Curious About Disc Golf? Here’s Everything You Need To Get Started

best disc golf sets
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You might not have realized it, but disc golf has quietly become one of the fastest-growing sports in the US. Once a niche game played by college students throwing frisbees at makeshift targets like trashcans and trees, it now has its own governing body and codified rules and regulations. While it may be colloquially known as frisbee golf, disc golf is the proper name for the game; Frisbee is a registered trademark.

Unlike actual golf, the barrier to entry for disc golf is very low. Discs are inexpensive, and disc golf courses, unlike golf courses, are typically located in public parks where the only fee might be for parking. The rules themselves are very similar to traditional golf, and there are different discs for different stages of play, akin to the different clubs of golf. That’s why if you’re looking to get into disc golf, the discs you buy make a difference.

A typical disc golf set comprises of a mid-range, putter, and driver discs, which all have different diameters. Some sets include more specialized discs, which are great for more advanced players.

1. Driven Disc Golf Starter Set

This Amazon listing from Driven makes it easy to choose from many variations of sets, including as few as 3 discs and as many as 8. This particular set consists of 5 discs, including the driver, putter, and mid-range discs. There’s also a convenient carrying bag for hauling your discs through the course.

Pros: Good set for beginners or more advanced players, includes a carrying bag and a bonus mini-disc. Consists of Innova discs, which is one of the top disc golf makers.

Cons: Colors vary in some sets, so there’s no way to know which you’re getting.

driven disc golf set Amazon

2. Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

The discs in this three-disc set are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association, which is the largest governing body of disc golf. There is a driver, a mid-range, and a putter. It’s a good set for beginners and intermediate players, but Discraft makes well-regarded discs among advanced players.

Pros: Basic, affordable set made by well-regarded disc golf manufacturer. “Magnet” and “Buzzz” discs are especially popular.

Cons: All sets include a driver, mid-range, and putter, but there’s no way for players to know which specific models they will receive. This may be a problem for those seeking particular discs.

discraft disc golf set Amazon

3. Innova Disc Golf Set

Innova is another one of the big disc golf manufacturers, and like the Discraft set, this box includes the three essential discs: fairway, mid-range, and putter. They’re weighted and shaped to be comfortable for beginners to throw.

Pros: Set specifically designed for beginners to get the hang of the game. A good value for 3 essential discs.

Cons: You won’t know which style of disc or colors you’re getting, just that it’s a driver, putter, and mid-range.

innova disc golf set Amazon