22 of the Funniest Calendars to Hang on Your Wall in 2022

funny calendars 2022
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This past year was no joke. From floods to fires to, well, that worldwide disease trying to wipe us all out one by one (wear your face masks, people), it can get a little hard to find humor in the mundanities in life. So, to bring yourself a little bit of stupidity to bring some joy to this oh-so-serious world, we’ve got an idea to help brighten your mood every day of the new year: with a funny calendar.

Sure, it might seem like a small gesture to help bring a little bit of light, but hey, whatever works at this point, right? We’ve tried those depression lamps, we’ve bought all of the weighted blankets and it’s finally time for the big guns. Pissed-off cats. Dick pics found in nature. Nuns having fun. Things we never knew we needed but surely do need.

It’s time to bring some laughter back to life, folks. With that said, check out all of the funniest 2022 calendars to snag just in time for the new year below.

Nuns Having Fun Calendar

Because it’s a sin to not get a kick out of these hilarious nuns.

Nuns Having Fun Calendar Courtesy of Calendars.com


Big Cocks Calendar

Hey! Get your head out of the gutter! It’s just chickens!

Big Cocks Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Corgi Butts Calendar

What’s better than a corgi’s butt? Multiple corgi butts.

Corgi Butts Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Bitchin’ Cross-Stitchin’ Calendar

Your grandma’s favorite pastime has gotten a little bitchy.

Bitchin' Cross-Stitchin' Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Chill the F*ck Out Calendar

After this past year, this is something just about all of us need.

Chill the F*ck Out Calendar Courtesy of Calendars.com


Space Cats Calendar

Get your space suits on, you cool cats and kittens!

Space Cats Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Underwater Puppies Calendar

These photos are quite literally visual masterpieces.

Underwater Puppies Calendar Courtesy of Chewy


Nature’s Dick Pics Calendar

If you can take one, so can nature.

Nature's Dick Pics Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Chicken Daddies Calendar

A two-for-one you never knew you needed.

Chicken Daddies Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Sea Food Calendar

Seafood? No, Sea Food. There’s a clear difference, folks.

Sea Food Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Moira Rose Vocabulary Calendar

Because we all know Moira Rose was the best character invented.

Moira Rose Vocabulary Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


World’s Greatest Mullets Calendar

Business in the front, party in the back!

World's Greatest Mullets Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Playful Pigs Calendar

It doesn’t get much better than pigs being pigs.

Playful Pigs Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Dude With A Sign Calendar

From the streets of NYC to your apartment walls!

Dude With A Sign Calendar Courtesy of Calendars.com


Tree Goats Calendar

They aren’t apples, but they’ll suffice.

Tree Goats Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


The Darker Side of Childhood Calendar

Retro Steven Rhodes? Count us in.

The Darker Side of Childhood Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Chuck Norris Calendar

The man, the myth, the legend. Now, he can be on your wall forever. Or, well, the rest of 2022.

Chuck Norris Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Bacon Calendar

We can almost hear the sizzle from the screen.

Bacon Calendar Courtesy of Calendars.com


Richard Simmons Calendar

As one of the most eclectic TV personalities of all time, Richard Simmons deserves a spot in your home this year.

Richard Simmons Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Llama Yoga Calendar

Llamas doing yoga? Llamas doing yoga. Yeah, we’ve seen it all.

Llama Yoga Calendar Courtesy of Amazon


Pissed-off Cats Calendar

Don’t piss these cats off — they’ll just get even madder.

Pissed-off Cats Calendar Courtesy of Etsy


Kim Jong-Un Calendar

Controversial yet funny. Come on. This guy’s face really just brings a good laugh.

Kim Jong-Un Calendar Courtesy of Etsy