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Billboard is Letting Music Fans Wager on the Charts

Music trends constantly shift and evolve, but Billboard magazine has been the steady source for music charts for decades. Even as the industry has turned from tapes and CDs to Spotify and TikTok, Billboard has managed to quantify which songs, albums and artists are the most popular across its many charts, like Hip-Hop, Top Album Sales and of course, The Hot 100. And if you’ve always felt like you had a keen sense of what was trending on the charts, then Billboard’s latest endeavor will likely be an intriguing one.

Billboard is collaborating with VersusGame, an online platform where you can win money by guessing the outcome of events. The platform takes inspiration from those ever-popular Instagram story polls but adds some stakes and a competitive element.

Individuals generate the games on the platform, who post questions in video form. You then simply vote on which of the two outcomes you think is most likely using tokens you purchase through the site. You can also make guesses for free (though you won’t win anything if you’re right).

Typical subjects are sports, financial markets, and pop culture. Still, since the games are user-generated, there are Yes/No polls for pretty much anything (one example: whether or not a tub of face moisturizer thrown in the air will land upright).

Billboard charts and album sales are already a popular subject on VersusGame, but now Billboard is officially participating. Billboard will host twice-weekly challenges on VersusGame with games announced by celebrities like Jason Derulo. Users will be able to make guesses based on what’s going to happen on the charts.