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New Subscription Boxes Are Something Trump Campaign Might Actually Deliver

* Monthly delivery of “vintage” 2016 campaign gear
* Trump administration looking for positive news after series of controversies
* Subscription box priced at $69/month

“We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning,” Donald Trump told his supporters at a campaign rally last spring. Aside from his stunning victory in November, it’s been a steady stream of controversies ever since for the Commander-in-Chief.

Trump’s travel bans have repeatedly lost in court since he signed the first order on January 27. The president’s most recent setback on that front came just last week, when the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a split decision against the ban, saying “We remain unconvinced [the ban] has more to do with national security than it does with effectuating the President’s promised Muslim ban.”

There’s also been mounting opposition to the Republicans’ attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and, topping it all off, Trump’s son-in-law and personal attorney are now the focus of the Russia investigation.

Still, Trump’s popularity — if not news-making ability — is undeniable. If you’re still on #TeamTrump or just looking for a fun gift idea, we’ve got good news. The Trump/Pence Campaign is launching a Birchbox-style subscription box. For $69 each month, fans get an ongoing delivery of campaign swag.

The Trump/Pence Subscription Box was first made available to campaign backers today. According to, the “exclusive and vintage merch” includes items like Trump/Pence T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons and mugs. The so-called “Big League” box is named after the President’s favorite adjective, which is apparently what he’s been saying instead of “bigly” all this time.

Vintage is right. If you look closely at the image shared by the Center for Public Integrity’s David Levinthal, the merchandise is dated from the 2016 election — not the 2020 election, which is exactly 1,252 days away.

Despite a full array of overpriced mugs, t-shirts, buttons and hats available on the official campaign website, the Big League Box isn’t listed on the shopping page. It looks like this one is specifically marketed to Trump’s most ardent supporters — the people who were so enthused as to sign-up for campaign emails and who still haven’t unsubscribed. Then again, given all the controversy of late, official campaign emails may be the only way to get good news from this administration.