Let’s Get Silly: Here Are the Most Ridiculously Funny Magnets to Put on Your Fridge

funny magnets
Courtesy of Amazon & Etsy

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Life is way too short to be taken seriously. Yeah, we’re working our professional 9 to 5 jobs Monday through Friday, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep things tame when we head back home. It’s best to keep at least some part of your at-home life carefree and silly. You know, to help take a load off.

There are tons of ways to keep your home interior loosey-goosey, from cheeky wall art, raunchy comedies before bed, NSFW books or, one of our favorites, funny magnets for your fridge. Funny magnets are perfect because they’re low-key and not so in-your-face. They aren’t necessarily decorative, so they won’t feel as overbearing as some wall art or other silly decorations might. Each funny magnet could also come with a bit of a story, too — even if it’s a short one.

Funny magnets are almost always affordable and are overall fun for hanging loose papers, calendars and more where you grab a snack. Read on and check out our favorites below.

1. Sushi Magnets

Anybody hungry? You should be, considering how close you are to the fridge.

Sushi Magnets Courtesy of Amazon


2. Bob Ross Finger Puppet and Refrigerator Magnet

Bob Ross on your fridge is an absolute must. Why? We can’t answer that. It just is. Plus, it’s also a finger puppet.

Bob Ross Finger Puppet and Refrigerator Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


3. Twat Fridge Magnet

Everybody should have a cat magnet. Especially one that’s as straightforward as this is.

Twat Fridge Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


4. Mario Fridge Magnets

Hit those Goombas, Mario!

Mario Fridge Magnets Courtesy of Amazon


5. Baby Yoda Magnet

Does it get any cuter?

Baby Yoda Magnet Courtesy of Target


6. Bernie Sanders Mittens Sitting Inauguration Magnet

The man, the myth, the legend. The meme that started 2021 off right. It’s a must.

Bernie Sanders Mittens Sitting Inauguration Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


7. Family Faces Custom Refrigerator Magnets

Mom, dad, your doggo, Aunt Lucinda, the guy across the street, your favorite celeb — whatever you’d like can be on your fridge forever.

Family Faces Custom Refrigerator Magnets Courtesy of Etsy


8. Crying Kim Kardashian Magnet

Need we say more?

Crying Kim Kardashian Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


9. The Golden Girls “Squad Goals”

The truest icons in the book.

The Golden Girls "Squad Goals" Courtesy of Target


10. Baby Pig Magnet


Baby Pig Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


11. Picolas Cage Fridge Magnets

The perfect funny magnet doesn’t exi…

Picolas Cage Fridge Magnets Courtesy of Etsy


12. Little Box of Obscenities Kit

Create little sentences whenever you go to the fridge. We can promise that none of them will be family-friendly, though.

Little Box of Obscenities Kit Courtesy of Amazon


13. Yeah, I’m into Fitness Magnet

We’re also into fitness. Very much so.

Yeah, I'm into Fitness Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


14. Fried Chicken Wing Magnets

Maybe these will help remind you that you’ve got KFC from last week in the fridge you need to throw out.

Fried Chicken Wing Magnets Courtesy of Amazon


15. Cat Butt Magnets

Having a refrigerator without these magnets would be a catASStrophe…

Cat Butt Magnets Courtesy of Amazon


16. Jesus I Saw That Magnet

Welp. Guess we’re going to hell.

Jesus I Saw That Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


17. Ant Magnets

Oh no, there are ants in the kitchen! Oh, wait. They’re just magnets.

Ant Magnets Courtesy of Amazon


18. Bring Back My Girls Magnet

Mama Ru said it best — bring back my girls!

Bring Back My Girls Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


19. Anne Taintor Square Magnet

She genuinely has a point.

Anne Taintor Square Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


20. Eggplant Emoji Magnet

You already know what this is referencing.

Eggplant Emoji Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


21. Penis Magnet

Yeah… that…

Penis Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


22. Guess What Chicken Butt Magnet

The joke you have been telling since you were a child printed on a magnet for your adult fridge.

Guess What Chicken Butt Magnet Courtesy of Amazon


23. Schitt’s Creek Magnet

Fold! In! The! Cheese!

Schitt's Creek Magnet Courtesy of Etsy


24. Taco Vine Maget

Any Vine stans in the house?

Taco Vine Maget Courtesy of Etsy


25. Funny Racoon Magnet

Call it random or call it genius.

Funny Racoon Magnet Courtesy of Etsy