The Best Fog Machines Take Your Party to Thrilling and Chilling New Heights

best fog machines
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If you have a party in your future or you’re preparing to have an event at your school or office, it may be time to buy your own fog machine. Whether you’re looking to save some money and decorate your own event, want to throw an epic Halloween party, or are starting a professional DJ business, a fog machine is an excellent investment. They make any party instantly cooler.

What To Look For In A Fog Machine

To color or not to color? That is the question. We’ve included machines that have a rainbow of LED lights to choose from, as well as more straightforward machines that produce fog, but no colors.

If you want a machine that you can control from across a room, opt for a style that comes with a wireless remote.

Keep the size of your event in mind. Smaller fog machines are fun for decorating your yard at Halloween or a small party, while bigger events require a bigger machine that can fill a dance floor without looking like an underwhelming party pooper.

How We Chose The Best Fog Machines

When it comes to the best fog machines, we prioritized devices that were easy to transport and easy to use. Yes, special effects are awesome and really add to an event, but if making them happen is only going to stress you out, what’s the use? Below, we’ve gathered a handful of the most highly rated fog machines that will allow you to add some razzle-dazzle to your next event with very little effort on your part.

Whether you’re stepping up your party game or creating a lasting memory at a wedding, these fog machines will help you reach your goals.


1. AGPTEK Fog Machine


Get the fog rolling quickly with the 500-Watt AGPTEK Fog Machine, which can produce non-toxic, unscented fog within minutes. It comes with a wireless remote which helps with changing the 13 available colors of the LED lights. It’s simple to operate, meaning you can get back to enjoying your event. We also like that the AGPTEK can produce a sizeable amount of fog for a small machine and makes a big impact without a big footprint.

AGPTEK Fog Machine Image courtesy of Amazon

2. 1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control


The updated 1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control has 400-watt capabilities in order to help run the machine smoother. The 1byone fog machine is perfect for Halloween, weddings, and any other occasion where you might want to add dramatic effects. A wired controller comes with the machine as well, making it easy to cycle through the settings without fear of misplacing the controller. Unlike other fog machines, the 1byone doesn’t have any color effects, but it can produce a sizeable amount of fog at once.

1byone Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control Image courtesy of Amazon

3. YaeCCC Fog Machine


Energy-efficient and made with a durable aluminum body, the YaeCCC Fog Machine is a great middle-ground fog machine. It’s not only affordable, but it also has an added strobe feature that is great for big events. The YaeCCC machine can push fog at an impressive rate of 3,000 cubic feet per minute and comes with a wireless remote. We also like that the YaeCCC is made with a safe heat dissipation control system and produces non-toxic fog.

YaeCCC Fog Machine Courtesy of Amazon


4. JDR Fog Machine


The JDR Fog Machine is a great option for users who want a fog machine they can control from across the room. The unit comes with both a corded and cordless remote, with the cordless option boasting an impressive 50 m range. The 400 Watt machine has a 2000 CFM output and a thermostat control system that helps the JDR heat up in under four minutes. The lightweight and portable fog machine has a convenient handle for carrying and comes with an operational video to help users get the most out of their machine.

JDR Fog Machine Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Mister Kool II by ADJ Fog Machine


For a fog machine with a big impact, we like the Mister Kool II by ADJ Fog Machine. The Mister Kool II quickly fills dance floors and yards on Halloween, warming up in under three minutes. A powerful 700 Watt heater pushes out 3,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, creating an impressive display that guests will remember. A drainage system makes it easy for users to release the drainage valve and use the included hose and bag to get rid of excess water and avoid spillage. Weighing 19 pounds and designed with a carrying handle, the Mister Kool II is robust enough to create an impressive, low-lying fog effect while still being easy to transport.

Mister Kool II by ADJ Fog Machine Image courtesy of Amazon



If you want a fog-like effect at your next event but are looking for an alternative to traditional fog, there’s the ADJ Products BUBBLETRON. The Bubbletron has a similar output to the fog machines also made by the company but uses bubbles to create a visually stunning backdrop. The portable machine boasts a high output of hundreds of bubbles per minute and is constructed using durable plastic that includes an easy access tank. The 24 Watt Bubbletron works with most types of bubbles and runs through one liter of bubbles every two hours when in use.

ADJ Products BUBBLETRON Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Coffin Skeleton Fog Machine


Are you the house on the block with way too many Halloween decorations? For a fog machine that will turn your house into the spookiest spot on the block come October 31, we like the Coffin Skeleton Fog Machine. We love The Home Depot’s Halloween collection and this fog machine is one of the many reasons why. Available in a 400 Watt (shown here) and 1000-Watt model, the outside of the machine has a coffin shape and skeleton figure on top, turning the unit into another spooktacular decoration. Simply add SVI fog liquid to the machine and fill your lawn or indoor party with realistic-looking fog to create an effect that will have guests cackling with glee.

Coffin Skeleton Fog Machine Image courtesy of Home Depot

8. Screaming Halloween Fog Skull


This fun design features a spooky skeleton-patterned tombstone that covers and connects to most 400- or 1,000-Watt fog machines. Once connected and switched on, fog can be pushed out of the front of the tombstone tent for a totally creepy effect that is perfect for Halloween parties and greeting trick or treaters.

Foggy Skull Tombstone Courtesy of Oriental Trading


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