Enjoy Your Cigars On The Go With These Clever Holders

best cigar holders

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The thing about cigars is that you can’t just put them anywhere. When they’re not lit, they have to be kept at a proper temperature in a humidor. And when they are lit, it’s not like you can just set a cigar down on your wood furniture. That’s why cigar holders are handy. Cigar holders may not be as essential as the lighter or cutter, but if smoking a cigar is something that isn’t meant to be rushed, then why not invest in something that lets you take your time?

There are a variety of cigar holders that allow you to either take your cigar on the go, or keep it in reach but not in your hand when lit. If you like to smoke cigars on the links, there are special clips that attach to a golf cart. If smoking while drinking a glass of whiskey is more your speed, this list features an old fashioned glass with a loop for holding a cigar. Also, if you’re looking to take your cigar collection on the go, consider a portable humidor. It’s about the size of a travel coffee thermos, so it’ll be a lot easier to carry than a traditional humidor. These are some clever cigar holders for enjoying cigars on the go.

1. Cigar Compadre Clip On Holder

There are a lot of reasons to love this cigar holder from Cigar Compadre, but our top reason is because it’s so simple. The holder will clip onto just about anything thanks to the strong grip, allowing you to stash you stogie wherever you see fit. Simply attach the clip with the cup standing straight up, and you’ll find you now have a sanitary place to hold your cigar while you play.

Pros: Great for golf or lounging at the beach. Sanitary. Can clip to nearly anything.

Cons: Can pickup a taste of plastic while resting your cigar inside the cup portion of the holder.

best cigar holders Amazon

2. Cigar Minder Clip

This cigar clip is popular for golf carts, but it can be used just about anywhere. The spring-loaded clip is basically a large plastic clothes clip, except it has an additional clip on top for holding the cigar in place. It’s available in all-black or a variety of neon colors if you’re prone to forgetting where you put it.

Pros: Versatile design means it’s useful in a variety of places, especially popular for use with golfers.

Cons: Cigar clip can potentially rip a portion of the cigar if the user isn’t careful enough.

cigar minder cigar holder Amazon

3. Grip Clip Cigar Holder

A simple and easy-to-use holder that will any cigar, no matter how big. What we love about this fine wooden holder is that it’s versatile. You’ll never have to worry about it melting or not being able to hold your cigar. What’s more, it’s devilishly simple. It uses a few well-cut grooves, a couple rubber bands and that’s it.

Pros: Simple, easy-to-store and elegant.

Cons: Be wary of the clip. The strength of the rubber band can sometimes be too much for your cigar, and cause it to pinch.

best cigar holder Amazon