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Be The Life of The Barbecue With These Paddle Ball Games

Backyard games are a sunny day staple. As the weather warms up, you and your family can let your competitive sides out through these classic activities. And few backyard games are quite as classic as paddle ball.

The concept of paddle ball is simple. Players hold wooden paddles and volley a small ball. While traditional paddle ball is played off a wall, you can play in a circle and keep the ball from hitting the ground. Most people play this way at the beach, park or yard.

Paddle ball kits are great to have on hand, since they’re easy to stash in a car or beach bag. Most of these sets come with two paddles and a few balls. Some might include a carrying bag as well.

When browsing the best paddle ball games, look for features like water resistance and durability. You’ll want the paddles to last through seasonal wear and tear.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite paddle ball games for you to add to your game collection.

1. Surfminton Classic Wooden Paddle Game

This paddle ball set comes with the essentials: two rackets and four balls. You can choose from two vibrant color options. The wooden paddles are water-resistant, so you can play at the beach or by the pool. However, like other wooden models, they aren’t waterproof. The balls are heavy enough to bounce off the paddles without blowing away in the wind.

Pros: The wood is sturdy and water-resistant. You can keep the set in the convenient mesh bag.

Cons: The handles aren’t the most durable, so they might snap or loosen with general wear.

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2. Nisha Paddle Ball Beach Games

This simple paddle ball set includes two wooden rackets and two balls. The wood is warp-resistant, keeping its shape despite frequent play. The balls are made of dense rubber, so you can get a solid bounce with each volley. For additional comfort, the handles are reinforced with a non-slip grip. You’ll also receive a plastic storage case with your order.

Pros: The wood really does hold its shape on these paddles. Both kids and adults can enjoy this set.

Cons: The paddles are water-resistant but not waterproof.

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3. Pro Kadima Paddle Ball Set

Pro Kadima’s paddle ball set is great for couples or friends on the go. The two wooden racquets are reinforced with a varnish, and the plastic handles are comfortable to hold. This set includes one rubber ball and two plastic backup balls. The paddles float, so feel free to use them by the water. But keep in mind that they’re not completely waterproof.

Pros: The handles are comfortable to hold. These paddles float, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the lake or ocean.

Cons: These paddles might be too heavy for young kids. The wood may splinter over time.

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4. Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game

This set combines the fun of paddle ball and badminton. You’ll receive two florescent paddles with your order, as well as four birdies, a ball and a storage bag. These paddles are made of seven-layer plywood and include a comfortable foam grip. The product is lightweight and water resistant, making it perfect for kids and adults.

Pros: The bright-colored paddles are easy to spot in the dark. You can switch up the game with balls, fast birdies and slow birdies.

Cons: The set only comes with one ball. The birdie feathers might start falling out over time.

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