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In Renaissance, Beyonce Says Birkin Bags Are Out and Telfar Bags Are In

At the end of the final song on Renaissance, Beyonce’s newest album, the singer name drops several high-end designers but dedicates a whole line to Telfar, a Liberian-American and Black-owned luxury label. Beyonce declares, “This Telfar bag imported/Birkins, them shit in storage.”

And just like that, the once-iconic Birkin bag is out.

Beyonce not only influences culture, she determines it. And when Beyonce speaks, we listen.

In case you missed it: Beyonce just dropped her new album. The album’s title, Renaissance, could be a nod to Beyonce’s return to the creative process after the pandemic, a time that felt stagnant for many. While Beyonce’s previous album, Lemonade, was a multimedia emotional journey working through her husband’s infidelity, Renaissance is all about revival. The new album also deals with her relationship with her husband Jay-Z, but with a renewed sense of joy and exuberance following a personally tumultuous period.

On “Summer Renaissance,” the last track of the album, Beyonce sings about seducing a man, presumably Jay-Z, saying “I wanna house you and make you take my name/I’m gonna spouse you and make you tat your ring.” (The couple share matching tattoos on their ring fingers.) The song is a celebration of desire, both desiring someone else, but also lusting after oneself. Beyonce revels in feeling seduced by her own body and her own physical and sexual power.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z in “Apeshit” music video Courtesy of The Carters

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As part of that celebration, she sings about flaunting her Telfar bags:

Versace, Bottega, Prada, Balenciaga
Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy
Collect your coins, Beyoncé
So elegant and raunchy
This haute couture I’m flaunting
This Telfar bag imported
Birkins, them shit’s in storage
I’m in my bag

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Beyonce on the cover of Renaissance, her new album. Courtesy of Columbia Records

What Are Telfar Bags?

Telfar was founded in 2005 by Liberian-American Black designer, Telfar Clemons. The entire label is unisex, and as far as luxury labels go, extremely affordable. The label operates under the tagline “not for you — it’s for everyone.” The popular bags, called shopping bags, are made out of vegan leather and cost between $150-$257 (though when resold the prices can be closer to $200-$300). Telfar has become a symbol of fashion and community without the traditional methods of exclusion employed by luxury brands like Birkin. To buy a Birkin may require waitlists, VIP invitations, in-store visits, white gloves, and at least $10,000. Beyonce is over the whole stuffy affair.

Telfar is affordable and has become a highly sought-after brand because of limited drops, accessible prices and a lack of ostentatious formalities. Telfar also created the Bag Security Program, a limited-time surprise offer where shoppers can pay upfront for a made-to-order shopping bag that will ship 3-6 months following the order. Through this process, Telfar has completely reinvented the designer-consumer relationship endorsed by traditional fashion houses. Telfar replaces exclusion with inclusion and trust.


Where Can You Buy Telfar Shopping Bags Online?

Unfortunately, for all the reasons we just outlined, Telfar bags are very hard to find. If you visit the Telfar online store, you’ll see that all of their bags are currently sold out, and new bags go out of stock almost as soon as they appear. However, Telfar also sells other types of apparel and accessories, which you can purchase at the Telfar website.

If you want to own a Beyonce-approved bag but missed the last Telfar drop, below are some Telfar bags for sale online from secondhand sites like StockX.


1. Small Shopping Bag

The Telfar’s Small Shopping Bag comes in a variety of colors. It’s perfect for everyday use, and is just large enough to fit your phone, keys and wallet. It can be worn over the shoulder or carried in your hand.

  • Dimensions: 6 5/8″W x 4 3/4″H x 3″D
  • Strap Drop: 21″

Telfar small black shopping bag

Telfar Small Painter's Tape Shopping Bag


2. Medium Shopping Bag

Telfar’s Medium Shopping bag comes in all the same color options as the small. This bag is great for taking into the office as it fits a laptop. It can be worn as a crossbody or carried in your hand.

  • Dimensions: 15″W x 11 1/4″H x 5″D
  • Strap Drop: 21″

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Telfar medium eggplant shopping bag

Telfar Medium Grey Shopping Bag


3. Large Shopping Bag

The Telfar Large Shopping Bag is perfect for a weekend road trip or a cross-country carry-on. It has an internal pocket that fits a laptop and like all other Telfar bags, it can be worn with a crossbody strap or by carrying two handles.

  • Dimensions: 19 1/4″W x 14 3/4″H x 7″D
  • Strap Drop: 21″

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Telfar Dark Olive Large Shopping Bag

Telfar Large Oxblood Shopping Bag