The 19 Most Riveting True Crime Podcasts Available to Stream Right Now

Best true crime podcasts
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Nothing churns your stomach or gets your heart racing like a great true crime podcast. They’ll make you feel a little uneasy, but you also won’t be able to stop listening once one of these stories grips you. Some of the best true crime podcasts are more light hearted, some are downright tragic, and some have endings (or lack thereof) that are just plain puzzling.

Whether you’re a forensics geek, obsessed with unsolved mysteries or have yet to catch the latest season of Serial, these are the best true crime podcasts to tune into right now. Catch them on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or almost anywhere podcasts are available for streaming.

Because there are so many true crime podcasts, we’ve broken down our favorites into these categories:

  • Scary True Crime Podcasts
  • OMG I Can’t Stop Listening Podcasts
  • Historical Crime Podcasts
  • Cold Case Podcasts
  • From the Forensic Files
  • White-Collar Crime Podcasts

The Scariest True-Crime Podcasts…

Let’s Not Meet

Let's Not Meet Podcast Courtesy of Let’s Not Meet

Let’s Not Meet has got to be one of the eeriest podcasts around these days. It tells true stories of scary, creepy and downright dangerous encounters in people’s pasts with strangers. Each one ends with a declaration that they hope to never meet that person ever again. Needless to say, you’ll look at strangers very differently after listening to a few episodes of this one.

Episodes: 40+
Episode Length: 30 mins


Serial Killers

Serial Killers Podcast Courtesy of Serial Killers Podcast

This podcast focuses on, yup, you guessed it. True stories of serial killers throughout the ages. They use real recordings and actors to portray these eerie stories with a level of accuracy that’ll make you squirm in your car seat. Get ready to deep dive into some of the most destructive and disturbed minds of all time. You won’t want to sleep alone in your apartment after listening to this one.

Episodes: 60+
Length of Episodes: 60 mins


Can’t Stop Listening Podcasts…


Serial Podcast Courtesy of Serial

You’ve probably heard of Serial by now, the original true crime podcast obsession. The first season covered the murder and disappearance of Hae Min Lee in 1999 and the conviction of her classmate Adnan Syed. The dedicated host and reporter Sarah Koenig weaves together the story in great detail — so much so that he’s been given a shot at appeal by the Maryland Court of Appeals. It’s a must-listen for sure.

Episodes: 30+ Over 3 Seasons
Length of Episodes: 60 mins


My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder Podcast Courtesy of My Favorite Murder

If you want to unwind with a few girlfriends and chat about murder, this macabre show’s for you. The two hosts, Karen and Georgia, are hilarious and have generated quite a cult following of self-proclaimed “Murderinos” who are obsessed with this show. They’re excellent story-tellers and researchers, and you’ll end every episode with a newfound appreciation for the weird, wacky and tragic ways people kill each other. Thanks to the hosts’ great chemistry and clear enthusiasm for the subject matter, this is one of the best true crime podcasts available right now.

Episodes: 150+
Length of Episodes: 60+ mins


A Killing on the Cape

A Killing on the Cape Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

If you’re a soap opera lover, this podcast is for you. ABC and 20/20 join forces to tell the dramatic true story of a glamorous fashion writer’s murder in scenic Cape Cod, where Christa Worthington was stabbed to death with her two-year-old daughter unharmed right next to her. It’s as chilling and captivating as it is puzzling.

Episodes: Six
Length of Episodes: 60 mins or less


Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie Podcast Courtesy of Crime Junkie

This podcast has more than 19,000 5-star reviews on Apple podcasts for a reason. It’s riveting and beloved for its detailed story-telling and deep dives into murderers, crimes and creepiness in each episode. They’ve even hinted at it becoming its own dramatic series — we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for that one.

Episodes: 60+
Length of Episodes: 30+ mins


To Live and Die in LA

To Live and Die in LA Courtesy of Stitcher

This super-addictive true crime podcast focuses on a chilling murder of a beautiful aspiring actress in Hollywood. Adea Shabani was beloved and new to the area when she hopped in her boyfriend’s pickup truck one Sunday and never returned. Straight forward answer? Not so much. Tune in for some major twists and turns.

Episodes: 12 Episodes in Season 1
Length of Episodes: 30+ mins


The Best Historical True Crime Podcasts…


Cults Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

Ah, cults. If you’re fascinated by this bizarre aspect of our society, then you must tune into this podcast. They devote two episodes to every cult so you get all the juicy details about these insanely fascinating communities. They cover all the most well-known cults, and some that make you question if the human race is really on the right track.

Episodes: 40+
Length: 60 mins or less


Atlanta Monster

Atlanta Monster Podcast Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Take a deep dive into one of the most darkly chilling moments in Atlanta’s history. In the span of two years, 25 black children and young adults went missing and were murdered. Why? Who? When? Get answers to some of these baffling questions by tuning into this can’t-miss true crime podcast.

Episodes: 10
Length: 60 mins


True Crime Historian

True Crime Historian Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

If you’re a history buff who wants a little thrill this series perfectly combines history and true crime. Host Richard O. Jones digs up old cases from the past and brings them to light in the present for their importance, relevance and sometimes infuriating lack of resolve.

Episodes: 200+
Length: 60+ mins


The Best Cold Case Podcasts…

Missing & Murdered

Missing & Murdered Courtesy of Stitcher

The first season of this equally devastating and intriguing podcast is dedicated to the unsolved murder of Alberta Williams, a young woman in British Columbia. The second season turns towards a young girl, Cleo whose story is torn between two different sources. Her family claims she was stolen, raped and murdered, but child welfare services has another version of the story to share.

Episodes: 18
Length: 60 mins


Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished Courtesy of iHeart Radio

This podcast dives into the unsolved disappearance of Tara Grinstead, an American beauty queen and high school teacher in George who went missing in 2005. The details surrounding her disappearance have yet to be fully flesheds out, and there’s a lot still missing from the narrative. Host Payne Lindsey re-interviews old witnesses and persons of interest, trying to get an answer.

Episodes: 25+
Length: 60 mins


The Best Mock True Crime Podcasts…


Limetown Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

Check out the OG source of the Amazon Prime video spin-off with this fake mock true crime podcast. They use fake public-radio-style storytelling to lay out the tale of this fictitious rural town and the eerie happenings that take place there. It’s the true-crime version of Welcome to Night Vale. The story may be false, but the emotions you’ll feel with this one are very much real, and you’ll be happy to know it’s returning for a second season this year.

Episodes: Six
Length: 60 mins


A Very Fatal Murder

A Very Fatal Murder Podcast Courtesy of IndieWire

If the name didn’t already get you, this mock true crime podcast from the folks over at the Onion is a perfect spin-off of this dramatic genre. Enjoy some light-hearted storytelling and spot-on impressions in this darkly humorous podcast.

Episodes: Six
Length: 30 mins


From the Forensic Files…


Detective Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

This podcast is not for the faint of heart. Take a venture behind the yellow tape and hear true crime stories told from the homicide detectives in charge of revealing every heart-wrenching detail behind grisly homicides. They don’t hold back, so get ready to feel all the emotions.

Episodes: 22
Length: 30 mins or less


Court Junkie

Court Junkie Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

If you’re a forensic-science nerd, then this podcast looks at the actual cases behind some of America’s most interesting true crimes. Dig into the details and decide for yourself what the verdict should be. Guilty? Innocent? Spoiler alert — it’s not that simple.

Episodes: 50+
Length: 60 mins or more


Casefile True Crime

Casefile True Crime Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

If you want some straight up facts you wish weren’t facts — this podcast is for you. The host is an anonymous Australian who leads you deep into factual evidence of some seriously chilling cases. The production is great and it’s always well-researched.

Episodes: 80+
Length: 60 mins or more


Top White-Collar Crime Podcasts…


Crimetown Podcast Courtesy of iHeart Radio

If you want to focus on a less gruesome form of crime, check out Crimetown. Season one covers the dark side of Providence, Rhode Island where corruption and organized crime ran rampant once upon a time. This quaint New England state might seem calm and tame but there’s a whole world of white collar crime to be explored.

Episodes: 20+
Length: 60 mins or less



Swindled Podcast Courtesy of Stitcher

If you’re already anti-corporate, listen to this podcast and fuel your fire even more. It tells the many (many!) tales of corporate greed, bribery, swindling and white-collar crime at the C-suite and E-suite levels.

Episodes: 14+
Length: 60 mins or less