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VenueKings vs SeatGeeks: Where to Buy Tickets for This Year’s Biggest Concerts

Everyone loves to see their favorite rock stars live on stage, but doing the digging to find the best ticket deals is often a non-starter. And while traditional outlets like Ticketmaster offer first dibs, they’re no help once the shows are sold out.

To help make your ticket hunt more manageable, we spied deals from two of the most popular ticket sources for some of the year’s hottest shows. Think you’re out of luck when looking for tickets for your favorite artists? Think again. Check out three examples we found below and follow the links to find tickets to shows in your area.

1. Coldplay at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

One of the most anticipated tours of the year is coming to Pasadena on Friday, October 6. If you want to get close to the band, stick to SeatGeek. They have stage-side floor seats starting as low as $282. Venue King doesn’t have floor seats available–or even mapped–on its seating chart, but they do have a lower starting price for the cheap seats: $76.63 versus SeatGeek’s bottom price of $81.

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Find Coldplay Tickets at SeatGeek | Find Coldplay Tickets at VenueKing


2. Bruno Mars at The Forum in Inglewood

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Fans in Los Angeles will have four chances to see Bruno Mars play The Forum in Inglewood, with shows scheduled for November 7, 8, 10 and 11. The concerts are completely sold out on Ticketmaster, but we’ve found great seats available through VenueKing and SeaetGeek. If you want to sit front and center, your best bet is to get tickets through VenueKing for the November 10 concert; they have tickets available starting at $1,062 each. The best stage-side seats from SeatGeek start around $1200 for the November 7 and 10 shows. If you don’t care where you and just really want to see Bruno perform live, checkout VenueKing’s selection for the November 7 show–cheap seats are selling for as low as $202.68.

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Find Bruno Mars Tickets at SeatGeek | Find Bruno Mars Tickets at VenueKing


3. Katy Perry at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

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If Katy Perry live in concert sounds way better to you than the Katy Perry livestream, you’re in luck because the pop star is playing three nights at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles this fall: November 7, 8 and 10. The lowest price points to see Perry are through VenueKing for the November 7 show, with tickets starting at $65.94. Stage-side seats for the same night start at $182 from Seatgeek, and you can get a ticket to the pit starting at $310. Pick up her new album — or a pair of shoes from her new collection — beforehand, to properly prep for the show.

Find Katy Perry Tickets at SeatGeek | Find Katy Perry Tickets at VenueKings

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