than that of the typical newspaper puzzle.

Pros: The pages have wide margins, so you can easily tear them out. You’ll also receive free downloadable bonus puzzles with your order.

Cons: With six puzzles per page, the book may feel crowded for some people. The “hard” puzzles might be too easy for sudoku experts.

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2. Brain Games Relax And Solve Sudoku

Brain Games’ sudoku puzzle book is perfect for relaxation. The 161 puzzles have a low to moderate difficulty level. Since the puzzles aren’t too difficult, you’ll want to bring this book to the beach or use it before bed. The spiral binding keeps the pages in place, and the print is large.

Pros: The puzzles are large and easy to see. This book is perfect for beginners.

Cons: The size of the book may feel bulky. The puzzles don’t have difficulty labels.

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3. The Big Book of Sudoku

The Big Book of Sudoku has puzzles for every level. The 540 puzzles are divided into warm-up, challenging and tough sections. There is also a bonus challenge section that includes several puzzles linked together. The sturdy book has spiral binding and lays flat, so you can write on it comfortably. It’s also thick enough to use on the go without a table.

Pros: The book has multiple puzzles per page to conserve space. The size of the book is great for traveling.

Cons: The print is on the smaller side. The warm-up puzzles may be too easy for more experienced sudoku fans.

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4. BeeBoo Puzzles Big Book of Sudoku

BeeBoo Puzzles’ sudoku book contains 1,000 medium to hard puzzles. The condensed layout includes six puzzles per page, and you’ll find the answers for each puzzle in the back of the book. This book also features high-quality paper, which won’t bleed or tear easily.

Pros: The thick paper will hold up to frequent erasing. Intermediate and advanced players won’t need to skip over easy puzzles when using this book.

Cons: There isn’t a drastic difference between the medium and hard difficulty levels. The sudoku grids are close together on the page.

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5. Puzzle Proof Extremely Hard Sudoku Book

Sudoku experts will love this challenging set of puzzles. The 8.5 by 11-inch book includes 100 hard, 100 very hard and 100 extremely hard sudoku grids. There are four grids per page, so you’ll have enough space to work. The font is also large enough to see comfortably. You can find the puzzles’ answers in the back of the book if you get stumped.

Pros: The challenging puzzles will keep experienced sudoku players occupied. The text is easy to read.

Cons: The puzzles may still not be extreme enough for some players.

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