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It’s October 3: The Start of Cheesy Hallmark Movie Season (Thanks to Lindsay Lohan)

“On October 3, he asked me what day it was.”

Today is essentially an international holiday for any lover of the cult classic movie Mean Girls. Take off from work, uncork that bottle of red and watch the flick front to back 15 times before you hit the hay. That’s all today is for. Well, until this October 3, 2022.

Today, Lindsay Lohan brought the best Christmas gift to fans a little early this year by announcing the release date for her brand-new Christmas rom-com, Falling For Christmas. This news means that from here on out, cheesy holiday movie season officially begins on October 3.

This announcement comes after fans learned last year that Lohan would be starring in an upcoming Netflix Christmas flick during the holiday season of 2022. And, because this marks Lohan’s first role in a major movie since Paul Schrader’s not-so-well-received The Canyons back in 2013, this is some serious news for Lindsay Lohan fans. Her almost 10-year break as the main character in acting has finally come to a long-awaited end.

And of course, as always, fans are quick to create memes regarding today’s news.

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Courtesy of Chris Vergara (@verbitty on Twitter)

The film will follow 36-year-old Lohan playing a spoiled hotel heiress that’s left with amnesia after a skiing accident. This incident leaves her under the watch of a hunky lodge owner played by Chord Overstreet (aka Trouty Mouth from Glee) and his young daughter. And, of course, this all takes place right during the Christmas season. A tale that’s truly as old as time.

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Lindsay Lohan in ‘Falling For Christmas’ Courtesy of Scott Everett White/Netflix

Do we think this movie will be just as iconic as the world-loved Mean Girls? TBH, probably not. But, hey, Lindsay’s back, and that’s more than we could ask for.

While there is sadly no official trailer yet, it’s time to start crossing the days off your calendar in anticipation of November 10. Lindsay, we’ve never been more ready for you.