The 36 Best Halloween Party Games for Adults This Spooky Season

Halloween party games
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A successful Halloween party is made up of several key elements. Perhaps the most important of these is decorating your home with the best Halloween decorations (and don’t forget about the best big Halloween decorations for the yard). But several other factors put you on the path to creating a memorable time for all of your party attendees. One of these aspects, which is often forgotten about, is the best Halloween party games.

Away from more traditional games like bobbing for apples, the best Halloween party games come in various shapes, sizes and difficulty levels. This wide variety means there’s a game sure to go down well at every kind of party, whether it’s an adult-only affair or for the whole family.

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How to Choose the Best Halloween Party Game

When choosing the best Halloween party for your party, it’s important to consider who will be there. For older guest lists, you may want to consider involving some of the best board games for adults alongside some of the best drinking games. If the crowd is right, you may even find that one of the best sex games has a place at the table. However, if you’re looking for Halloween party games to cater to ages across the board, you may want to stick to the best card games and other popular party games with a Halloween twist, such as pumpkin carving and scavenger hunts or the classic Ouija board.

Below, SPY has compiled 36 of the best Halloween party games and other essentials for get-togethers with kids and adults. From murder mysteries and Halloween costume contest sets to professional-standard pumpkin carving kits and trivia cards, these games and accessories will add a lighthearted element to any party this Oct. 31. So what are you waiting for?


1. Winning Moves Ouija Board


If you’re in the mood to conjure up some spirits, then turn to this timeless Halloween party game. Ouija Boards have been used to talk to those on the other side since the late 1800s, and for less than $20, you too can get a direct line to the afterlife. Just be sure to say “Goodbye” before ending the game, or else you might have someone (or something) staying long after the Halloween celebration is over.

Ouija board game Courtesy of Amazon


2. Funnlot Halloween Bingo Game


If you’re going to need a game that multiple people can play at the same time, give this Funnlot Halloween Bingo Game a try. It comes with 24 differently patterned player cards, 385 marking chips and two caller marking chips, giving you everything you need for a comprehensive bingo game with kids, adults, students or any other group. To make the game Halloween-specific, the squares contain Halloween-themed characters and items, like a vampire, a pumpkin or a witch’s hat, instead of numbers.

Funnlot Halloween Bingo Game Courtesy of Amazon


3. Joy Bang Halloween Pin The Eye on The Monster Game


A take on the old classic, Joy Bang’s Halloween Pin The Eye on The Monster Game is a fun way to get kids and adults involved. This Halloween-themed game comes supplied with one large game poster, 24 reusable monster eye stickers, an eye mask, and a cover for the poster. The poster measures 27.5 inches by 21.3 inches, meaning there’s plenty of space to accommodate wayward attempts. If eyes and monsters aren’t your things, the game is available in several different Halloween-themed versions, including pin the mouth on the vampire and pin the spider on the web.

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Joy Bang Halloween Pin The Eye on The Monster Game, best halloween party games Courtesy of Amazon


4. Murder in the Dark


Murder in the Dark is a fun Halloween game that can be played with any deck of cards. To play, you’ll need at least three players, dark space and a deck of cards with all but one ace, king and jack removed. Deal the cards. The player with the ace becomes the murderer, the player with the king becomes a police officer, and the player with the jack becomes the detective. When the lights turn off, the murderer walks around the room, tapping people on the shoulder to make them sit down and “die.” When someone comes across one of the bodies, the lights come back on, and the detective must determine who the murderer is. This is a fun game that can be played repeatedly with people of all ages.

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halloween party games for adults murder card game Courtesy of Amazon

5. Cardinal Jaws Movie Puzzle


Jaws is the granddaddy of all horror films, and the poster for the 1975 classic is just as iconic. But just to make this sweet touch of nostalgia a little more relevant, the 500 puzzle pieces come stored in a throwback VHS hardshell case, made to emulate videotapes from the Blockbuster video store era.

jaws movie poster puzzle Courtesy of Amazon


6. Endless Games Horror Trivia


Test your knowledge of scary movies and Halloween pop culture with Endless Games’ Horror Trivia. This game can be played with two players, or a large group split into teams. The object of play is to collect weapons to defend yourself against the ultimate evil. Of course, you could also forgo the weapons collection in favor of a good, old-fashioned trivia night instead. Either way, your guests are sure to love testing their knowledge.

halloween party games for adults horror trivia Courtesy of Amazon


7. Halloween Spoon Eyeball Game


Bring a bit of childhood fun to your adult Halloween party. A spoon race is ideal for getting everyone up, moving and laughing. This kit includes 12 colorful spoons and 24 bouncy ball eyes. Send some to all your Zoom guests and race each other, holding the spoons in your mouths or hands. This is an especially fun game after your guests have had a few drinks. 

eyeball spoon game Courtesy of Amazon


8. Max Fun Halloween Ring Toss Game


The Max Fun Halloween Ring Toss Game comes with an inflatable spider, an inflatable witch’s hat and 12 throwing rings. The game aims to throw the rings over the spider’s upturned legs or hat tip and score as many points as possible. The spider’s legs are worth different values to test your aim and skill. Given that the main components of the game are inflatable, this set is easy to pack away and takes up minimal space in your cupboard when stored.

halloween party games max fun Courtesy of Amazon


9. JOYIN Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophy


If you are hosting a fancy dress party, informing your guests that there will be a prize for the best-dressed person is a smart way of ensuring everyone tries their hardest. This set of JOYIN Halloween Best Costume Skeleton Trophies is a solid choice of prizes as they feature an Oscar-inspired design, sporting a golden finish and an upright figure planted on top of a thick, black plastic base. Each trophy also comes supplied with a plastic case for greater protection.

JOyin Best Costume Skeleton Trophy Courtesy of Amazon


10. Qtisky Halloween Carnival Bean Bag Toss Game


The Qtisky Halloween Carnival Bean Bag Toss Game is the kind of challenge which looks easy but ends up having you coming back over and over again in search of a perfect score. The game is made up of 10 numbered cans which can be used to create the pyramid target. Each can features a number and an accompanying Halloween character, such as a mummy, a vampire or a monster. You then have three bean bags as ammo to try and take down the tower in as few bags as possible. This carnival-style game is an easy way to add a dose of extra fun to any Halloween party.

halloween party games qtisky Courtesy of Amazon


11. BOOtiful Carving Tools Pumpkin Carving Kit


Pumpkin carving can be a fun activity for all the family, including adults and children. But when it comes time to carve your pumpkins, forget the blunted knives in your kitchen drawer and upgrade your arsenal to a pro-level standard with this BOOtiful Carving Tools Pumpkin Carving Kit. The eight-piece kit comes with all the tools you’ll need for beautiful carving creations and even includes a handy little case for easier storage and portability.

bootiful carving set Courtesy of Amazon


12. Anton Publications Halloween Charades


Are there any better party games than charades? We’re not sure, and this Anton Publications Halloween Charades set ensures all the prompts are appropriately themed for your party. The prompts, which include things like “cemetery,” “Friday the 13th” and “trick or treat,” are all family-friendly. Because of its innocent nature, this game of charades makes a fun addition to Halloween parties for adults, families or children.

halloween party games for adults charades Courtesy of Amazon

13. University Games Murder Mystery Party Game


Put on a classy Halloween party for adults by hosting a murder mystery dinner party. The University Games Murder Mystery Party Game includes everything you need to throw a successful mystery for eight people, including character booklets, name tags, clues and a helpful party planning guide. The game is set around a body being discovered at a California vineyard. You and your guests must find the murderer before they strike again.

halloween party games for adults murder mystery Courtesy of Amazon

14. AQUAJOY Dart Board


This AQUAJOY Dart Board is another Halloween-themed game that requires a high level of skill to succeed, but any level of skill to have fun. The family-friendly game includes a 27-inch, double-sided board and accompanying projectiles in the form of darts and bug-shaped pieces. It’s also available in either blue or orange and comes with a handy carry case for easier portability.

aquajoy dart board halloween Courtesy of Amazon


15. JOYIN Halloween Toys Assortment


While some may say party favors are just for kids, we’d argue that there’s likely something for every age of partygoer inside this JOYIN Halloween Toys Assortment. The set comprises 120 high-quality pieces, including several items like vampire’s teeth, witch nails, springs, yo-yos and spider rings. These fun-filled items are great for using as party favors or, alternatively, leave them around your home for guests to enjoy when they discover them.

joyin party favors halloween assortment Courtesy of Amazon


16. Bezier Board Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf


With one round taking as little as 10 minutes to play, the Bezier Board Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a quick and reliable way to inject fun into any party. It’s been tried and tested by thousands of Amazon users and boasts over 5,400 five-star ratings from customers who love it. During each round, every player takes on a unique role in the game, whether the werewolf, the troublemaker, the seer or someone else. The objective of the game is to find the werewolf. Furthermore, the game, for three to 10 players over the age of eight, comes with a free iOS/Android app to make gameplay more immersive.

bazier board games one night ultimate werewolf Courtesy of Amazon


17. Baileys Irish Cream Pumpkin Spice


What’s a Halloween celebration without a nice pumpkin spice-flavored beverage? There are tons of pumpkin spice products, but this Baileys Irish Cream is the perfect beverage to get the spirits singing. The creamy liqueur can be enjoyed over ice or mixed into a cocktail. Either way, it’s like drinking autumn in a cup, and who doesn’t want that?

bailys Irish cream pumpkin spice Courtesy of Drizly


18. Betrayal at House on the Hill


Why is it that every scary movie has a house on the hill? Perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to the iconic mansion. The game allows players to build their dream haunted mansion — tile by tile — as they navigate its spooky halls. But as the game progresses, one player eventually becomes the traitor, and twists arrive at every turn. Who will be the sole survivor?

house of the hill board game Courtesy of Amazon


19. Afala Foam Blasters Practice Zombie Shooting Target


Given what’s been happening in the world and Halloween’s association with potentially world-ending events, it’s worth making sure you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse with this Afala Foam Blasters Practice Zombie Shooting Target. Not to mention it’s great fun at any party. We suggest investing in one of the best Nerf guns with your zombie-covered target, which features hinged numbered targets for projectile collection after a successful strike. Furthermore, the target folds down flat for easier storage when it’s not in use.

afala foam blastera practice zombie shooting target Courtesy of Amazon


20. Mattel Games Escape Room in a Box


Since you and your friends can’t head to an actual Escape Room for your Halloween celebrations, you can have the same experience at home for a fraction of the price with Escape Room in a Box. This werewolf-themed escape room scenario is ideal for Halloween, requiring everyone to work together to solve 19 different puzzles before you all become werewolves. This escape room game can be played with two to eight players, ages 13 and up. Great if you have a few people in your lockdown pad.

halloween party games for adults escape room Courtesy of Amazon


21. Halloween (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl


If you’ve got a vinyl record player at home, set the spooky mood by listening to the iconic soundtrack from the 1978 horror classic Halloween. Everyone recognizes the eerie piano tune from the film as it has become the unofficial theme of the holiday. Spinning John Carpenter’s score will send shivers down your spine. Plus, the orange and black collector’s vinyl comes in a gorgeous case with crafty artwork.

halloween original motion picture sountrack expanded edition lp Courtesy of Amazon


22. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook


There’s something a bit spooky about having your fortune told, even if you don’t believe in it. And even though it’s more of an activity than a game, adding a deck of tarot cards and a guidebook to a table in the corner is a great way to let your guests participate in tarot readings without having a dedicated game time during your party. This particular set has a beautiful hardcover book that tells you how to use the included tarot cards and what each combination means.

halloween party games for adults tarot cards Courtesy of Amazon


23. Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game


While it’s not strictly designed for Halloween, Pick Your Poison makes a perfect Halloween party game, thanks to its poisonous name. In this NSFW party game, players choose which of two scenarios they would rather partake in. Each round means plenty of laughter as you and your friends discuss the possibilities and decide which method to choose. This card game would also make a great drinking game with additional rules.

halloween party games for adults pick your poison Courtesy of Amazon


24. Shudder


What’s Halloween without a few horror flicks? Shudder is the Netflix for horror. They’ve got tons of great content ranging from classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of the Living Dead to originals like The Host — a movie about a group of friends who hold a spiritual seance over Zoom. It’s the perfect spot to stream and scream. Not to mention, it only costs $4.75.

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shudder movie streaming Courtesy of Shudder


25. REESE’S Miniatures Halloween Bulk Bag


The classic “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy in the Bowl” game is probably the easiest game you could include in your Halloween festivities. Place the candy inside this REESE’S Miniatures Halloween Bulk Bag in a glass bowl and ask each guest to write down their guess. The closest person to the actual number wins all the candy in the bowl or a separate prize. Or you could scatter some candy around the house and keep the kids occupied with a scavenger hunt. Either way, order some extra candy for you to enjoy.

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halloween party games reeses miniatures Courtesy of Amazon


26. Ghost Hunting KII EMF Meter


If you know who you’re in lockdown with, think again. There might be unseen forces also staying in your space. Halloween is the perfect night to conduct a paranormal investigation. You can search for the spirits living in your home using this KII Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) Meter. The tool essentially works to detect electromagnetic frequencies and body heat that the naked eye can’t see.

Ghost Hunting KII EMF Meter Courtesy of Amazon


27. Wonder Forge Sick & Twisted Charades Party Game for Adults


This adult party game allows you to act out 1,000 outrageous words with family and friends. It’s a game of charades with an included foam ball that adds a twist to the game for all to enjoy by allowing the observing team the chance to pelt the acting team with the ball. If the acting team catches the ball after time has run out, they can keep going! Otherwise, they’re out.

Wonder Forge Sick & Twisted Charades Party Game for Adults Courtesy of Amazon


28. Dolphin Hat Games Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Halloween Edition


This quick and interactive game is sure to be fun for everyone. The Halloween version of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza reimagines the characters dressed in costumes for a festive touch. This game is for three to eight players, eight years of age and up.

Dolphin Hat Games Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Halloween Edition Courtesy of Amazon


29. Ohhappyprintables Horror Movie Emoji Pictionary


If you’re on a tight budget or don’t have enough time for delivery, this Ohhappyprintables Horror Movie Emoji Pictionary party game may be exactly what you’re searching for. After purchasing, users gain access to download and print the game cards and accompanying answer key. Each game card has 13 different horror movies represented in emoji form, with space for players to write their answers. This game is ideal for large groups or for allowing guests to compete against each other in a time-independent way.

halloween party games ohhappyprintables emoji pictionary Courtesy of Etsy


30. The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissues


Halloween party games don’t have to be complicated. For a fun yet budget-friendly activity that will go down well with your partygoers, make one of the boxes from these The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissues into a mystery box. After covering it with a dark outer and making a hand-sized hole, fill it with a range of intriguing items and let your guests identify them using only the sense of touch. Ideas for what can go inside include peeled grapes for eyeballs, steamed cauliflower for brains and overcooked rice for maggots.

halloween party games the cheeky panda tissues Courtesy of Amazon


31. TopPartyGames Family Feud Halloween Party Game


Everyone loves sitting around the TV and playing along with Family Feud, so imagine how well a Halloween-themed version of the game will go down at your party. This instantly downloadable game can be viewed on your smartphone, laptop or smart TV, allowing guests to gather around for an experience similar to what you’d expect from the genuine gameshow. To further involve players, the game includes a range of extras, like automatic scoring, theme music, sound effects, fun graphics and animations.

halloween party games toppartygames family feud Courtesy of Etsy


32. Late for the Sky Boooo-opoly


As you may have guessed from the name, Late for the Sky Boooo-opoly is a Halloween-inspired take on the classic game Monopoly. While not ideal for fast-paced, busy get-togethers, this two- to six-player game is perfect for bringing smaller gatherings together. Instead of houses and hotels, players play to acquire haunted houses and full moons. Players can also choose from a range of fun character pieces, including a cat, a bat, a pumpkin and a witch’s hat. Additionally, this game teaches players fun facts about Halloween as they play.

halloween party games late for the sky boooo opoly Courtesy of Amazon


33. Strong Living Killer Trivia Game


For an activity with a real “killer” feel, try this Strong Living Killer Trivia Game. Instead of your boring, everyday trivia questions, the cards included in this game center around murders, serial killers, celebrity scandals and deaths. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just your average right or wrong card game; each answer is accompanied by a range of possible outcomes, including objections, cross-examinations, redirects and hung juries. The USA-made game comes with more than 700 questions and Jury Cards, which allow you to keep score as you go.

halloween party games strong living Courtesy of Amazon


34. Kikkerland Stack the Bones Game


This Kikkerland Stack the Bones Game is a Jenga-like game with a Halloween-themed spin. Instead of standard, rectangular blocks, players use one hand only to remove a bone-shaped, wooden piece from the stack. Like the classic game, the winner is the last player to remove and replace a piece without toppling the tower. Furthermore, this game’s bone-shaped pieces and accompanying skull piece make it a great Halloween decoration, even if you don’t end up playing it.

halloween party games kikkerland Courtesy of Amazon


35. The Dusty Tophat Couch Skeletons Card Game


If you’re looking for a game to keep two people busy, try this The Dusty Tophat Couch Skeletons Card Game. It’s all based around filling your couch with skeletons looking for a place to crash. The two-player game is great for anyone over the age of eight. Each round takes around five to 10 minutes to complete, giving it a lighthearted feel and a faster-than-average turnover rate, meaning plenty more players can be waiting for their turn to play without getting bored.

halloween party games the dusty tophat Courtesy of Amazon


36. HorizonArtandDecor Corn Hole Game


Corn hole is always a welcome idea at almost any party, so you can expect this HorizonArtandDecor Corn Hole Drinking Game to go down well — especially with its drinking element. The handmade wood set looks just like your average set and comes with the bean-filled bags you would expect. The only and rather significant difference is the drinking game demands covering the rest of the board. An incomplete throw will be met with an order to do everything from chugging your drink to choosing who drinks theirs.

halloween party games corn hole drinking game Courtesy of Etsy


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