These 3 Items on Amazon Have the Most Absurd Reviews, and We Love Them for it

Funniest Amazon Reviews: Most Hilarious, Unhelpful
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* The funniest reviews on Amazon
* Reviews for giant candy, a house kit and a $70,000 watch
* Totally unhelpful… but totally worth reading

Amazon’s review function is revolutionary for immediate customer feedback. It’s like having a few hundred (our thousand) friends telling you just how they felt about the product. However, there are a few products that don’t necessarily need reviews due to their ridiculousness. But these products still get reviewed, and the results range from silly to downright hilarious.

If you’re tired of shopping and just need a good laugh, check out the reviews for the products below. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Giant Gummy Bear

No one needs a five-pound gummy bear. Period. But many of the adventurous souls who decide to spend $22 on one of these diabetes-inducing monster candies have some feedback. Firstly, you’ll want a large serrated knife to cut off chunks. Secondly, don’t ask why it has a belly button. And thirdly, no, it doesn’t change the color of your poop.

Giant Gummy Bear Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Allwood Eagle Vista Cabin Kit

Yes, you can buy a house on Amazon. The catch? It’s $64,650 and you have to build it yourself. One reviewer tells the (somewhat sad) story of getting this cabin kit from his wife for Christmas, building it in his backyard, and then starting a new life in the house with a new fiancé.

Cabin Kit Amazon House Image courtesy of Amazon


3. IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater Watch

For just $250 more than the cabin above, you can buy this IWC watch on Amazon. One reviewer suggests wearing it inside out to enjoy all the movements (that you’re paying $70,000 for), but another reviewer warns customers about the lack of a battery… that he dug through the watch searching for.

Expensive Watch Amazon IWC Image courtesy of Amazon