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The TikTok Sensation ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Is Now a Card Game

TikTokers and tabletop gamers have something new to get excited about as Spin Master just announced a new card game based on the popular TikTok sound, Dumb Ways to Die.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok in recent few months, chances are you’ve caught yourself humming along to a particularly catchy tune. This endlessly entertaining sound has been put over countless videos of content creators engaging in a variety of feats that are, well, dumb. Maybe they’re not getting enough height while attempting to jump a scooter over a friend’s head or perhaps they are clearing icicles from their gutter while standing directly under said icicles. In all cases, the videos will pause at the moment of, “Oh shit,” while the chorus kicks in chanting, “dumb ways to die.”

The Dumb Ways to Die: Card Game pits two to five players against each other in an attempt to have you, little bean friends, outlast your friends’ little bean friends. Chances are not super great for your beans to live to see another day so you’ll find yourself playing ACCIDENT! cards to either put your opponents’ beans in danger while also playing cards to protect your own beans.

Going back on my words, it’s a bit misguided to say the new card game is based on the TikTok sound. Nothing starts off as a TikTok sound. Dumb Ways to Die was originally written as part of a 2012 rail safety campaign for Metro Trains Melbourne. The video PSA features the same cute but unfortunate bean friends depicted in the card game taking part in dumb, funny, yet clearly unsafe activities and then getting their comeuppances. The music and art style has been adapted into several mobile game apps since its original run. Most recently, the song has taken a new life among TikTok content creators being equally as dumb.

The card game comes with 54 playing cards, 15 unique animated bean death cards, one extra larger danger die, and a rules booklet. Dumb Ways to Die: Card Game is priced at $19.99 and will be available later this summer.