FUNBOY Just Restocked Its Most Popular Products – Get These Viral Pool Floats Before They’re Gone

FUNBOY's 2022 Restock Is Here Just
Courtesy of FUNBOY

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Everyone’s favorite warm-weather essentials brand is sounding off summer with their largest restock ever. That’s right, FUNBOY is back, folks. SPY readers should recognize FUNBOY, the company behind a series of gigantic and colorful pool floats that have gone viral in summer’s past.

And if FUNBOY is refreshing its inventory, that means one thing and one thing only: winter is officially over. Sayonara, sucker!

For those of you unfamiliar, FUNBOY is a luxury California-based pool toy brand bringing the best pool floats and inflatable pools into the adult realm. These puppies are perfect for catching rays in a body of water with your favorite spiked seltzer brand in hand.

By the time summer 2022 comes around, we do expect a lot of FUNBOY products to sell out, but right now the brand is restocking its most viral products. And we mean everything.

Women hanging out in FUNBOY Disco dome Courtesy of FUNBOY

For real, if you checked out FUNBOY’s site a few months back, you might have noticed some dwindling favorites throughout every category, but that’s not the case at all now. Pool floats, kiddie pools, party floats, towels — they’re all here so you can have the best summer you’ve had since childhood.

Whether you’re the lounge-in-the-pool type, the chills-by-the-ocean kind of guy or even the buys-a-new-kiddie-pool-from-Walmart-every-year type of person, FUNBOY is made for your kind of summer.

Ready to make FUNBOY part of your summer? Then this is the time to purchase. Check out our five favorite restock items in time for warmer weather below.

1. Giant Cabana Dayclub

We couldn’t start this thing off without showing off the Giant Cabana Dayclub. This massive four-seater will have the crowd going wild with comfortable seating, compartments for drinks and speakers and mesh foot baths. If you’re bringing this float on the lake, you can even tie it to your boat so you don’t float away. Trust us, this monster will have onlookers in awe.

Friends in giant FUNBOY pool float Courtesy of FUNBOY


2. Ibiza Bohemia Kiddie Pool

Who said that kiddie pools have to be for kids? Absolutely not FUNBOY. They’ve got a slew of kiddie pools that can fit adult-sized bodies (and tubs of iced and brews). This is perfect for keeping in your backyard for all of you pool-less folks out there so you can keep cool this summer.

Couple lounging in Ibiza Bohemia Kiddie Pool from FUNBOY Courtesy of FUNBOY


3. FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Tube Float

In what might be the collab of the century, the FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Tube Float is a must for any pool. The retro colors are giving us some serious 70s vibes which will totally mellow out your pool days this summer.

Woman floating in FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Tube Float Courtesy of FUNBOY

If you love this print, then you should also know that the matching FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie towels are being restocked, with new inventory scheduled to arrive on March 22.

Woman using Funboy x Barbie towel Courtesy of FUNBOY

4. Disco Dome

Who said you can’t have a disco in the daytime? Surely not FUNBOY. This dome will soothe your disco needs for the best party you can ever imagine. And, of course, it comes with a blow-up disco ball.

Women floating on FUNBOY Disco Dome Courtesy of FUNBOY


5. Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo

Ah, the flamingo pool floatie. A tale as old as time. This Instagrammable pool floatie will be all over your feed this summer, so might as well get in on the fun and pick one up for yourself.

Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo from FUNBOY in ocean Courtesy of FUNBOY