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Nostalgia Deal of the Day: Buy Lite-Brite for $12 and Make Your 90s Kid Dreams Come True

Where are my fellow 90s kids? We’re taking you back to the era of calling in your favorite Blink-182 or N-Sync song to Total Request Live. We’re taking you back to the Blockbuster age, when Nickelodeon was still airing the greatest TV shows of all time.

Today, Amazon is offering a fantastic deal on one of the most popular 90 toys from your childhood — the Lite-Brite. Amazon just discounted the classic Lite-Brite game to $12.12, a 39% discount from the regular price of $20 (and, yes, it’s available via Amazon Prime). This is the perfect chance to rediscover one of your favorite childhood toys, so don’t miss out on this great 90s kid deal.

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Rediscover Lite-Brite, the Ultimate Millennial Nostalgia Purchase

Made by Basic Fun, the Lite-Brite is a simple toy that can provide endless fun. You simply place colored pegs into holes to create fun pictures made from light. Sure, modern kids can simply draw on their mom’s iPad or fire up Youtube, but back in our day, when our parents told us to turn off the TV, Lite-Brite was the only screen in town.

If you have kids of your own, Lite-Brite is a great toy to spark creativity and imagination through active play. Plus, every minute your kids spend playing around with Lite-Brite is a minute they’re not watching YouTube or staring at a tablet screen.

For childless millennials like me, Lite-Brite is a great party activity or nostalgia-inspired piece of home decor. When other 90s kids come to visit, they’ll be obsessed with your new purchase. This classic toy would also make for a great Christmas Gift in 2021.)

And if you really want to make your 90s kid dreams come true, you can buy the Lite-Brite Bonus Set, which comes with extra pegs and templates to make fun lightscapes in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the Bonus Set isn’t on sale, but for just $32, it’s still a bargain. Since you’re in charge of your own allowance these days, go ahead and treat yourself to the Lite-Brite you’ve always wanted.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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