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How to Watch Marvel’s Moon Knight When it Drops This March

Everyone knows that a lack of sleep can leave you grumpy as heck. (Isn’t that why they invented coffee makers and energy drinks?) So imagine how it would feel to not only have lasting bouts of insomnia but to have seemingly connected superpowers that went with them. Of course, we’re talking about Moon Knight, the latest Marvel superhero to get his own TV show. (Although whether he actually has insomnia remains TBD.)

Marvel’s Moon Knight is the high-octane standalone offering that MCU fans have been waiting forever since Disney+ announced the project back in 2019. That’s partially because it promises to tackle dark psychological themes, like dissociative identity disorder. But fans are also looking forward to meeting a relatively unknown Marvel character — one that Marvel boss Kevin Feige has confirmed will appear on the big screen (along with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk) following his Disney+ debut.

But when is Marvel’s Moon Knight dropping, and how can you watch it? Scroll down to see all of your options, as well as to learn a little more about this hero, his story and the team that’s bringing him to life.


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How to Watch Marvel’s Moon Knight Online

Fast forward to 2022, and Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac and the late Gaspard Ulliel, is finally hitting Disney+ on Wednesday, March 30. That means if you want to evoke the character and stay up late, you can technically watch the first episode when it drops after midnight (or 3 a.m. ET). The following five episodes will be released in a weekly format following that, with the entire series wrapping on May 4. (Considering Isaac also starred in Star Wars, that date is not lost on fans.)

If you want to get in on the action, you’ll need a subscription to Disney+, a.k.a. the home of all things Marvel and MCU (not to mention Star Wars and all of the regular old Disney content you know and love). Subscriptions start at $7.99 per month, or you can bundle one with Hulu and ESPN+ for an even better deal.

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Can You Watch Marvel’s Moon Knight For Free?

Unfortunately, Disney+ ended its seven-day free trial shortly after it launched amidst the early pandemic in 2020, but there are still some providers that have teamed up with the Mouse House to bring all of that Disney/Marvel/Star Wars action to fans. Previously Amazon Music ran a promotion that users could nab a six-month subscription; however, that deal has since ended. Verizon’s free trial to Disney+ with the purchase of its products and services is still available, though, so if you’re eligible, definitely check it out.


What is Moon Knight About?

According to Marvel, Moon Knight follows a guy named Steven Grant, “a mild-mannered gift-shop employee who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life.” As it turns out, he shares his body with a mercenary named Marc Spector, and that body also happens to be the conduit of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

As these things tend to go, dangerous enemies quickly start attacking, and it’s up to all of this man’s identities to come together to stop them — while solving a deadly, divine mystery, of course. “The multiple identities who live inside him find themselves thrust into a deadly war of the gods against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt,” reads the official description.

In other words, expect plenty of action and more than a few twists. (And quite possibly a few of those signature MCU Easter eggs or cameos as well.)


How Does Moon Knight Fit into MCU Canon?

The six-episode series is the 10th installment of the MCU’s Phase Four, and it marks the 19th TV series in the MCU overall. Last year, it was filmed in Budapest, with additional shoots in Jordan and Atlanta.

Moon Knight is best known as Marc Spector, a CIA spy who was left for dead in the Egyptian desert in the comics. However, a God revived him and gave him superpowers, and he returned to the U.S. with multiple identities to keep his new, real identity (Moon Knight) a secret.

In the comics, he’s a member of the Avengers, and although there have been subtle references to him in the Captain America movies, he has yet to be seen onscreen. Following this TV show, that will change, but how and when Moon Knight makes his big-screen debut remains top secret. For now, anyway.


Cast Members in Marvel’s Moon Knight

Isaac doesn’t just star as the title character on this series; he’s also one of the credited executive producers. However, Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) runs the show as head writer, with Mohamed Diab overseeing the directing team.

Joining Isaac onscreen is Ethan Hawke as big bad Arthur Harrow, a cult leader who is all about encouraging Spector to embrace that inner darkness. In interviews leading up to the project, Hawke has spoken about how real-life cult leader David Koresh inspired his take on the character.

May Calamawy (Ramy) also stars in a top-secret role, while French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who tragically passed away from a skiing accident at the age of 37 on January 19, plays Anton Mogart (Hannibal Rising), a.k.a. Midnight Man.


Watch the Newest Marvel’s Moon Knight Trailer

On January 17, Disney+ dropped the first Moon Knight trailer while also revealing the premiere date. There are tons of tidbits in the two-minute clip below, which is fittingly set to a version of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite.”


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