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The Excellent Dead Cells Has A New Castlevania-Themed DLC Out Today

Dead Cells is releasing yet another bit of DLC for the ever-growing roguelike, and this time around, it’s all themed around Castlevania, one of the most influential action games around. Return to Castlevania launches today on pretty much every console, but we can’t help but love the game the most on Nintendo Switch.

The new DLC is available on most digital storefronts, but we’ve linked to a version of the game on sale on Amazon today, just in case you’ve never heard of it. This version also includes access to the Rise of the Giant DLC, and a few other bits, like an art book. Of course though, the star of the show today is the new DLC.

Return to Castlevania brings with it three new boss fights, including both Death and Dracula, and actually puts both Richter Belmont and Alucard into the game to help the player out. Not only that, but a bunch of new songs have been added that are updates to old Castlevania music, and there are loads of weapons from the series now available in Dead Cells too.

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Dead Cells is an action roguelike that has you controlling an undying cell that possesses dead bodies to fight back. There are loads of weapons and builds to play with, the music is incredible, and you could easily spend a hundred hours just messing about with the base game, let alone the DLC.