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Goosh’s NSFW Inflatable Skeletons Are Back — But They Leave More To The Imagination for Halloween 2022

Halloween is just around the corner, and some of our favorite decor options are starting to make appearances, both in our neighbor’s yards and around the internet. From the 12-foot Home Depot Skeleton to the Floating Witch and viral Stranger Things Halloween displays, 2022 Halloween decor is all about making a statement.

I mean, Halloween decorations, in general, often get a lot of attention. Some for their spooky designs, some for their striking size, and others, like the Goosh inflatable Skeleton, for making its very own bold statement.

The Goosh Halloween Inflatable is certainly not what you’d envision when thinking of a skeleton inflatable and is far from what you’d expect from a Halloween lawn decoration. It’s a little creepy, a tad bit risqué, and will definitely be the topic of conversation in any neighborhood.

Standing 6 feet tall, the Goosh inflatable depicts two skeletons pelvis to pelvis, holding one another in a loving embrace. While it seems unconventional for a Halloween inflatable, it has nothing on Goosh’s couple inflatable from last year, in which one skeleton straddles the other as they share a kiss. That NSFW version made headlines last Halloween after spectators caught a glimpse of the spooky lovers engaging in some major PDA.

While we weren’t able to find that version on Amazon this year, the 2022 Goosh Skeleton Inflatable offers a similar vibe while leaving a little more to the imagination.

Are they erotic? Creepy? Spooky-scary in all the right ways?

We’ll let you (and potentially your neighbors) be the judge.


2021 GOOSH Skeleton Inflatable

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Courtesy of Amazon

2022 GOOSH Halloween Inflatable

Made of durable, waterproof polyester, the Goosh Skeleton Halloween Inflatable features a powerful blower that keeps it inflated along with a 10-foot power cord to give you enough slack to use it anywhere you’d like. It’s suitable for outdoor or indoor use and comes with stakes and ropes to keep it secure on the ground. Place this romantically-posed couple on your front porch, in your yard or living room for a season full of stares, laughter and spookiness.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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