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The Best Dodgeball Sets for Playing the Game (and Settling Feuds) the Right Way

In the immortal words of the late great Rip Torn in from the film Dodgeball, “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” The lesson here might be this: how much fun you have playing dodgeball depends largely on what you’re dodging. We certainly can’t encourage playing dodgeball with a wrench. In fact, most balls are unsuitable for playing dodgeball, because they’re either too hard or too small for a proper game. Bruised egos are okay, but you don’t want to play a game of dodgeball where people are genuinely getting hurt. That’s why if you want to play dodgeball, it’s worth getting balls that are made specifically for the sport.

The balls on this list are a good size for throwing, and they’re soft and smooth enough to avoid injury. Dodgeball is a great game for kids, but it’s plenty of fun for adults, too. Bring out a set of dodgeballs to your next family BBQ, and you might find out just how tough grandma is. If you find yourself getting really competitive, you can even join a league. You should read up on the rules if it’s been a few years (yes, there are rules). After you do that, the only thing between you and dodgeball dominance will be getting a good set of balls. These are some of the best options out right now.

1. S&S Worldwide Gator Skin Dodgeballs

These dodgeballs come in a set of six, and they’re all various colors. They’re made out of soft foam, so they won’t sting when you get hit by one. The balls are coated with Gator Skin. No, Gator Skin isn’t actually made out of reptiles — it’s a tough synthetic material. The balls are squishy, and they have a grippy textured surface, making them super easy to grab and throw.

Pros: Tough abrasion-resistant exterior. Soft foam construction that doesn’t hurt when thrown. Soft and grippy material.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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2. GoSports Inflatable Dodgeball

Another inflatable option is this affordable set of six from GoSports. Sizing options include 5″ and 7″, and the textured surface ensures a comfortable grip. Plus, the balls come in a mesh drawstring bag, making them easy to haul to and from the battlefield.

Pros: Available in two sizes, includes a mesh drawstring bag for carrying.

Cons: May sting a little when hit with one.

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3. Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeball (Set of 6)

These dodgeballs are considerably more expensive than other varieties because each ball is filled with foam, rather than air. That makes them way softer, so you can throw them pretty hard without hurting anyone. Plus, they have a tough exterior designed to resist tears. They come in various sizes, between 6.3″ and 10,” and you can choose between different colors.

Pros: Soft foam means they can be thrown hard without hurting, durable exterior is resistant to tears.

Cons: Expensive.

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4. ToysOpoly 8.5 inch Dodgeball

This multi-purpose playground ball comes in a set of six, 12, or 24. In addition to dodgeball, these balls are suitable for a variety of schoolyard games like handball and kickball. The balls are 8.5″ in diameter, which is a commonly used size for regulation games.

Pros: Good value, versatile for different playground games. Comes with mesh bag and pump.

Cons: Sizing can be inconsistent within each set.

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5. Franklin Sports Playground Balls

These inflatable rubber balls come in a set of six, and each ball is a different color. A mesh carrying bag is included with the balls. The ball is a 8.5″ in diameter — making them a good all-purpose playground ball for games like handball, kickball, and of course, dodgeball. They have a grippy textured surface, making them easy to play with and throw.

Pros: Good all-purpose playground ball. Includes a mesh carrying bag and a ball pump. Six balls are included.

Cons: These balls may be somewhat large for throwing, and since they’re inflated they may hurt more.

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6. ifavor123 Dodgeball Playballs

These balls are 4.5″ in diameter, making them a good small-sized option for a variety of playground activities. The rubber balls are inflated using the included pump, and they have a textured grip on the outside for easy handling. The balls come in an assortment of colors.

Pros: Small inflatable balls that are easy for a child to hold. Textured surface for gripping. Comes with a pump.

Cons: Pump could be better designed.

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