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The Funko Pop Halloween Advent Calendar Is Back — Get Yours and Get Spooky Before They’re Gone

Do you love Funko Pop! as much as we do?

Over the years, our editors have curated a list of our favorite Funko Pop! figures. These miniature collectibles make great desk toys and stocking stuffers, and they’re a great way to show support for your fandoms of choice.

And for Funko Pop! fans who also love Halloween, the Funko Pop! Halloween Advent calendar is an annual treat. Because a lot of nerds also like cosplay, Halloween is a big holiday in the nerd community, for obvious reasons.

Fortunately, this calendar is currently on sale via Amazon Prime, where it’s discounted to just $33.57. For a box set containing 13 different Funko Pop! figures, that’s a steal. Right now, this same product is selling for almost $50 at Walmart and $60 at Barnes & Noble.

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Courtesy of Funko Pop!

The Funko Advent Calendar: 13 Day Spooky Halloween Countdown contains 13 different surprise toys. Each one is a pocket-sized vinyl figure from a popular horror franchise, but you don’t know who you’re going to get until you open each day’s slot. You could get Freddy Kreuger or Pennywise, and half the fun is not knowing.

Advent calendars are a traditional way to count down the days to Christmas, but in recent years, we’ve been seeing growing interest in Halloween Advent calendars, which apply the same concept to everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. If you have a son, daughter, friend or coworker who really loves Halloween, this calendar box also makes a great unique gift idea.

You’ve still got almost two months before you need to pick out Halloween costumes and stock up on candy, but popular Advent calendars have a tendency to sell out as we approach the holidays. We recommend ordering your Funko Pop! Halloween calendar early this year.

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Courtesy of Funko Pop!

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