The Best Transformers Toys for All the Autobots Out There

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Few toys have withstood the test of time as well as Transformers. Alongside other legends like Barbie dolls and Rubik’s cubes, the robots in disguise remain popular even today in a world crammed full of high-tech toys and a seemingly endless number of TV shows. What keeps these Transformers toys at the top of children’s wish lists? Well, it could be that the best Transformers toys fulfill fantasies of cars turning into robots. Alternatively, it might be the fact that instead of one toy, you get two when that toy makes its transformation.

Since their first appearance in the mid-1980s, Transformers have truly captured our imaginations and given us some of the most entertaining cartoons, toys and feature films imaginable. It’s perhaps little wonder, given their longevity, that when it comes to choosing the best Transformers toys, you’re truly spoiled for choice. In addition to the ever-popular, vintage-style transforming figures, other fun Transformers-adorned toys and gift ideas include:

  • Preschooler-friendly figures
  • Movie-inspired action figures
  • Transforming remote-controlled cars
  • Bedsheets
  • Clothing
  • Voice-changing masks
  • Die-cast models
  • Lunch bags and flasks
  • Watches

Below you’ll find our 16 favorite Transformers toys. There are options for all budgets and all ages. No matter whether you’re rooting for the Autobots, or you’ve always had a soft spot for the Decepticons, there’s something for every allegiance.


1. Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Action Figure


Because of its transforming capabilities, the Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Action Figure is effectively two toys in one. Inspired by the popular Transformers Rescue Bots TV show, Optimus transforms through simple steps from a robot to a truck. You’ll also find Optimus’s rescue saw which attaches to both the robot and truck forms, adding more options during imagination play. And, if you’re still unsure about whether or not your child will love this action figure, perhaps the 1,500 five-star ratings from happy Amazon customers will reassure you.

best transformers toys playskool heroes energize optimus prime Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Transformers GT Nano Die-cast Cars


If your kids are anything like the ones we know, die-cast cars, like those found in this Transformers GT Nano Die-cast Cars pack, are always a winner. This three-car pack is the ideal gift for young children who love playing with cars. What’s even better is that this set includes a truck (Optimus), a VW beetle car (Bumblebee) and a jet fighter (Starscream), meaning your child can enjoy the fun of both land and sky imagination play. In addition, each officially licensed vehicle is taken directly from the big screen and durable enough to withstand rough play.

die cast cars transformers Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Funko Pop! Keychain: Optimus Prime


Need a cool way to show your love for the Transformers without having to carry around a children’s toy? Then, the Funko Pop! Keychain: Optimus Prime is definitely for you. This newly-released keychain is styled on the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and sits at two inches tall for a comfortable fit inside pockets and on keyrings. And, if Optimus isn’t your pick of the Transformers, you may prefer the Bumblebee or Megatron alternatives.

transformers toys keyring optimus funko pop optimus Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Transformers Die Cut Silver Face Insulated Lunch Kit


Imagine how cool your child (or possibly you?) will look while pulling lunch out of this eye-catching Transformers Die Cut Silver Face Insulated Lunch Kit. The bag sports the instantly recognizable Autobot logo on the front. It also features a fully insulated design with a secure zippered-closure as well as a padded handle which ensures comfort during carrying. This is a fantastic gift idea for school-age children.

lunchbag transformers silver die cut silver face Image courtesy of Amazon


5. VIGOROSO Digital Pu Transformers Wristwatch


A genuine transforming transformer on your wrist? That’s right. It really is that cool. The VIGOROSO Digital Pu Transformers Wristwatch sports an Optimus Prime-inspired design and features transforming arms and legs surrounding the centrally located digital time display. The tiny, wrist-sized transformer can also be popped off of the watch strap for greater play options. Furthermore, you can choose between four different strap colors.

wrist watch vigoroso transformer Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Bumblebee DVD


If IMDB ratings are to be trusted, Bumblebee, the latest film in the Transformers franchise, is the best offering since the original Transformers film back in 2007. This family-friendly film puts the Autobot, Bumblebee, as the main focus and delivers a coming-of-age origin story you’re sure to enjoy. As well as the DVD, the movie is also available in Blu-ray, Prime Video and 4K-video formats.

best transformers toys dvd bumblebee Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Thermos Funtainer Transformers Bottle


The Thermos Funtainer Transformers Bottle is another great backpack-worthy addition for Transformer-loving kids. It sports a 12-ounce capacity and has vacuum insulation which is capable of keeping drinks cool for up to 12 hours. You’ll also find a push-style button for easy opening and secure closing over the handy, built-in straw. However, it’s important to note that this Optimus-adorned bottle isn’t designed for hot beverages.

thermos flask childrens funtainer optimus Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Scooli Optimus & Bumblebee Pencil Case


The Scooli Optimus & Bumblebee Pencil Case is the ideal gift for the more artistic Transformer fans out there. The set has everything a Transformer fan could wish for to create their very own drawings of their favorite transforming robots. Contents include colored pencils, fiber-tip pens, a pencil, an eraser and a ruler. Additionally, the zipper closure case features the cartoon versions of Optimus and Bumblebee on the outside.

transformers toys pencil case optimus bumblebee Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Transformers Toys Studio Megatron Action Figure


If you’re more of a Decepticon-supporting person, you’re going to love this Transformers Toys Studio Megatron Action Figure. At 6.5 inches tall, this collectible Megaton figure has an imposing presence when on display and even comes with a box that doubles up as a background for your play scene. It features a design inspired by the specifications and details given in the Transformers movie universe and, perhaps best of all, is capable of a 21-step conversion to his iconic Cybertronian Jet.

model toy studio series 54 voyager megatron Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Desuccus Remote Control Car


How do you make a transforming robot even cooler? Well, you make him remote-controlled, that’s how. This Desuccus Remote Control Car puts you in control and allows you to change between a standing robot with arms and a fully steerable sports car at the touch of a single button. When standing, the robot is capable of 360-degree turns, while the four-wheeled car offers full control and higher speeds. In addition, the car includes bottom-mounted, flashing LED lights for a more eye-catching look.

remote controlled car desuccus Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Transformers Optimus Prime Character Hoodie


It’s not just toys that are more interesting when inspired by Transformers; clothing is, too. This officially-licensed Transformers Optimus Prime Character Hoodie helps you imagine what it’s like to look like the leader of the Autobots. This wearable hood has eye holes cut out. It’s a fun addition to any wardrobe as well as a quick and easy option for a last-minute costume.

transformers optimus prime boys hoodie Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Transformers Toys Vintage Action Figure


If your memory goes back a little earlier than the 2000s and you recall a time when Transformers really were the most advanced toys on the market, you’ll definitely get a buzz from this Transformers Toys Vintage G1 Astrotrain Action Figure. The model is a recreation of the original 1985 G1 design. This toy doesn’t just switch between two models; it switches between three! The robot form can change into a train in only eight steps. Add six more steps, and you can have a space shuttle in your hands. This is an ideal gift for both older and younger minds to enjoy.

best transformers toys vintage transforming toy walmart astrotrain Image courtesy of Walmart


13. Transformers: Bumblebee Movie DJ Bumblebee Toy


The Transformers: Bumblebee Movie DJ Bumblebee Toy allows you to collaborate with the greatest DJ in the Transformers universe. This advanced toy lets you record your own voice and play it back over beats supplied by none other than Bumblebee himself. To add to your control, you can also move Bumblebee’s arms to change the music or tempo. The real-life music clips include “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, “Bust A Move” by Young MC and the one and only “Robots in Disguise” — the Transformers theme song!

transformers toys bumblebee movie toys Image courtesy of Amazon


14. The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet


Take your Autobot credentials to the next level with The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet. When on, this high-tech gadget will change your voice so you sound just like the Autobot leader. You’ll also be able to play a number of button-activated phrases and sounds for a more genuine transformation. In addition to voice changing, the helmet itself features an impressive amount of detail and includes an adjustable strap in the back for a more secure fit.

transformers the last night optimus voice changer mask Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Transformers Masterpiece Barricade MPM-5 Toy


For a genuinely convincing transformation, add the Transformers Masterpiece Barricade MPM-5 Toy to your collection. This intricate model transforms from a realistic-looking police car to a human-crushing robot in 40 individual steps. Each form of the toy was inspired by the 2007 original Transformers and includes a truly impressive level of detail, making it a great gift idea for Transformers-loving kids and older enthusiasts, too.

barricade masterpiece movie series transformer toy Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Cenarious Transformers Duvet Cover Set


No self-respecting Transformers fan would be happy sleeping under anything else than this Cenarious Transformers Duvet Cover Set. The four-piece cotton set is made up of two pillowcases, a flat sheet and a duvet cover. Each piece in the set features pictures of Transformers, including pillowcases with both Optimus and Bumblebee and a duvet cover featuring five Autobots alongside the Transformers name and “Protect the Earth.”

bed sheets cenarious transformers Image courtesy of Amazon


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