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Grab These Classic Horror Films And TV Boxsets While They’re Up To 58% Off

Amazon has an awesome horror sale on at the moment, with some TV shows and films being discounted by up to 58% off. It’s an excellent time to treat yourself, or the horror fan in your life, to some classic bits of media, and if they’ve never watched them before, then it’s even better.

There’s pretty much everything you could want in here, from classic horror franchises like Friday the 13th to more modern titles like the Cloverfield series. There are also some oddities like Twin Peaks in there too, so it’s not just overt horror fans that win with this sale.

All of them would go great with the best horror books, and also the best games like The Last of Us. While The Last of Us isn’t strictly horror either, there’s no denying how scary the monsters in it are, and some of the best games that feel like it have even more horrific things to fight and fear.

$36.75 $47.99 23% off

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Jason is one of the all-time greats when it comes to horror movie villains. Sure, the lore makes no sense, but if you want a quick scare, these films have you covered.

$12.49 $19.99 38% off

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This makes for an excellent gift for the Stephen King fan in your life, especially if that’s yourself. This collection features some of the best adaptations of King’s work.

$29.99 $37.99 21% off

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The Cloverfield films are a fascinating way to do horror. They’re consistently surprising and incredibly enjoyable, and full of secrets, so you’ll get no more from us on this one.

$32.99 $50.99 35% off

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Twin Peaks isn’t strictly a horror show, but it’s constantly unsettling and rather unnerving too, so we’re counting it. It’s also a cult classic, so if you want to see what the fuss is about, now’s the time to act.

$7.99 $11.99 33% off

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This classic film tells the tale of a young rock guitarist who comes back to life in order to seek revenge on the evil crime organization that took both his and his fiance’s life. It’s an excellent action film, so well worth grabbing today.