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The Best Christmas Tree Skirts To Make Your Home More Festive and Reduce Pine Needle Cleanup

Looking to hide your unsightly Christmas tree stand or a trunk? There are several measures you can take to beautify it, and the most popular method is with a Christmas tree skirt. A skirt enhances the appearance of your tree, provides a place to put gifts, and adds a sense of cohesion. It also completes the task of collecting those pesky little pine needles that inevitably fall off.

Christmas tree skirts are available in many styles and materials, from no-frills, farmhouse-inspired looks to more upscale varieties. These skirts work with real and artificial Christmas trees, and it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality one you can use year after year since this is a hot-selling item that’s often out of stock once the holidays roll around. You can also check out Christmas tree collars, which conceal stands better but aren’t as easy to store.

When shopping for Christmas tree skirts online, the first thing to check is your tree’s measurements. If you get a skirt that’s too large, it might create a tripping hazard. But if you get one that’s too small, it won’t collect the pine needles as it should. Most standard sizes sit between 48-52 inches, but there are also 30-36 inch options that might be more suitable for apartment dwellers or anyone living in a small space.

See what’s best for you with our curated list of the best Christmas tree skirts, for every style.


1. AOGU 48-Inch Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt


A snowy white faux fur Christmas tree skirt is the ultimate elegant decor statement. It creates a plush, photogenic background for shots of presents around the tree. This one by AOGU has an expensive look but costs under $30, making it an affordable but essential piece of seasonal decor or that you can use year after year. At 48 inches, the skirt is large enough to fit most trees, and users note that it can be machine washed, although it’s best to avoid drying, as it can mat the fur.

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2. B-COOL Black and Red Buffalo Plaid Tree Skirt


Buffalo plaid is a winter-appropriate pattern that’s not too busy or overly Christmas-themed. With durable double-layered construction, it’s thick enough to survive multiple washes and is kept together by hidden Velcro closures, rather than more visible tie-closure style skirts. Most buyers were satisfied with the purchase, with one customer commenting, “The tree skirt is vibrant, connects easily and my cat hasn’t wrinkled it up or pulled it apart yet so that’s a plus! Highly recommend.”

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Ivenf Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt


Looking to collect your pine needles with more of a rustic and minimalist look? Check out this double-layer burlap skirt secured by ties, which is plain but stunning. It also gives you the ability to customize your skirt and design it as you see fit. Consider this skirt if you have other burlap accents or neutrals in your home. As one commenter puts it, ” I would describe it as a ‘refined’ burlap that would look nice with any décor … not just rustic or country.”

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. 7Felicity Christmas Deer and Snowflake Tree Skirt


There’s no shame in getting passionate about the Christmas festivities, and there’s no better way to do that than decorating your home with as much Christmas-themed stuff as possible: we’re talking reindeers, snowflakes and Santa Claus-themed items. This white and gray Christmas tree skirt has all of those cozy, wintery decorations without being tacky, instead of adding the perfect level of holiday charm to your home and tree. It’s heavyweight enough not to move around and is a subtle alternative to more colorful skirts.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rumi Velvet Tree Skirt


If you’re willing to splurge on a luxurious, high-quality Christmas tree skirt that’s sure to earn compliments from guests, consider the premium Rumi Velvet Tree Skirt, which has a timeless aesthetic and a focus on craftsmanship. It’s available in four colors, making it the most customizable option on our roundups, and features a quilted velvet base with just the right amount of texture. Shoppers are impressed not only by the elegant look, but the level of attention put into the stitching and quality.

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Courtesy of Frontgate


6. Woodsy Winterland Personalized Christmas Tree Skirt


Personalize a skirt for you and yours with this customizable choice that allows you to print any name or icon that you desire, as well as choose what strip color you would like. While the front features a woven polyester material, the backside has a velvet lining, giving it longevity for years to come. It’s a simple and classy way to complete any room, and also makes a fantastic gift given its unique and personal nature.

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Courtesy of Bed Bath, & Beyond

7. LimBridge Knitted Christmas Tree Skirt With Cable Knit Edge


This yarn-based pick with cable-knit detailing around the edge is easy to store and wash. It comes in an attractive creamy white and comes with three ties at the back. The soft, cable-knit style will go well with hanging stockings and has a modern look that will “not distract but enhance your holiday decorations” as one happy customer puts it. Just remember not to toss this in the dryer, as it might shrink substantially.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Mercury Row Hansell Holiday Christmas Tree Skirt


Most Christmas tree skirts on Amazon max out at around 48 inches, but this faux fur one goes up to a whopping 56 inches. It has an instantly recognizable furry texture that mimics snow, but isn’t as long-haired as other faux fur options, giving it a more streamlined look. If you usually have extra-large Christmas trees that make most skirts look microscopic, opt for this XL option instead, which is so soft that one reviewer’s dog has claimed it as their new napping spot.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

9. Also Consider: Home Accents Holiday Brown Rattan Christmas Tree Collar


If you need something a bit more substantial than a tree skirt, consider a two-piece tree collar instead. Since tree skirts aren’t often large enough to cover the not-so-pretty tree stand holding your tree up, a collar can provide more of a structure. The rattan wicker material is stain-resistant, with a versatile look and size that makes it almost universal.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

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