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The Batman x Dr. Squatch Movie-to-Soap Collaboration Lets You Smell Like Batman (in a Good Way)

Cat’s out the bag, folks. Or, should we say bat? 🦇

As you might already know, the most anticipated movie of the year, ‘The Batman’, releases today, March 4, in cinemas across the globe.

That being said, no, you sadly won’t be able to stream this one from the comfort of your own home for a bit now. But, there is some exciting news fans can expect alongside the new flick.

Popular men’s soap brand Dr. Squatch has teamed up with Warner Bro’s and has released one of the most unexpected collaborations we’ve seen in the past few years.

Meet: The Batman Collection by Dr. Squatch.

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Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

This limited-edition collection takes inspiration from the new film and features two bar soaps, “The Batman Bricc” and “The Riddler Enigma” in gorgeously crafted collector’s boxes for folks looking to add to their growing collection of Batman memorabilia.

And, to those of you simply interested in washing your body with a collab you’ll have to sniff to believe, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Inspired by everyone’s favorite superhero, The Batman Bricc boasts a leathery, masculine scent with a heavy musk overtone. It exudes the kind of smell every dude wants in the best body soap.

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Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

Essentially, it’s something that we’d even consider replacing the best cologne we spritz on every morning.

As for The Riddler Enigma? Well, we can’t tell you. That’s a mystery scent you’ll have to experience all for yourself.

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In addition to two scented soaps, Dr. Squatch has packaged the products in a way that presents them as a game. Buyers will find a number of hidden clues, riddles and Easter eggs throughout the packaging and marketing content, creating a Batman-like, detective experience with every purchase.

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Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

“This partnership with Warner Bros. and DC for ‘The Batman’ movie gave us the opportunity to engage with our audience in a new way. We leaned into the story and characters from the film to build the product and messaging, weaving in elements of gamification to give our customers a unique experience that brings the movie to life,” said Josh Friedman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dr. Squatch in a press release. “From a sequence of riddles on the packaging to a full-blown video content series, Squatch customers are going to have an experience unlike anything we have done before.”

Collectors, are you ready? You can pick up each of these soaps today exclusively on Dr. Squatch’s website for just $20. Additionally, you can catch ‘The Batman’ in theaters now. Just make sure you smell your best before going.


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